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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

ProfitSuite replaces Zoom, Aweber, ClickFunnels, Hostgator, Photoshop, Dropbox #ad

Most online marketers are burdened with expensive subscriptions for the software needed to run an online business, such as: ► hosting ► storage ► webinars ► autoresponder ► graphics design ► funnel builder Now, during the five-day roll-out of ProfitSuite, you can meet all of these needs for a low, one-time fee. ProfitSuite provides: ► Unlimited cloud hosting with 100% uptime, free SSL encryption, next-generation control panel, 1-click WordPress installer, and faster loading websites than ever before ► Unrestricted cloud storage that’s way better than Dropbox or Google Drive and... [...]

Exitus: Better commissions for affiliate marketers #ad

Like many marketers, IM NewsWatch publishes ads for other people’s products as an affiliate. In our highly competitive niche of internet marketing, it’s hard to earn a living as an affiliate. Potential customers in this niche are savvy and don’t jump on the first ad they read. They naturally want to look around before deciding which affiliate’s ad to buy from. We see this ourselves. Our readers often turn elsewhere to buy a product they learned about from us (perhaps forgetting that ad revenue funds our reporting work.) That’s why we were so interested in Exitus when... [...]

Christmas Commission Bundle: 15+ traffic & commission apps for price of one #ad

In the Christmas Commission Bundle, Glynn Kosky is offering you 15 of his best-selling products for under 15 dollars (but price is rising). He includes past products, new products, extra specials, and a whole lot more. Here are the main applications that are included in this package. All of them were named a “Deal of the Day” in WarriorPlus: ➤ Commission Shortcut ➤ ​Commission Funnels ➤ ​DigiFunnel Lab ➤ ​HighTicketHijack ➤ ​Freebie Commissions ➤ ​AffiliSites ➤ ​Commission Replicator ➤ ​Recurring Profit Machine ➤ ​Giveaway Profits ➤ ​CB Profit Sites ➤... [...]

InstaWiz software uses Instagram for free daily traffic, leads, sales #ad

You need to be posting to social media regularly. If you post good content, it signals to your followers that you are an expert in your niche. Instagram is a prime site to get and keep followers. That’s because, as the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and Instagram specializes in pictures. If you are like most of us, your issue is probably finding the time to fit all this social media work into your daily agenda. With InstaWiz Agency, you can simplify and organize your Instagram posting. This new software lets you set up scheduled Posts, Albums and Stories,... [...]

Easy eCash 2.0: Successful sales software for eBay #ad

Will Allen, along with a team of other successful marketers, is releasing Easy eCash 2.0 at 10:00 EST today. Selling on eBay can reliable online income if you sell the right products and use the right tools. Allen says that his software-based selling system earns him over $40 per day, with only a few minutes of work. And, he has just built a new 2.0 version of the system, one that is built on the original successful version The nice thing about selling on eBay is: ➤ You don’t need a big budget (you can get started for free if you want). ➤ You don’t have to fight for rankings on Google. ➤... [...]

KDSpy: Your tool for successful Kindle sales #ad

KDSpy is a power tool for authors. It was designed for Kindle authors, but any author can benefit. If you want to publish a book for the pleasure of seeing your name in print, you won’t need this tool. But, if you want to earn passive income by selling books, particularly on Kindle, this tool can be a life-saver. What books should you publish for income? The answer is obvious: books that people want to buy. How do you find out what books people want to buy? Spy on the current Kindle sales data to see what is selling. That’s whatKDSpy does for you, far better than you could do it for... [...]

Instawiz: Launch a profitable Instagram agency #ad

InstaWiz Agency is an all-inclusive application that you can use to both: 1. Build your own Instagram success and 2. Build a business as an Instagram consulting agency assisting local and online businesses in getting their Instagram presence online and productive. Use it to get traffic, leads, and sales from Instagram for yourself and your clients. As you probably know, Instagram has become popular (and is growing in popularity) because it offers its users (and the marketers who want to sell to them) an appealing visual interface that is easy to use. That’s important to marketers because... [...]

Bring client businesses into ADA Compliance #ad

Generating Local and International business leads for your marketing agency or business consultng practice is now a lot easier with the new software tool called ADA Leadz. It uses a proprietary algorithm to find and ‘prequalify’ Local and International businesses that have non-ADA compliant websites. But that’s just the beginning. Once it finds them, it generates custom reports that identify compliance issues on the site Then, it sends these prospects emails to convert these leads into paying clients for you, And the whole process is hands-free. ADA Comliance is a big opportunity for... [...]

ADA Compliance isn’t easy; consultant opportunity with ADA Leadz #ad

The Americans with Disabilities Act was created to assure that there is no discrimination against people with disabilities when businesses employ people or terminate them from employment. Larger businesses have human resources departments familiar with the Act and trained to make sure the business complies with its provisions. Smaller businesses have a harder time complying. They have probably heard about the act, but they don’t have the time or the personnel to delve deeply into the act to make sure they comply. Here’s a Fox News story about this problem; This opens an opportunity... [...]

Linked Assist: LinkedIn marketing automated #ad

If you want to sell services or products to business people, LinkedIn is the ideal platform. Everyone on LinkedIn is there to enhance their business or their business career. If you can help them, they want to know about it. In contrast, most people are on Facebook for social, family, and friend connections, not for their business. There is a barrier to entrance, though. LinkedIn ads are dominated by large corporations, and ad prices reflect their budget capacity, not the budgets of individual marketers like you and me. In comes Linked Assist. It allows you to mine LinkedIn for targeted leads who... [...]