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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

Shuffler: Leads on Autopilot from 1-click viral funnels #ad

Shuffler, just released by Bryan Winters, creates flexible marketing funnels. Winters has collected many high-commission Clickbank offers for you to create a funnel that’s perfect for your business. Winters reports that there are so many choices for what you put into your funnel (in math class we called them combinations and permutations) that you could create 52 Billion viral funnels and no two of them be the same. The net effect of that is that the funnel you create is unique to you. Winters hosts the funnels for you. That will be a nice saving on hosting. With Shuffler, building a funnel... [...]

NicheCheetah builds sites with quality content and ads in minutes #ad

NicheCheetah, in short, allows you to create “Content-Ready” Websites For Any Niche. Yes, it builds the website, and then it populates it with content. And it does it almost instantaneously. And you’ll also be getting Resale Rights to this new software so not only can you build niche sites for yourself; you can start selling it to other marketers right away and keep 100% of each sale you make. NicheCheetah creates text articles bsed on YouTube videos. That’s permitted under the YouTube Creative Commons license (although individual creators can opt out so make sure any videos... [...]

GrabVid: Drive unlimited free traffic, leads, sales for you & clients #ad

Smart marketers know that as long as they have a steady supply of hot leads they’ll continue making profits. Now you can gather laser-targeted leads from around the world. Use them for yourself or sell them to clients. GrabVid provides targeted leads on demand . It helps you get free laser-targeted leads from any part of the world. And when you pick the GrabVid commercial version (it’s just 95 cents more than the personal version when you use the coupon Grabvid) today, you get full rights to drive unlimited free traffic, leads and sales for your clients as well…charging them a monthly... [...]

PR Rage software makes domain flipping easy #ad

Walt Bayliss has just released the second generation of PR Rage 2.0. This new software helps you flip a $10 investment in a domain name into a profitable sale or, if you prefer, into passive rental income, all without any technical skills. Here’s the simple process for finding a domain to flip Step 1: Enter a domain name you think would be perfect. (It may or may not be available.) Step 2: PR Rage 2.0 generates a list of similar names that are available to buy. You can narrow the results based on age, number of backlinks, amount of traffic, social signals, estimated value and more. Step 3: Choose... [...]

LCS2 Online Masterclass: 3 Day Online Biz Launch Challenge #ad

Beginning September 28th, business partners, Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely, expect to help 10,000 future entrepreneurs build their own online businesses. They are holding 3 live webinars in their 3-day LCS2 Master Class. (LCS2 stands for Lead Conversion Squared.) IM NewsWatch is a sponsor. Our readers may attend the online Master Class as our guests. ➤➤ Click here to claim a free ticket: LCS2 Master Class. This will be a class in which you can work along with the teachers to build and launch your own online business over the course of the 3 days. So by the time the Master Class is over, you... [...]

3-Day Business Master Class (Lead Conversion Squared) #ad

Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely are starting their 3-Day Business Master Class Sep 28. I’ve arranged a free ticket for you, so register now: Lead Conversion Squared Master Class. Want to own a reliable online business without learning any complicated technology, spending money on ads, or working long hours? Want an easy way to create recurring income and get paid month after month without putting in any extra effort? Want to set readily achievable income goals and get started down the path to financial independence? Don’t we all? Well, put your other plans for these 3 evenings (28th, 29,... [...]

7 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

In simple terms, traffic is the number of visitors the website gets; the more people who visit a page, the more traffic it receives. In order to increase the “authority” (approximately, that means the “importance”) of your site, it needs to get as much high-quality traffic as possible, which means that people visiting your page should have an interest in your content and not be artificially lured to your site. Let’s look at the measures you should take now in order to increase your high-quality traffic. Analyzing Your site’s Traffic To understand what your site’s... [...]

Do you have trouble writing good marketing content? #ad

We aren’t all good writers; that’s a fact, although with practice we can get better. Until then, it can be helpful to outsource some of your writing challenges. Content Sparks has just released a packages of 50 Done-for-You Blog Posts and Emails, targeted for 5 online business areas, that you can use as though you wrote them yourself. This is the second time they have produced a bundle of short content. Sharyn Sheldon, the president of Content Sparks, has organized a group of good writers (that know the subject matter and know how to write engaging content) to create this collection... [...]

MarketPal: Your all-inclusive software for better marketing #ad

MarketPal Pro software is an inclusive marketing management and promotion tool for individual marketers and small businesses. Our readers can use the superVIP coupon for a $7 discount. This new tool comes with everything you need to market and sell any product or service online. You are getting a commercial license during the launch period so that after you have used it in your own business, you can sell your marketing services to other businesses and use xxx to deliver your services. Here is the business-building value this new (and increasingly popular) tool provides. You can: ► Create and... [...]

MarketPal Pro: All-in-One Platform to Start a Profitable Online Business #ad

MarketPal Pro is a powerful lightning-fast application that creates fast-loading Pages, Pop-Ups, Splash Pages, and Sticky Bars. It also sends unlimited emails in minutes without any hassles. o Here’s what it can do for you: ► Create unlimited Converting Sales, Lead, Webinar, Affiliate Review Pages for Any Niche ► Advanced Sales Boosters with A.I Based Personalized Notification to Engage Visitors ► Send unlimited Beautiful Emails & Autoresponders to Subscribers Instantly or on a Schedule ► Over 200 Landing Page, Emails, Popups, Splash Pages, and Sticky Bar Templates ► Advanced... [...]