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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

Plugin Auction Profits: Make eBay your online marketing platform #ad

There is something to be said for the “tried and true”, things you know work because they have been working for years. eBay is certainly tried and true. It offers a platform where many people (thousands) earn their living online. Rob Corrigan has just released Plugin Auction Profits to show you one good way to take advantage of the eBay seller opportunity.Imagine if you did not have to watch every dollar you spent and were able to buy those things you want for yourself and your family and still not have to fear the credit card bill each month? Who wouldn’t want to have that... [...]

Swarm automates video creation and marketing #ad

Swarm is a video creation tool, but different from most tools that our industry has been using.It creates short (6 minute) videos that you use to build your business and your income stream. The odd thing is that you do it without selling anything.There’s a good chance you have seen videos like this yourself but didn’t realize how well they were working.And it’s a simple process, just 3 Steps. Once you login to Swarm. Use it to:1. Find,2. Clip and3. Re-upload the videos it finds for youIf you’re a beginner, this may be a good place to start your business. because:■... [...]

Preequell builds site visitor interest to increase sales #ad

Preequell was just released to give marketers like you and me the same tool that major corporations use.Disney, BuzzFeed and a number of other large companies have used a technique that leads to increased traffic to their sites and increased engagement with their site visitors.Most smaller online marketers are completely unaware of it, and that’s a shame because it can increase marketing success significantly.That tool is quizzes, short enjoyable quizzes. Another name might be surveys.When visitors take a quiz, they get intrigued and want to continue to the end of the process. At the... [...]

World’s first viral funnel builder just launched (also builds lists) #ad

Bossfunnels, which was just launched, is a smart drag-and-drop funnel builder with all the features that Clickfunnels, Leadpages and others have. But, it also offers something extra: it creates viral funnels, so you can build bigger lists and get more traffic.To be clear, a marketing funnel is a series of product offers made to visitors to a sales page. Usually, a funnel starts with a free or low-cost product and ends with a high-value product. Once a visitor accepts the first product, they are offered the second in the seriees. Once they accept that, they are offered a third, an so on. There... [...]

WordPress (WP) Training Kit (with rights) #ad

You have probably heard of WordPress. It started as a blogging platform, but now it is a complete is a content management system (CMS) for websites. Use WordPress to build any kind of website you like and use its build-in power to manage:■ All your pages of content■ All your graphics, videos and other media■ All your members, if you have a membershp site■ All your download pages when you sell something■ And lots moreYes, it’s powerful. But do you know how to use that power? Now, there is a complete, step-by-step WordPress video training encompassing everythingyou need to... [...]

Dropshiply: A dropshipping business without the pain #ad

People need stuff, all kinds of stuff: clothes,food, automotive accessories, entertainment equipment, pet supplies, and hundreds of other types of products.Each of these many niches provides a chance for you to build a store selling hundreds or thousands of products in the niche.All you need now is an easy way to:■ Build your store,■ Find products to sell■ Manage your store (including price setting and changes and out of stock adjustments)■ Manage orders (including shipping the product)■ Manage your customer listOf course, if you use dropshipping (you advertise the product and... [...]

Journals Empire 2: Create Zero-Content Journals That Sell #ad

Nearly everyone has things that occur from day to day that strike them as important and that deserve to be remembered. What is their solution? A journal (sometimes called a diary) that conveniently lets them record those thoughts and events of the day that they cherish.Journals are a big seller on Amazon(there are over 20,000 to choose from) and on eBay (nearly 28,000 to choose from). This much competition means there are a lot of buyers to attract.One nice thing about selling journals is that there is almost nothing to write to create your book; maybe a date at the top of the page, a decorative... [...]

Build your dropshipping business with Dropshiply #ad

Dropshipping is a marketing technique for selling physical products that have to be shipped to buyers.In typical retail, you, the seller, buy a collection of products for your online (or offline) shop, then store them until someone buys. In dropshipping, the manufacturer or wholesale distributor holds the products. When you receive an order, you instruct them to ship it directly to your customer’s address. You never take physical possession of the product.That has two big advantages for you:1. You don’t have to buy the product before you make the sale, so you don’t need as... [...]

DFYHero 2.0: 100+ DFY websites, pages, Ecom stores & Blogs #ad

If you want to get started (or if you want to scale up) in online marketing, : DFYHero 2.0, just released by Wildfire Concepts, is a complete package with more than 100 ‘Done For You’ instant pre-built marketing assets.This new package of marketing tools is an SaaS platform with over 100 websites, sales pages, squeeze pages, eCom stores and blogs.The genius of this new service is that everything is ready to go. All you have to do chose the one you want, import it, add your personal touches (such as your site name and affiliate information or Paypal account), and you are ready to go... [...]

Curation Cloud: Fresh content for your sites and social accounts #ad

New software has just launched, called Curation Cloud.This new software, by Paul O’Keefe, allows you to build multiple blogs with curated content and do it all on complete auto-pilot. This software searches for useful content for you and updates yor menu of available content every 5 minutes.With Curation Cloud. you can:• Build your blogs on auto-pilot using the included scheduling and calendar.• Find thousands of different articles, images and videos to use on your blogs, the list being updated every 5 minutes.• Build social backlinks also on auto-pilot. As you publish... [...]