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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Internet 3.0: Use the power of the Internet of Things; build your business #ad

James Renouf has just released his new product, grandly entitled Internet 3.0. If it lives up to its promises, maybe that’s only a little grand. Renouf says this new training offers you a “money machine” (his words, not ours), a literal, physical machine used in the up-and-coming Internet of Things (IoT). Specifically, he says, “by hosting this machine, the machine makes you passive recurring income.” In addition to generating income by hosting your own machine, he says, you can have a second income stream of recurring affiliate commissions when you invite others... [...]

Group Bomb: How to use Facebook groups to grow your online business #ad

James Renouf has been experimenting with using the power of Facebook groups for marketing. They are powerful because the members of the group tend to honor the group leader an, as a result, tend to follow his/her suggestions. For an ethical group leader who only suggests useful products, this relationship can be the gateway to a long-term income. Today, Renouf is sharing the results of his experiments with other online marketers. The training is called Group Bomb. It shows you how to get sign-ups for your group for only two or three cents each. That is a very attractive proposition for a marketer.... [...]

Traffikar: profitable web traffic for online marketers #ad

Discover a proven new method for creating traffic to your offers, one that you have not seen in any other training. James Renouf & Jeremy Kennedy just released training about a new method for getting traffic that lets your offer get in front of millions of people. This is not a reworking of something you already know. This method uses an extremely targeted and fast acting traffic source that can be utilized for ANY niche. They call their traffic method Traffikar. This method supplies extremely targeted traffic for your offer and, at the same time, the authors report that the traffic is highly... [...]

Global Traffic Monetizer: Monetizing videos around the world #ad

James Renouf has produced many products for online marketers. Hie newest may be his best. It’s called Global Traffic Monetizer. Renouf is going to show you a game plan for getting traffic and converting your visitors into buyers. After all, these are the two ingredients for online success: (a) Getting plenty of traffic and (b) turning your visitors into buyers. Renouf has observed that YouTube is being changed by the changing demographic of video watchers. It used to be that almost all the viewers were PC or Mac users. Now, half or more are using a tablet or smartphone. In fact, there are many... [...]

Make your site an Overnight International Authority #ad

Authority sites are sites that are trusted to provide good information on their area of expertise. Many people consider IM NewsWatch an authority on internet marketing, for example. The opinions of your readers matter, but just as important is how the search engines see your site. They tend to give top ranking to authority sites, not hastily thrown together mini-sites. If search engines accredit your site as an authority, it stands to reason that your traffic, and ultimately, your sales, will go up. An important way to be seen as an authority, both by humans and by search engines, is to have other... [...]

Money Traffic Power: Traffic brings Money that brings Power #ad

James Renouf has just released his new training, Money Traffic Power. In this training, he shows you free strategies for getting more traffic to your site. And these are fresh strategies that haven’t become saturated. His competitors, he says, aren’t using them; probably, yours aren’t either. This is printable report on how this is done. It’s quick to read and you can get started right away. If you are seeking money or power from your online business, check out what Renouf has to show you here: Money Traffic Power.  [...]

G + Monetizer: The marketer’s secret weapon #ad

Recently, James Renouf realized the Google Plus holds significant opportunities for marketers. Most people are aware of it but the small elite cadre of marketers are capitalizing on it. He created G + Monetizer to show you how to be a part of that small group of G+ expert marketers. By getting familiar with it now, you can be well ahead of marketers who ignore it or delay. Unlike the earlier Google marketing tool, AdWords, Google+ costs nothing to use. Use it and profit from it and pay Google nothing. You can be a Google + Monetizer for free. Renouf is willing to share what he has discovered,... [...]