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Friday, April 23, 2021

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

PLR.ME offers free sample PLR to show quality #ad

Private Label Rights (PLR) content can come in handy for busy marketers: • Sometimes you are too busy to create fresh information for your followers. • Sometimes you need to address a topic you only know a little about. • Sometimes you want to enter a new niche. In times like these, PLR can get you moving quickly. Someone else creates the content and lets you use it as though it were your own. It’s a lot like ghost-written content, except that with PLR, the creator typically allows multiple people to use it as their own. That’s both good and bad; good because that lets... [...]

Premium Medical PLR by Doctor Loy #ad

The quality of PLR content makes a big difference in how you can put it to use. Of course, you want good grammar and spelling. That is obvious. But if there are mistakes, spell-checker software can fix the problems. But one thing you can’t easily correct is incorrect information. The creator of the content needs to be an expert, so you can sure the content is correct. When it comes to health-related PLR, you would be wise to assure it was created by a doctor. Oh, he might need an editor to make sure the wording is grammatical or a researcher to dig out some of the background information,... [...]

AIWA training starts at 10 AM EDT; website build software for all #ad

The internet is growing; that’s common knowledge. But do you know how rapidly it is growing? Every day, over 547,200 websites are created. That’s a remarkable business opportunity that AIWA helps you profit from. Why? Well, about 30% of new sites are built by freelance website designers and agencies, setting up these sites as a service offering for other businesses. With new AIWA, you can become a web developer, selling your services to local businesses or online to businesses far and wide. You may not think of yourself as a web-developer or web-designer, but this new tool can give... [...]

ProfitSend: New Cloud-Based Autoresponder for online marketers #ad

Traditionally, autoresponders sent out emails to designated people. ProfitSend does more. Besides sending emails, it can send SMS messages and it can do lead generation through social media posts. Besides that, typical autoresponders charge a monthly fee; during launch week (through this Friday), ProfitSend charg4es only a one-time fee That’s all good, but there is a lot more to like about this new autoresponder being launched today at 11 AM EDT. ✓ Fully Cloud-Based Autoresponder With Built-In SMTP, compatible with all email providers ✓ If you have a list in a traditional autoresponder... [...]

Breeze Funnels: DIY Marketing funnels for small businesses #ad

Serial product developer Venkata Ramana has just released his latest software, Breeze Funnels. It creates a brand new, unique type of sales funnel that he has worked with an underground group of marketers to beta test. It’s now ready for all online marketers to put it to use. He calls this new type of funnel a “magic-funnel”. They are “magic” because they are so much easier (and quicker) to build and use than ordinary funnels. They have a complete marketing system included, including traffic generation and hosting. With Breeze Funnels, you can deploy your new funnel... [...]

Rewardsly: Create reward programs for local & online merchants #ad

Ben Murray and Karthik Ramani have teamed up to launch Rewardsly, new software that builds a loyalty program for a business, offering rewards for customers who frequently shop at the store. This new SaaS tool is easy to use (it’s point-and-click) and is designed both for online businesses and for physical stores. Plus, it comes with a Commercial License. Use it for your own business, or for client businesses, or both. This software simplifies the process of setting up and operating a rewards program (also called a “Loyalty Program”) because of these powerful features: Rewardsly... [...]

The Authority Website Blackbook: Gain top SEO rankings, be seen as Authority Site #ad

Eric Holmlund, along with his partner, David Matthew, has just released training called The Authority Website Blackbook. “Authority” in this context refers to expertise. A site has authority if it presents expert information, authoritative information, information that is trustworthy and trusted. The judges of your site’s authority are, first of all, your visitors, and second, the search engines. IM NewsWatch, for example, is an authority site in the online marketing niche. It has been published for almost 15 years; it produces loads of trusted content; and people return day after... [...]

Video Agency Funnels taps into the $398 billion e-learning industry #ad

With the pandemic changing education for both children and adults, and with many adults losing jobs and needing to be re-trained for new jobs, the e-Learning industry is seeing unprecedented growth. A lot of people are looking at upgrading their skills and/or learning new things while they are stuck at home. As a result, there are many educators creating video lessons for their students. Some of these are online videos; others are downloadable lessons. Educators and content experts who want to sell their training online need a website to sell from. On this site, they need videos (training videos,... [...]

Kevin Fahey: The Essential 8, his top 8 marketing products #ad

The Essential 8 Combo Package consists of 8 of Kevin Fahey‘s most recent and best selling information marketing products. Our training is loved by over 25,000 customers including many top marketers and industry leaders. You may have heard of Fahey. Over the past 14 years he has earned a reputation for creating high-quality information marketing products and training, which have reaped many accolades and awards. The Essential 8 will give you (whether you are new or experienced) the knowledge, the tools, and the resources you need so you can: • Scale your online business, • Earn more... [...]

Video Agency Funnels: Build marketing funnels almost effortlessly #ad

Do you know how to build a funnel? I mean, practically. Step by step set up sales pages and properly link them together so the visitor is taken systematically through your buying process, starting with the introductory product all the way through the final upgrade. With Video Agency Funnels, the new funnel builder just released by Mario Brown, it’s a snap: 1. Login: Login to the web-based app and choose what kind of funnel you’d like to create (product launch, evergreen, opt-in page, webinar funnel, etc.) 2. Choose: Choose from the many DFY Agency funnels and create your funnel in minutes,... [...]