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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

7 Figure Launch System by Michael Chaney #ad

Michael Chaney has launched a lot of products. His 7 Figure Launch System shows you how you can benefit from his experience. In the last decade or more Chaney has lifted himself from a dead end job he hated to substantial success through creating and selling products online. We have bought several of them online. He is now among the top trainers of new online marketers in starting and running an internet marketing business. Here is how Chaney describes his journey (thinking of the movie, “Braveheart” as an analogy): For years I pictured my boss as King Edward… My life was Scotland,... [...]

WP Toolkit Theme Suite: 81% Off 4 WP themes for any niche #ad

WP Toolkit Theme Suite Bundle is a “Black Friday in Summer” special WordPress deal – Get all 4 of these top-selling WP Themes for a one-time massive discount. Quick summary of the themes you are getting: Covert Shirt Store – Your level of artistic skills doesn’t matter. Now, you have a chance to get involved with the custom t-shirt niche, whether you are a professional artist or a complete beginner. Covert Video Press V3 – This theme allows you to build unlimited highly optimized niche video sites, for yourself or others, without ever having to create a video. Covert... [...]

WP Toolkit Theme Suite Bundle; four themes for your toolkit #ad

The WP Toolkit team just released a new tool for your toolkit, four tools actually, styled after the familiar Black Friday Blowouts: : WP Toolkit Theme Suite Bundle. Now through Midnight EDT on Monday, you can get an agency license to four valuable WordPress themes for less than one normally costs. Get all 4 of these top-selling WordPress Themes for a one-time massive 81% discount: Covert Shirt Store (check the normal sale page here for specifications: Covert Shirt Store) Whatever your level of artistic skill, this gives you a chance to get involved with the custom t-shirt niche. Covert Video... [...]

10 ways to enhance interaction with Twilio (PLR flash sale) #ad

Twilio is a major site for building customer relationships. 10 ways to enhance interaction with Twilio tells you how to use it for your best advantage. Read it; implement it; and if your business is using Twilio, you will see the difference these insights can make. But, even more, you can use 10 ways to enhance interaction with Twilio: in another way. You are getting Private Label Rights to this report on improving your success with Twilio. That means that you can change the name of the report, add your name as the author, and sell it to other people and businesses that use Twilio to help them... [...]

[Early-Bird] LeadValet finds done-for-you leads in any niche #ad

  Do you sell marketing services to other businesses? LeadValet gives you all the targeted business leads you can ever use, in any niche you choose. These are real buyer leads. Joshua Zamora, the creator, says it is the best, done-for-you lead-gen app on the market because it bypasses the gatekeeper and puts you directly in touch with the decision maker. With LeadValet, you get full access to all the clients you’d ever need at the push of a button. Now, you can take advantage of: ❌ Not having to “scrape” for unreliable leads that everyone else has access to. ❌... [...]

PicMotion converts your pictures to marketing videos #ad

PicMotion is a Windows application that allows your to easily turn an image into a video with just 1 click. You are getting giveaway rights in addition to your rights for personal use. You will be able to use this software as a lead magnet, as a bonus for other products, as a download in a membership site you run, and as any other gift you can think of. Your video is simple, beginning with a still picture and making it move with what is often called a “Ken Burns Effect.” Take a look at this preview: It is available for a tiny investment. Get it here: PicMotion. Diego Duarte, the creator... [...]

VidZura-Complete Edition: Templates for professional videos for you and clients #ad

VidZura, just released, makes it easy to make eye-catching videos like a pro. It is a collection of marketing video templates that you load into PowerPoint to create Hollywood-style Videos. The difference between ordinary videos and cinematic videos is only a few clicks. It includes 150+ new video templates and added specialized video templates. The main video module includes templates such as: • Fresh 2022 Promotions Video Templates • Fresh 2022 Product Preview Video Templates • Fresh 2022 Story Telling Character Video Templates To make your video even more professional, VidZura-Complete... [...]

YoDrive hosts unlimited videos, graphics, other media #ad

YoDrive was just launched. It is a specialized hosting solution for media. Its main advantage over hosting your media on your own site is that its servers are super-fast so that your media don’t slow down the page load speed of your site, which is good for ranking in the SERPs and which pleases your site visitors. And it has one more important advantage: cost. If you are still paying recurring charges to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon SES, etc, YoDrive can eliminate the periodic payments. You invest once to use it for life. Dr. Amit Pareek, the creator of this new platform, says... [...]

Teaching Matrix: Innovative course, class, and training delivery platform #ad

Teaching Matrix is an all-in-one platform where you can create and sell online courses, trainings, and other digital products. Big-name course platforms are generally too expensive for small businesses and educational institutions to afford. but now, with Teaching Matrix, even solo entrepreneurs can afford to build an online course catalog. This new platform is just being launched and provides a well-rounded and complete solution to an online educator’s needs: Teaching Matrix Intuitive Course Builder With the simplified builder, you can create online courses and digital products with ease. Beautiful... [...]

SocialAgency360: Robust Social Media Suite & Agency #ad

Launching tomorrow: SocialAgency360. SocialAgency360 is a results-driven social media agency solution with the combined power of a robust content marketing and social media management platform. It enables businesses, publishers, brands, agencies, and startups to find, create, and share the best performing content consistently and increase their traffic, leads, and sales plus a complete list of features needed to set up your agency website, find clients, and grow your business. Watch this preview: Starting tomorrow, you can grow your own business with this social media management tool or offer... [...]