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Monday, September 27, 2021

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

Flash sale of WP Toolkit Suite Ending ⏰ #ad

The 4-day sale for the suite of 6 WordPress Plugins known as the WP Toolkit Suite ends tomorrow. These plugins enhance the ability of any WordPress site to effectively support a growing marketing business. If you don’t already have a solution for these needs, then this plugin suite is worth investigating. Keyword research, video, affiliate marketing, advertising, and more are solved by this suite of plugins. Take a look at what you are getting: Blog Niche Tools: 3 in 1 Niche Blogging Tool for Keyword Research, Free Images, and Importing Articles Blog Link Magic: Add Keyword Based Affiliate... [...]

AffiliDeveloper: Builds Software for you, ready to sell #ad

Ever wished you could develop a software product people would buy? With AffiliDeveloper, you can. That’s good because selling software to businesses and individuals is a big market opportunity. Specifically, your software builds automated affiliate sites, custom-made exactly to your specifications. Kurt Chrisler , the publisher of this new SaaS software, reports that this is the world’s first software that builds you customizable software that will be ready to sell in just minutes. There are just a few steps to create an automated affiliate site builder for your clients: 1, Pick what... [...]

DesignBeast: Animation and Graphics Maker App #ad

Imagine creating world-class parallax 3D animations, design & graphics like the fortune 500 companies without expensive freelancers, complicated apps, or paying monthly subscriptions. With the new DesignBeast software from Paul Ponna you can. Better yet, imagine selling these stunning designs and animations you create to clients for $300 or more each. For the first time ever, the brand new DesignBeast technology gives you access to six cutting-edge software apps inside ONE dashboard. Check Out The Powerful Software Demo Here: DesignBeast Demo. Here is what you are getting access to today: ✓... [...]

Sales Funnel Supremacy: how to make funnels that sell more #ad

Larry Kearney just released Sales Funnel Supremacy to show you the secrets for building a sales funnel that can convert your leads into High-Ticket customers. In this course, you’ll discover the steps that successful businesses, entrepreneurs, and even the big brands use to convert visitors into customers. This is how it is done. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel funnel. If you want to make money online, then the very best way to do that is to sell a product. And if you want to sell as many products as possible, then you need to use a sales funnel; that is, a series of related offers... [...]

Munch Money: Get other people to sell your products for you #ad

Munch Money has just been released by Lyn Newkirk. Newkirk has discovered (and is now sharing) a way to get other marketers, often marketers with a lot of experience, to sell your products far better than you can sell them yourself. You just pay them a commission for each sale. Of course, the idea is nothing new. This is affiliate marketing, plain and simple. What Newkirk brings to the table is his step-by-step, start-to-finish explanation of what you need to do to and how to do it: ➤ Produce a product ➤ Create a sales page and publish it at no cost ➤ Find willing affiliates ➤ Motivate... [...]

Coursium: The engine for your online learning academy #ad

The e-learning marketplace is expected to be worth $165 BILLION in sales this year and is predicted to double in the next few years. New e-learning software, Coursium, helps you sell online courses, even assisting with creating the courses. Now, you can create an attractive, e-learning academy full of courses in just minutes. With Coursium, you can now: ✓ CREATE Professional E-Learning Courses In Minutes ✓ CREATE your courses without having to be on camera ✓ CREATE your courses without having to record your voice ✓ CREATE your courses without having to write a script. ✓ CREATE your... [...]

CoursEmpire: Ready-Made Video Course Creation Agency #ad

With CoursEmpire, just released by the Victory Akpos team, you can ➤ Create, Host, and Sell Your Online Video Courses ➤ Create Professional Sales Pages To Market Your Courses ➤ Deliver your courses with the Built-in Video Marketing Tools ➤ Brand Your Courses and Sell Under Your Name ➤ They have included a collection of courses already uploaded into the system that you can use as your own, to get you started right away. Introduction to CoursEmpire This tool is SaaS software, so you build your educational site in the cloud. You don’t have to download anything. CoursEmpire is built... [...]

Traffic Goliath: Better WordPress Traffic (SEO plugin) #ad

If you are looking for a fix to your site’s traffic problem, check out Traffic Goliath. “How can I get more traffic to my site?” It’s a question IM NewsWatch readers are always asking. Everyone needs more traffic to their site. You do; we do. The usual answer is better ranking in Google. There’s no more economical way to get more traffic. Better ranking naturally results in more traffic. But that’s easier said than done. Why? Because everyone in your niche is targeting the same keywords. Introduction to Traffic Goliath George Katsoudas and his team just released Traffic... [...]

AgencyReel 2.0: Upgraded software builds Agency Business for you #ad

Some people say that running a digital marketing agency is the best online business opportunity today. Why? Because the pandemic is driving many businesses online that had never considered it before. They are looking for an expert to get their online presence up and running. AgencyReel 2.0 is a new application designed to start up and run your online marketing agency for you. This is the second generation of this powerful software, newly enhanced with additional capabilities. Not only does it build the content for your agency site, but it also builds fresh videos for you, and, even beyond that,... [...]

ConvatPro: Optimize your traffic to optimize your business #ad

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and moving forward as technology improves. As an online marketer, you have a choice to either adapt your marketing to the changing conditions or get left behind. Of course, choices have consequences, and so you need to choose carefully. New software, known as ConvatPro, has just been released, designed to imrove the results of your online marketing. This new software is a smart, cost-effective, and recession-proof marketing method that leverages the power of optimization and of automation, creating a “multiplier effect” that improves efficiency,... [...]