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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

Avatar Builder video creation software is live; Price rising #ad

As of this writing, Avatar Builder has been available for about 6 hours. Already: 1. There have been over 1500 marketers who invested in this powerful video creation tool. 2. The price has risen (and it will rise again soon.) If you ever wanted to create videos like the pros without needing video skills or hiring skilled outsourcers, Avatar Builder is the solution you need. You can automate your video creation using its built-in artificial intelligence. Plus, you can modify and customize everything with remarkable text effects, animations, and other special effects to hold people’s attention... [...]

Avatar Builder: Powerful AI 3D Animation Video Maker #ad

Today, at 3 PM EST, Paul Ponna is releasing his new animation software: Avatar Builder. This new video creation tool has incorporated three crucial technologies needed for effective animated marketing videos: ■ 3D Animation, ■ Artificial Intelligence, ■ Automated soundtracks in any language Together, these technologies allow you to create natural-looking and natural-sounding 3D animated presenters, and to do so without any technical skills. As we mentioned yesterday, prior to the release, at 2 PM EST, he is holding a webinar to show off what this new tool can do for you. Introductory Webinar To... [...]

Jan 6: Avatar Builder, world’s first 3D custom avatar tool #ad

Tomorrow, Paul Ponna is releasing new software that is a major step forward in video creation: Avatar Builder. This new video creation tool will let you take advantage of 3D Animation, Artificial Intelligence, and soundtracks in any language to create animated explainer videos that are unlike anything you have ever been able to create before. Beginning tomorrow, you can build videos with natural-looking and natural-sounding 3D animated presenters who can sell your products in virtually any language of the world. Besides changing the language spoken by your presenter avatar, you have total control... [...]

DigitalMarketer Insider Newsletter: weekly online business tips #ad, led by Ryan Deiss has been publishing online marketing training for nearly 20 years (four years longer than Internet Marketing NewsWatch). In the process they have become one of the most respected, professional, and successful training companies for internaet marketers. Through the years, we have watched their progress and have invested in several of their training packages, ourselves. They have staying power because of their quality work. Like IM NewsWatch, they have a newsletter, called the DigitalMarketer Insider Newsletter, that they offer at no charge. We have subscribed... [...]

Power Publishing Bundle makes low-content books to sell on Amazon #ad

You may have heard of low-content books. They are books that you write very few words for. At first, that may seem strange, but every year, people buy hundreds of thousands of them. Examples include calendars, diaries, and journals. Other examples include coloring books and puzzle books. Considering how many kinds of low-content books there are and how they become woven into people’s lives, it’s no wonder that they are popular. is a platform where authors sell their low-content books, just as they do content-rich books. In particular, Kindle Direct Publishing (formerly known... [...]

EZ Viral Listbuilding: white-label PLR video training series #ad

Jason Oickle has just released his new 9-Part over-the-shoulder PLR video training series EZ Viral Listbuilding. It teaches you and you and your customers how to build a profitable list, using his untapped viral strategy!. List building is a timeless subject. Every online marketer needs to build a list of people interested in his/her niche. You need this list to make follow-up sales to people who accepted your free offer or bought your product. In EZ Viral Listbuilding, you will discover new list-building techniques and tools to apply to your own business. Plus, you are also authorized to: 1.... [...]

ViidCloud: Host videos for yourself or clients #ad

If you create marketing videos or customer support videos with VideoMakerFX, Explaindio, VideoPal, VideoAppSuite, VideoBuilder, Camtasia, or any other video tool, you need a convenient way to show them to clients and other visitors. This is a service that is in high demand. ViidCloud makes it easy to set up and market your own video hosting service, as well as setting up private hosting services for your clients. Think of all the businesses that need video hosting: ⊕ Information Sellers, ⊕ E-Com Sellers, ⊕ Business Coaches, ⊕ Affiliate Marketers, ⊕ Lead Generation Agencies, ⊕ Digital... [...]

Don’t miss this collection of Christmas Deals 2020 #ad

Don’t wait till next week and pay $50 for Alessandro Zamboni‘s collection of Christmas Deals 2020. This is a collection of 17 of his products (mostly training; one is software) that he released in 2020: ► Ads Empire ► Affiliate Marketing Empire ► Article Helper ► Audiobooks Empire ► Children’s Printable Empire ► Coloring Books Empire ► Cutouts Empire ► Free Funnels Empire ► Jigsaw Empire ► Journals Empire 2.0 ► KD Quick Sales Empire ► Public Domain Empire 3 ► Recession-Proof Empire ► Scrapbooks Empire ► Self-Publishing For Christmas ► TikTok Empire ►... [...]

Niche Marketing Kit Affiliate Opportunity #ad

If you are looking for an affiliate product to sell, Niche Marketing Kit can be your chance. IM NewsWatch will sponsor any of our readers who would like to be affiliates. Read our ad for the product published yesterday, so you will understand what you will be promoting. You don’t have to buy a copy (as we did) before promoting it, but it would be a good idea. If it looks like a product you can feel good about promoting, you can sign up as an affiliate here: Niche Marketing Kit Affiliate Sign-up. However, as we mentioned yesterday, it has a very short launch period, today through December... [...]

Niche Marketing Kit: Success tools for online marketing, on sale #ad

John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson have just released their Niche Marketing Kit. It contains what they say is “over $10,000 worth of tools that are responsible for over a million dollars in sales this year.” We have known of these men for years; we have bought products from them; we have no doubt they have achieved that million dollars in sales this year. They have built this package of tools carefully and with great thought. They have selected their most useful tools and training, designed to work in online marketing processes that every marketer needs to master. This sale started out... [...]