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Monday, October 3, 2022

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

Rob Maggs announces “Power Ping FM Poster”-puts your site into Google’s First Page Rankings #ad is a free site that distributes your posts to up to 30 various web 2.0 platforms. Rob Maggs’s new tool automates your work with Ping.FM. You do the work once. His tool spins it and posts to Ping.FM, which then forwards it to the major properties it works with. PingFM Poster is easy to set up and easy to use. It comes with a written guide to assist with installation. You just connect your chosen networks, add your updates and then let the process begin, just leave it to work in the background while you get on with other things. You can even use this software to promote sites for your... [...]

Why outdated methods of attracting customers are costing local businesses time, money and lost sales #ad

Businesses that exploit the power of QR Codes can dominate their local market. Mark Geisler introduces The QR Factor to show how. QR Codes are the leading edge in Sales and Customer Generation. The odds are that no one in your Community is offering this to Local Business In The QR Factor you’ll learn exactly how: To take advantage of the latest trend in marketing that can position a business on the forefront of their market. To easily create QR Codes for an explosive benefit for your customer, the local business owner. To show them that they can do this themselves or pay you to provide this... [...]

Dani Wija releases his new, powerful Amazon Review WordPress Theme, the “Cinemax” theme #ad

This theme makes it easy to display Amazon products on your affiliate blog. It’s particularly suited for DVDs and home movie equipment. Use it on as many sites as you like and even use it to build sites to sell. Learn all about The Cinemax Theme here.  [...]

You’ve never seen a site builder like this- csvSiteBuilderPRO #ad

With csvSiteBuilderPRO you build your website by creating a spreadsheet. Huh? That’s right, you just fill in some fields in a spreadsheet and the system automatically builds your site. It couldn’t be easier. Here is what you get in csvSiteBuilderPRO: An easy to follow hands-on guide that walks you through each step. Complete “website in a box” to build profitable websites quickly and easily – takes seconds! Free source image file to easily change the header image for each website you build. With there’s no need to know HTML – just a few simple tags explained... [...]

New One-Click Image Transformation Software gives your images professional polish. #ad

Image Designer Pro is so simple that anyone can use it to spruce up their images in seconds. Crop, re-size, flip, and change the look with several filters to remove color, etc. Runs on your host server to not clutter your desktop. Learn more here.  [...]

Mark Thompson, seven year internet marketing veteran, shares his most important marketing tips #ad

Mark Thompson has been marketing on the internet for seven years. Now he shares his most important marketing tips #ad Mark shares 101 tips to improve your marketing success, based on his seven years of experimentation. His tips cover: SEO and Traffic generation Product Creation List Building Affiliate marketing Keyword Research Niche Site Building As a bonus, tips from his best friends in marketing To get all his top tips, check out his IM Braindump here.  [...]

How Darren Monroe taught a 10 year old to create a five-figure per month website #ad

Let Darren Show You How he showed a little girl how to dominate a multiple 100 million dollar niche in this “to The Point” report, including: How to focus your research and planning How to locate a market even if you don’t know jack about tech keyword research tools. How to locate hot niches before Google even knows to list the keywords in that niche. How to build a website that looks so simple it will scare you. How to dominate any niche as an authority like this 10 year old girl did with her sites since 2009. Ryan explains his Ultimate Facebook List-Builder here.  [...]

Andrew Maule shows how to eliminate the marketing competition on Facebook #ad

Andrew Maule says you don’t need to worry about competition when you use Facebook and PPC as a hybrid. It’s a new technique and, with it, you don’t have to worry about competition- ever. Even better, it’s a set-and-forget system that will keep on earning. And it’s a “rinse and repeat” process so you can build income in a bewildering variety of niches. Maule explains all here.  [...]

Martin Crumlish’s new “WP cBank” plugin will energize your Clickbank Affiliate Marketing #ad

Just let WP cBank know your niche, and it will post a unique article on your blog to promote a Clickbank product in your niche, based on the product’s sales page content. It will insert a promotional photo from the sales page, your affiliate link and a call to action. It also builds text ads, hover ads and banner ads. Your blog monetization can be handled by this automated plugin so you can spend time with making your blog great, not the mundane advertising work. Get the whole story here.  [...]

“The SEO Conspiracy” course reveals effective search Engine Optimization techniques #ad

This course is for marketers who know their sites don’t rank as highly as they should, and want to find a solution. It comes from experienced marketer, Patric Chan, and provides new marketers insight into: How to choose a domain name that will aid your ranking, not damage it. How to rank well even if you are using duplicate content. How bloggers can improve their rankings This course is delivered as a series of six videos. You can acquire it for $9.95 here or, if you are independently wealthy, for $47 here.  [...]