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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

NFT Collection Maker 2.0 builds NFT Art Collections For Sale #ad

Some artists have started selling their art as NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens). With NFT Collection Maker 2.0, you don’t have to be a skilled artist to get into this online business. The software does most of the work for you and does it almost instantly. That’s not to say artistic skill is unimportant. A good artist will be able to create better NFT artwork than non-artists; that just makes sense, but this opportunity isn’t left to artists alone. Anyone can create a whole collection of NFTs to sell as art. Watch the demo to see how easy it can be: NFT Collection Maker 2.0 Demo. The... [...]

Win a Free Copy of ViralLead Funnels today only #ad

ViralLead Funnels is an unconventional 2-Step List Building System for Building Quality Leads Fast, and it is being launched today. And the product creator is giving away several copies in celebration. Ifiok Nkem, a 7-figure marketer and coach, shared with us that, using a simple 2-step system, without spending anything on Ads, he was able to build a list of 11,745 Leads From 1,092 Visitors In 15 Days. Nkem is hosting a webinar today to show how he did it. On the call, he will be revealing an unconventional 2-step system that he and his team are using to generate thousands of leads daily. This... [...]

OrangeMail: Low-fee autoresponder, high inbox deliverability #ad

There are a lot of well-known autoresponders, such as aWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp, and Constant Contact, but OrangeMail has a number of superior features, besides being much less expensive. Look at what it can do: ➤ Send Unlimited Broadcasts for No Restrictions on Send List ➤ Store and Send Unlimited Autoresponder Emails ➤ Provide you with Advanced Segmentation Based on Your List Behavior ➤ Spam Score Checker, Reducing Bounce Rate ➤ Unlimited List Import/Export: Don’t Lose Even a Single Lead ➤ Deep Analytics of Every Campaign’s Growth: Accurate Reporting ➤ Smart Suppression... [...]

Launching Your Freelance Business (Limited-time PLR) #ad

This launch sale of Launching Your Freelance Business is one of the shortest we have ever seen, only 48 hours. By Sunday morning, the sale will be over. This new PLR collection by PLR Experts will make it easy for you to have your own production on this important topic. You would be smart to customize it (probably in less than a day.) Our suggestions for customizations: 1. Change the name of the product. 2. Add your name or your business name to the cover and title page. 3. Add a chapter or two of your own so that yours isn’t just like the version other buyers of this PLR will be selling. 4.... [...]

Reputor improves bad reputations 6 ways #ad

Small businesses have a hard time getting leads because their online reputation is often harmed by bad reviews. Reputor helps businesses get great reviews and improve their online reputation so they can attract more leads. It’s a fast, simple, and affordable solution for small businesses. Every day, this issue grows in importance. Since most commerce happens online now, if customers find a small business’s website, they won’t buy from it if their site doesn’t have new reviews and a solid online reputation. Reputor is a tool that helps businesses improve their online reputation by gathering... [...]

Easy Page Buildr: Web Page Builder For Under $10 #ad

          New, “simply powerful” software,  [...]

Podkastr: The future of podcast marketing #ad

Podcasts are powerful marketing tools. PodKastr makes them easy, helping you to grow your business and boost your results: ✅ Publishing podcasts will quickly establish you as an authority in any niche and get people to trust you easily. ✅ Over 450 million people listen to podcasts daily; you can tap into this traffic pool & get traffic for free. ✅ Podcasts listeners have a very high tendency to become buyers. ✅ You can broadcast your podcast in different languages & expand your audience size, targeting a fresh market that no one is reaching. Secure your special access now (use... [...]

PodKastr creates powerful podcasts in 5 minutes #ad

If podcasting weren’t so hard, a lot more marketers would try it. With PodKastr, it just got a lot easier. It is the World’s first 6-in-1 Podcast Creation, Hosting, and Distribution System, powered by Artificial Intelligence. This new app has six tools to create podcasts from six kinds of content: ➤ The Content Converter Engine allows you to type in your content and convert it to Podcast. ➤ The Article Converter Engine allows you to convert any Article to Podcast. ➤ The eBook Converter Engine allows you to convert any eBook to Podcast. ➤ The Video Converter Engine allows you to... [...]

Content Gorilla Makes Content Creation Easy #ad

Content Gorilla is a content creation tool that helps you create web, email, and social content for your business. The new AI-poered version ws just launched and is proving to be popular with marketers. Content Gorilla lets you easily create text, images, and videos to share on social media, blogs, and websites. You can also use Content Gorilla to schedule posts and track results over time. ➤ Flexible Search – Now you can search and create content in 105 languages Flexible Search makes it easy for you to find and create content in 105 languages – no more struggling to find the right... [...]

Free Call on Content Marketing – Register now (Content Gorilla) #ad

If you are having trouble with content marketing, the 10 AM EDT call to introduce Content Gorilla may be what you need. If done right, Content Marketing can be very effective in building an online business. But it requires good content, released consistently (daily would be nice). However, creating content day in, day out, isn’t easy. At Internet Marketing NewsWatch, we know this from long experience. For nearly 17 years, we have written 20-30 news articles every day, 5 days each week, and over 120,000 articles in all. We have written these articles manually. But Neil Napier has another way of... [...]