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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

Can you really make automated online profits? #ad

As we mentioned yesterday, Profit Sniper X was just launched. It is tailored to beginners online, although anyone could use it productively.They specifically designed it so that you don’t need:• A list• Any experience• Any tech skillsProfit Sniper X automates setting up marketing funnels, but with a difference. It can trask the results and it lets you do “A/B testing”Usually the technology of marketing funnels is complicated, especially if you want to track your results and even more, if you want to optimize your results through testing.But that is what Profit... [...]

Profit Sniper X: smart funnels you can test #ad

Funnels (a funnel is a collection of web pages you lead visitors through, promoting something on each page) are the building blocks of any successful online business.You can create a funnel manually, but there are a number of software packages that make it a lot simpler to build the funnel you want.When you send traffic to your funnel, there are people who drop out along the way, although some will travel the whole distance with you. These dropouts are referred to as “leaks” in your funnel.That’s normal. Not every visitor will want or need everything you have to offer. But... [...]

VR Agency 360 creates stunning virtual walkthrough tours #ad

For several years, ever since internet technology has been available, real estate brokers have shown their properties online. Pictures and descriptive text have created a way of displaying houses online that have attracted prospective buyers to choose their top favorites so they invest their in-person time in just the few houses that are the best candidates.For years, this has been a marketing tool agents have found helpful. But not to long ago, a new improved online technology was created, the virtual house tour. No longer do buyers have to see only static still pictures.Now, there is motion... [...]

Mario Brown releases Virtual Tour software tomorrow #ad

At 10:30 EDT, Saturday, Mario Brown introduces his new VR Agency 360 software that lets real estate agents, offline merchants and anyone else with a physical product to sell show their product with an online virtual tour.This webinar will show you a way any marketing consultant or marketer can thrive during these hard times for businesses all over.If you are a consultant to offline businesses, this is a service you can offer that all your clients need.Businesses are desperate for more sales and will find this technology attractive. You can help them deal with their decline in sales by helping... [...]

Two Comma Club: Russell Brunson aims to add commas to your income #ad

Russell Brunson, for many years, has held a live training conference each summer, that he now calls the Two Comma Club (originally, it was called Funnel Hacking Live).Each year he brings marketing experts to Boise, Idaho, and invites marketers who want to grow their business to participate in this training.This year, in light of the public health need to minimize direct person-to-person contact, he has decided that the conference will be virtual, streamed live online, July 25-27.For you, there are three advantages:1. You don’t have to leave home, avoiding the inconvenience and the travel... [...]

Facebook Remarketing Made Easy: Get the most from your Facebook ads #ad

Chances are that anyone who visits your website also visits Facebook on a regular basis. They may come to your site, choose to not accept the offer you make for your product or service and then leave. It looks like you have lost a sale.But wait, the next day, they visit Facebook. Suppose you have an ad on Facebook for your product, and they see it again. “Hmm,” they think. “This is advertised on Facebook. Maybe I too quickly turned it down.” Then they click on your ad. Now you have a second chance to market to them; you are “remarketing” to them. And this second... [...]

Meetvio: All-in-one webinar platform: live, auto, evergreen, hybrid #ad

Webinars continue to turn in high level of conversions, especially for high value products. They have become even more important in light of people working from home during the virus crisis.There are many services that provide a platform to let you run your webinars. GoToWebinar is the best-known service, but there are several others.There is a recently launched service that you may not be aware of, but that may meet your needs at a lower cost than most platforms. It was just re-launched by Kyvio, and is known as Meetvio.This is built for the small business or individual who has recognized the... [...]

Legally hijack traffic + authority from Wikipedia, BBC & more #ad

Last year, the Zamurai team launched My Traffic Jacker to provide a way to build your website traffic using high-authority social media and expired domains.The team has now launched the new, improved version of this valuable tool, My Traffic Jacker 2.0.This new tool helps internet marketers, like you, get more traffic and greater sales from the power of social media, using expired domains. With this approach, you don’t need to buy ads or build websites. You take advantage of the traffic and authority of popular web-pages, we all know and love:► YouTube► Wikipedia► The British Broadcasting... [...]

Octopus transforms YouTube into a profit-making machine #ad

Octopus was just released by Tom Yevsikov and Gaurab Borah. As you may know YouTube is the world’s second-most-popular search engine. Once they search, they watch a lot of videos. A lot of people use it, and that’s an understatement.As a result of its popularity, YouTube can be one of the best marketing channels on earth.Yevsikov and Borah’s new software is simple to use and has let them get millions of visitors to their offers for free. The software is empowered by a set of simple tactics for how to use it. Together, they have produced the results Yevsikov and Borah have... [...]

TikTok videos for good marketing (TikVideoCyborg, VideoTik) #ad

TikTok is the online sensation that people (over 800 million)seem to be flocking to. It is filled with short videos that are created by individuals who are a lot like you. The best videos can attract thousands of views, along with Likes, Comments and Forwards. Some even have over a million views.TikTok has become real competition for YouTube for very short videos. And that makes it an opportunity for online marketers. If you can produce an attractive video, you can inspire clicks on your offers.The important point for you is that TikTok is just at the beginning. Most marketers haven’t discovered... [...]