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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

NFT Collection Maker: Blockchain-agnostic NFT manager #ad

Online businesses creating, buying, selling, and managing NFTs are becoming good opportunities for marketers. NFT Collection Maker, by Explaindio LLC, led by Andrew Darius, may help you build your own online NFT business. Now you can generate massive Crypto NFT art collections automatically with TTC AI tech and have them ready for sale with as little effort as humanly possible. If you aren’t already familiar with them, NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. Each NFT is guaranteed to be unique, one of a kind. An NFT is typically a digital art print or video, which has many of the... [...]

Smart Content Profits builds, populates, and hosts sites #ad

If you have been online for any time at all, you’ve probably received so many marketing emails that you ignore a lot of them. Even more to the point, you’ve probably bought some apps and training that have let you down. You may have reached the point that you think everything is a scam. You may want to check out : Smart Content Profits. Richard Fairbairn and his partner, Paul OKeeffe just released this new SaaS app that will change the way you will create content and will make your content more producive for you. Fairbairn began to see success online when he started building content sites.... [...]

WhatsMyRank: WP plugin unlocks your site’s rank on Google #ad

Whether you monetize your sites with Adsense or Amazon or e-commerce, you know that your Google rankings are extremely important. Whatever you do online, your site’s rank for relevant keywords in Google is key to your long-term success. If your site is built on WordPress, WhatsMyRank automatically updates you daily. Ankur Shukla has released this new WordPress plugin that makes sure you always know where you stand. You select the keywords that are important to you. You can also select which Google site ( or one of the country-specific Google sites) you are interested in. You can... [...]

SpinRewriter powers a brand new business idea #ad

As we mentioned yesterday, Spin Rewriter 12 has just been launched. This is a seasoned product, over 10 years in the making. I want to share a business idea with you, one way to take advantage of the power of Spin Rewriter 12. it’s a simple idea, but one that can be used to build an online business. All you need is Spin Rewriter, and you can get that at a big discount here: Spin Rewriter 12. In fact, you can even get it in a free 5-day trial. The premise of your new business is that everyone needs content, for their website, their blog, their social media, etc. We all know content is king. And... [...]

5-Day Free Trial of SpinRewriter 12 #ad

September was the 10th anniversary of the creation of SpinRewriter by Aaron Sustar. This tool rewrites text to make multiple readable unique versions that can be posted on multiple social media sites for better SEO by avoiding duplicate copy concerns. During this 10-year period, 10 upgrades have already been added to the tool. Today, the 11th upgrade is being released, and you can have a 5-day free no-obligation trial of this latest version. After 10 years and 10 upgrades, are there any improvements still possible? Well, take a look: Upgrade #1: Another huge breakthrough in our ENL Semantic Spinning... [...]

PLR Wealth: PLR training course + WordPress theme for selling PLR #ad

PLR Wealth is a training course that teaches you how to earn money reselling products that have Private Label Rights. With Private labels Rights, you can change the “label” (the name, the graphics, the author’s name, etc.) to be your own choice, rather than the original author’s choice, thereby creating a distinct product. The author might call it Affiliate Monster, but you may call it Affiliate Genie, instead, if you prefer. The first part of PLR Wealth is a training course to show you how to convert the raw PLR into your own unique version that will bring you recognition... [...]

Twitter hack + ClickBank = plug & play traffic and sales #ad

Vick Carty has just released Plug & Play. It combines the power of ClickBank with Vick’s unique Twitter traffic hack. This software instantly plugs them into all the top selling clickbank offers, with our built in bonus pages & optin page funnels. The offers are all pre-approved, proven-to-convert offers on ClickBank. Next, they will use Vick’s own Twitter Internal Traffic Hack, This is a way to get free, targeted traffic from Twitter, but without the user having to bug his social media channels. Consequently, it’s really free traffic. Why does it matter? The biggest reason... [...]

Digital Download Underground: Over $3,390 for the letter A? #ad

In Digital Download Underground, James Renouf and Debbie Drum show you how to make items that take seconds to make that have the potential for long-term sales coming from free traffic. Is it really possible that in 5 seconds you can make a thank-you note that produces $14,364 in sales? Renouf and Drum say “yes”. And, again, just to be sure it sinks in, you didn’t notice, Digital Download Underground is showing you a passive income strategy. You get paid over and over again after setting up one time. Sales can be made with literally seconds of work. Besides that, you make these... [...]

SociEmpire: Reliable Platform for Influencers #ad

SociEmpire is a cloud-based Influencer Agency Kit, done for you and ready to go, that finds clients who are social media influencers who need a secure, stable platform from which to dispense their influence. You can fill their needs in just 3 simple steps: Step 1: Create Your SociEmpire Account Step 2: Set up Your DFY Influencer Agency Kit Step 3: Put it to work finding and converting social media influencers. How is this different from anything you’ve ever seen before? SociEmpire gives you the done-for-you tools, fully hosted resources and training to turn custom-built lead magnet funnels appelaing... [...]

Banklify builds ClickBank affiliate sites in seconds #ad

Banklify is a 1-Click App that “Auto-Builds” and then “Auto-Ranks” a ClickBank affiliate site (with your affiliate links) on Google. If you aren’t familiar with ClickBank, you should be aware that it has been called the world’s largest seller of online information products. Whatever niche you are targeting, it is likely that ClickBank has multiple products in your niche. You can reap affiliate commissions for selling these products on your website. It stands to reason that a high-quality affiliate site that promotes ClickBank products can become successful. New Banklify software... [...]