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Monday, June 27, 2022

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

AppOwls training starts at 10 AM EDT. Build iOS & Android apps #ad

Every single day, over 1,300 iOS and Android mobile apps are created. With AppOwls and without prior experience you can enter this app creation market. Approximately 70% of new apps are created inside a company for their own use. The other 30% are created by freelancers and agencies for their clients. That’s where you have an opportunity to become an app developer. There’s only one problem. Most people reading this are not programmers trained in Android and iOS app development principles. Abhi Dwivedi intends to remove this barrier to your success with AppOwls, the new app development... [...]

AppOwls creates professional mobile apps for iOS & Android #ad

Tomorrow, Abhi Dwivedi will release AppOwls, which lets you create an unlimited number of Mobile Apps for iOS and Android without coding or designing. And to kick everything off, Dwivedi is offering free training on how to do it. If you have a smartphone, you probably have multiple apps on it. (We have over 200 on ours, everything from Amazon to YouTube.) That’s the state of affairs today: Every marketer and every business needs a mobile app in 2022, ➤ A mobile app to showcase their business. ➤ A mobile app with an eCommerce store to sell products. ➤ A mobile app with a blog to spread... [...]

Closing: VRStudio builds 360o virtual videos, images #ad

Today, the launch week ends for VRStudio 360 Degree Virtual Video and Product Spin Builder application, which includes over 1000 video templates (that will instantly save your time and money.) Yes, you read that right. The launch sale we told you about last week ends today. Based on the timer on the sales page, it appears to end at 1 PM EDT. However, as of this writing, for a small up-front investment, you can still generate unlimited 360 Degree Virtual Videos & Product Spin videos in any niche and use them for yourself or sell them to your clients. => Click Here to Start Generating 360 Degree... [...]

SurvAI marketing survey app closing. You may still get in #ad

Don’t delay. It is supposed to be already closed, but we got in with this link: SurvAI. SurvAI helps you create high-converting, engaging surveys for customers, prospects, or visitors to your site in just 3 simple steps. First, you can simply enter a keyword and let the A.I. create questions that will turn leads into repeat customers for you. (Alternatively, you can write your own questions and create your own survey from scratch.) Second, easily drag the questions you want to include in your survey into the best order. Third, brand your surveys with your company colors and use them (or brand... [...]

ProfitDom: Profitably selling expired domain names #ad

Alessandro Zamboni recorded this video course for you, following the instructions of a top domain name seller, which made sales for up to $3,500 per transaction. We have a lot of domain names (over a thousand, actually), some of which we have owned for as long as 17 years. We have more domain names than we can manage so we have started selling some. When we saw this training from Zamboni on how to get higher prices when you sell a domain name, we jumped at it. This course talks about what really works to make money every month, and you don’t need to hold a domain name 17 years to do it. In... [...]

ProfitDom: Buy & sell expired domain names for a profit #ad

Alessardro Zamboni and Olagbaju Dotun are teaming up to offer ProfitDom, a simple way to locate valuable domain names that have expired and to resell them quickly. ProfitDom is an easy and complete method to buy and resell expired domains in a few minutes, from the research to the final sale on one of the two platforms presented. This training is available in eight step-by-step videos and includes a valuable bonus. People have been “domaining” (i.e., making a business of buying and selling domain names) for years. Finding brand new and never-seen-before domaining methods doesn’t... [...]

VRStudio: Create, Sell Unique 360 Virtual Videos & Images #ad

VRStudio solves a major problem online sellers have. When people shop online, they have a natural hesitancy since they miss a lot of interaction with the product. If only they could pick it up and look at it from all sides, that could put their minds at ease. Uddhab Pramanik has released VRStudio, a 360 Degree Virtual Video & Product Spin Builder, including 1000s of video templates to speed up your work. It comes with a commercial license so you can not only make these demo videos for yourself, and you can also sell them to clients in any niche. Special $5 Off Coupon – ‘STUDIO5’... [...]

Resale Rights: Affiliate Reseller Bundle (2 apps, training, link magnet) #ad

Francis Ochocoi has just released Affiliate Reseller Bundle, a package of two marketing applications for affiliate marketers. More people than ever are looking to make money online. You can sell them this software that will make their job easier. You probably are aware that one of the most popular online methods for earning a living is affiliate marketing. This new bundle of products is aimed directly at these people who want to become affiliate marketers. This is a robust bundle that will get you started selling in the affiliate marketing niche. First, Ochoco is offering you two software products... [...]

SurvAI launch webinar and training: Last call – are you coming? #ad

Don’t miss this training that shows you how to put SurvAI to work in your online business. This new tool is significantly different from similar tools launched in the past. You can see those differences and understand how they can help your business at 10:00 AM Eastern Time (sometimes referred to as New York time.) You will see the best ways SurvAI can help you, plus you can: ➤ Win a free copy of this brand-new software that will supercharge your business by automating your list-building efforts with the power of AI-generated surveys. ➤ Discover how to increase your profits without having... [...]

Loy Puckett M.D. releases Heart Disease – Premium Content as PLR #ad

Dr. Loy Puckett (a.k.a. Doctor Loy), an emergency room physician, has just released Heart Disease – Premium Content. Doctor Loy has released several PLR packages during the last year on various medical topics, written using his certified medical training so that non-specialists can create authoritative personal health and family health websites with information that is both factual and backed by a medical authority. If you want to participate in the popular health niche, Doctor Loy can be your best ally. His newest package on heart disease addresses a major concern of many people around the... [...]