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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

Improve your website content quality #ad

Your site needs to get the basics right: enough content, clean navigation, and the important standard pages (About Us, Contact Us, legal pages, etc.), but those are the bare minimum. For your site to excel and to bring in the most engaged fans, you need to do more. You need supercharged content strategies that generate more engagement with your website, and new training just released can help you upgrade your site for better results. Check into this new training from Content Sparks, Next Level Website Content. In this just-released training you will discover: ➡️ How to structure your content... [...]

WP Visualize: The future of online shopping – Augmented reality, Launch discount #ad

WP Visualize, which was just released, lets your website or social media enable Augmented Reality (AR) for your customers so they can see themselves in or with your product. Your visitors don’t need an app or special downloads to see this image. Augmented reality software has previously only been available to big businesses, due to the cost. This is the first time AR has been available priced for small to medium-sized businesses. It’s available in two versions: a WordPress plugin and a SaaS application, for use on non-WordPress sites (such as Shopify, Wix, Social Media, SMS, Email,... [...]

[Today Only] How Matt Bacak Built a 7-Figure Online Business #ad

We first met Matt Bacak in 2006 when we first entered the online marketing industry. Even 14 years ago, Bacak was a successful internet marketer and was already teaching other marketers how to follow the same path to online success. He has used a number of marketing methods over the years, including platform speaking and webinars, but his first love, responsible for a lot of his sales, is email. Bacak has just released his book Matt Bacak’s Secret Email System, which shares how he created a 7-Figure online business using nothing but ethical email marketing. That may surprise you. After all,... [...]

40 local business website templates; a consultant’s treasure chest #ad

Website Barato has been creating local websites for years. Now they are releasing their templates for 40 local niches, called WB 40 Professional Templates, to other consultants so you can quickly deliver professional sites to your local market. These 40 niches were selected based on their historic desire for a high-quality site and a willingness to pay for top quality. Here are some of the local businesses you could bring online: ➤ Coffee Shops ➤ Real Estate Agencies ➤ Fast Food ➤ Wedding Planner ➤ Charity ➤ Carpenter ➤ Plumber and 33 more. You need to see the slick animation and... [...]

Earn Affiliate Commission By Helping People Save #ad

If you want to earn affiliate commission from Amazon, JCPenney, AT&T and 6,500 other famous brands, take a look at Frooggal. In less than two minutes, this brand-new software will help you build a complete money-making affiliate site with coupons and deals from the world’s biggest brands and online stores. Whenever we can use a coupon, we do. We like saving 10% or more when we buy something we were already going to buy anyway. And we have to admit, sometimes a coupon led us to buy something we otherwise would not. Why Are Coupons So Popular? Coupons work so well for retailers and online... [...]

What if you could click one button to market your product? #ad

Commission Blaster lets you click one button and promote any website or affiliate link on 30 social sites. These sites have over 2.5 billion members who are buyers when they see something they like. Login to Commission Blaster, insert the link you want to promote, and “blast” your link to the 30 sites by clicking the “TRAFFIC” button. That’s it. You can promote your websites and other links (for example, affiliate links) in seconds, while also earning commissions. Do you actually want to get potentially unlimited buyer traffic? How could any marketer say “No”? Now you... [...]

Profile Mate: Use Instagram for your online marketing #ad

New Instagram Marketing Software Just Released Luke Maguire has just released new software called Profile Mate. It helps you mine Instagram for valuable data about prospective customers. As we say, it is new, but in less than a day, over 500 copies have been sold. Profile Mate is the only Instagram analytics tool that enables you to get new email contacts daily and discover insights about your competitors’ fans. It does it legally, ethically, and within Instagram’s terms of service. Now you can completely automate your Instagram marketing and convert your competitor’s ready-to-contact... [...]

Commission Blaster: Sales leverage for social media marketing #ad

Commission Blaster was designed to give marketers an easier way to scale their traffic and, ultimately, their sales, using new, unstaurated social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram, and Tumbler are well-known social media platforms. Many marketers use them in their promotions. But there are other social media sites that aren’t filled with marketing messages. You won’t get as lost in their crowds as you might with the top platforms. When you use Commission Blaster, you can get free traffic from 30 new sources, not just one or two. And as its name implies, Commission... [...]

Motvio: new premium hosting for marketing videos #ad

When you use one of the major video hosting services, (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) you don’t have complete control over your content. You also don’t control your subscriber list. The hosting platform can take both away from you whenever they think best. That’s why Devid Farah created Motvio, the video host specifically for marketers that know the power of video and don’t want to lose their marketing tools. Motvio gives you full control over your whole video marketing process so that you can: ➢Upload, Store, Manage, and Publish all your videos with just 1-Click. You are in control. ➢Perfect... [...]

Lead Conversion training today, no charge, Nicely and Michaels #ad

Today, the free Lead Conversion Squared Master Class begins. Over the course of the next three days, Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely will walk you through all the steps for building a monthly recurring income online. While you are watching the live training, They will ask you to follow along with them, so that by the end of the three days, you will have a functioning business and will attract your first client. It’s hard to overestimate how rare this valuable content is in free training. They are preparing for a big launch at the end of the three days, so they are going all out to get your... [...]