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Monday, February 26, 2024

Asigo for marketing when times are tough. #ad

Asigo is made for times like these. Warren Buffett often has said that tough times are the ideal times to invest. His point is that when other people are too scared to act, the brave take actions that will lead to their success. If you want to succeed, you must act in a way the majority of people don’t. That’s obvious, actually, since if you do what most people do, you will get what most people get, average results, at best. Buffett always advised us to get in at the bottom (when people are afraid and nervous) and ride the wave up. Get out at the top (when people are brave) and take... [...]

[Live Demo] Asigo ‘dropshipping eServices’ #ad

The Asigo Launch is finally here. If you missed the workshop yesterday, there’s another today explaining how you can use Asigo to build your online eServices dropshipping business. The official launch of The Asigo System is your opportunity to partner with Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz, the original inventors and innovators of “eService Dropshipping” to grow your very own “eservice dropshipping” store. If you ever considered starting a ‘regular’ dropshipping business, where you make the sales and someone else supplies the product for you, you’ll want to investigate this new twist,... [...]

Asigo “Dropshipping eServices” Early-Bird Workshop #ad

  Chris Munch and Jay Cruz are holding an Asigo ‘sneak-peak’ workshop, where they’re going to unveil for the first time their complete updated eService Dropship Model, which they say can generate good money each week in profit from just 10-21 sales. Asigo provides you an automated “copy and paste” eStore, along with buyer traffic, too, that comes to your site at no charge. Did you know there are about a dozen basic steps to get an online business started the traditional way? And for each of those steps, there are at least 5 factors to handle and consider to make sure you get your... [...]

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