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Monday, January 24, 2022

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

The 93% Discount on Epic ends at 11:59pm EST tonight #ad

Epic has a new method that lets you legally acquire knowledge from top experts and use that knowledge to create highly profitable video courses on JV Zoo, Warrior Plus, and Udemy. With Epic, you find “Creative Commons” or “Public Domain” content and turn it into your own course. 5 reasons the creators give for why enrolling today is a smart business move: 1. Done-For-You course content, templates, software and Bonuses – just copy and paste to start selling your very own courses (without ever getting in front of the camera) 2. The Epic process is simple and quick. You... [...]

Forrk builds online restaurant menus & takeout service; launch ends today #ad

Forrk, an app we have been telling you about that is the first to let you run a restaurant marketing agency on autopilot is set to close down tonight. At 11:59 pm EST today the price will more than double, plus all bonuses and all coupons will expire. Go here to secure access before it’s the founders special gone: Forrk. Consultants are already sending positive testimonials about getting their first clients with Forrk. See how you can create a restaurant’s pandemic survival system (touchless and online remote ordering) easily with this new software: By the way, this isn’t limited... [...]

CourseReel: 60 Minutes to a profitable video course #ad

We have been telling you about the growing importance of online education. It is an opportunity online marketers should consider because it is rapidly growing as a profitable online niche. (CourseReel will make it practical for you – see below) Imagine this sequence of events: • You go to a website like Udemy or Coursera and pick a topic that has a lot of couse subscribers • You use CourseReel to curate the content you find • You rinse-and-repeat it a few time to teach various aspects of the topic. You have just created your first Video Course. Actually, you don’t have... [...]

Epic: Builds quick videos from available AV components #ad

There are a lot of apps that will record you as you talk. There others that will record a slide show. Epic does more. Although these videos can be used for many purposes, the creator, Mosh Bari, added features that are especially useful for video courses. His goal is that you develop passive income streams. He says it’s easy to get started building these online courses using a method he calls “Borrowed Expertise”, (1) using publically available components to build videos, and (2)borrowing the expertise of affiliates to sell your products. He says you can build helpful, expert-quality... [...]

TubeMatic: 24×7 Daily Passive Income #ad

New software and training called TubeMatic. was just released. • Imagine having the key to unlock powerful fast profits from Clickbank… • Imagine having the ability to get high converting traffic on demand… • Imagine being able to turn 5 bucks into 200… over and over again… Imagine no longer, because it’s finally here in TubeMatic. This brand new cloud-based app does all the heavy lifting for you. It’s simple, easy-to-use, and proven to work over and over again. Beta testers are pulling in as much as 3 figures in their first 15 hours of setting their money campaigns... [...]

Forrk: Smart tech makes you a local marketing expert #ad

200,000 restaurants have recently closed in the US because they can’t do mobile ordering for delivery and pickup to keep their restaurants fully pandemic safe. The ones that haven’t yet closed (particularly the local restaurants) are desperate for solutions to their “take-out/delivery only” order management needs to stay alive. Such systems already exist, of course, but systems like GrubHub and UberEats are way too expensive for a small local restaurant. Forrk is the system they need, and you can supply it to them. However, at 10 AM Eastern Time, on the launch webinar, you’ll... [...]

4Brand tool rebrands online and local businesses #ad

You probably have heard that the Facebook company (but not the application) has been renamed “Meta”. The idea is to reflect the fact that the focus of the company is broader than just the Facebook website and may continue to broaden over time. A second goal was surely just to create a buzz around the company, to get people talking about it and thinking about it. Facebook isn’t the only company that has seen the value in rebranding itself. Since the pandemic, it’s been said that 70% of small-to-mid-sized businesses are also planning on investing to upgrade their digital presence. Using... [...]

How to Create Your Own Money Magnets #ad

Amanda Craven just released Money Magnets. You have probably heard the term “lead magnet”, which refers to a gift marketers offer to people who sign up to join their email list. Craven says they worked well in the past, but in the highly competitive world today, we need to up our game. The gifts that attracted sign-ups to your list no longer have the magnetism they once had. That’s why she created Money Magnets. To show you how to create new link magnets designed for the new age. Craven shares a new improved lead magnet process that attracts not only email addresses, but also... [...]

(NEW) Win a Free Copy of SellitPics #ad

SellitPics is being released tomorrow, December 11, to meet a need all online marketers will have from now on. Click the link to get on the list for tomorrow. Custom images are an essential part of every marketer’s toolkit because they let you convey: • who you are, • how you can help a customer’s problem, and • how trustworthy. They also are a great way to: • boost SEO, • tie your brand identity together, and • keep people engaged with your content on all of your social media channels. If you are looking for great custom graphics, simply go here: SellitPics. By... [...]

[Brand New] TalkingFaces Client Getting Video App is Live #ad

How would you like to approach any business with something that will instantly boost engagement and conversions on their website? You can do it so easily with the new Video App, TalkingFaces. • Imagine being able to take a real human spokesperson and overlay it on most any website as an instant “Greeter,” coercing website visitors to take action. • Imagine being able to simply type what this REAL human will say. • Imagine even being able to change what this REAL human looks like.. • And now imagine having the commercial rights to something this powerful. It does all that,... [...]