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Monday, September 27, 2021

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

Pocket Profits: How Instagram can be your successful online marketing tool #ad

Pocket Profits will teach any beginner how to go from zero to profitable results just by using your phone to market on Instagram. This is a results-backed method that Pocket Profits,Philip Johansen has been using for months. Rising from 0 to 52k followers, Johansen now has a steady flow of $453/Day from Instagram. He is leveraging a secret algorithm in Instagram to obtain tons of followers, leads, and sales on a daily basis. His experience has made him an authority on this topic. Now, he is ready to pass on this knowledge to other marketers so you can duplicate his results (keeping in mind that... [...]

Will your business survive you? Create your business continuity plan #ad

You Need Business Continuity Plan ContentSparks, a company dedicated to producing training content for marketers and consultants everywhere, has a new training package called Create Your Business Continuity Plan. This is an important program for every company owner in every market, no matter what size the company is. Because you never can predict when a life-changing crisis will occur – a family member’s emergency, power interruption, death or incapacity of the leader, even a pandemic – it will occur sometime; the time to prepare is now. If you aren’t prepared, everyone... [...]

Internet 3.0: Use the power of the Internet of Things; build your business #ad

James Renouf has just released his new product, grandly entitled Internet 3.0. If it lives up to its promises, maybe that’s only a little grand. Renouf says this new training offers you a “money machine” (his words, not ours), a literal, physical machine used in the up-and-coming Internet of Things (IoT). Specifically, he says, “by hosting this machine, the machine makes you passive recurring income.” In addition to generating income by hosting your own machine, he says, you can have a second income stream of recurring affiliate commissions when you invite others... [...]

PermaLink taps into $181 Billion “Permanent Traffic” Network #ad

Branson Tayhas just released a new traffic generation tool, PermaLink. In a nutshell, it lets you legally “siphon” evergreen traffic and sales found within an underused network… It brings traffic to your offer without: ❌ Prior Experience ❌ Tech Skills ❌ Being On Camera ❌ Manual Hard Work ❌ Talking To Anyone ❌ Paying For Traffic It’s the “Set and Forget” Traffic System that is suitable for both beginners and veteran marketers It’s easy. And it works. The one bad thing about it is that the price is increasing every 30 minutes, after the early bird price ends. Grab your... [...]

Appimize: Help Small Businesses Recover from the Pandemic #ad

More and more people are using their smartphones for daily tasks, like buying groceries, refilling a prescription, scheduling a visit of the barber or salon, etc. Consequently, these days any business withoutout a marketing strategy for smartphones is heading for the end of the line. If they want to stay in business, they need a smartphone app for the customers. Appimize to the rescue. With this new SaaS software, you can build smartphone apps for businesses in any niche. In the app, they can display and sell their products. Customers never have to go to their brick-and-mortar store or even to... [...]

Appimize: Build mobile apps for businesses in minutes #ad

Experts predict that mobile apps will generate Over $935 Billion in revenue by 2023. Appimize can put you in the mobile app business. At a minimum, it keeps you from hiring a programmer to build your own app. Unfortunately, even if you are a programmer, building mobile apps normally takes a lot of time, effort, and skill. Or you have to hire a programmer to do it for you, and that can be expensive, hundreds or thousands of dollars. But the good news is that you never need to worry about that anymore with Appimize. This is a slick tool, one that has been in the making for over a year. Now, you... [...]

How to take full advantage of PLR; Hidden PLR sale continues #ad

We mentioned earlier this week that one of our mentors, Nick James, just released Hidden PLR, showing how you can maximize your earning potential from selling PLR by the way you customize it Every once in a while an experienced online marketer offers a bargain to new marketers, a product of far greater value than the price they are asking for it. James has done that with Hidden PLR. Unfortunately (that’s our opinion, and you will surely agree, but stay tuned for the fortunate part), he chose to sell it in a “dime sale”, which means that he is continually raising the price. Every... [...]

Slingshot: fast, effective online marketing #ad

Venkata Ramana calls Slingshot “The Ultimate free traffic Machine.” Well, maybe he is a little biased; he is its creator, after all. Biassed or not, he is onto something. This is a new, simple traffic system designed with beginners in mind. This software and system enable anyone to instantly access over 122 million active users of some of the biggest and most popular websites in the world. And then, because of the breadth of appeal of these sites, drive lots of free targeted traffic interested in any niche. You pay nothing for this traffic. Ramana makes an astounding claim: Slingshot... [...]

Hidden PLR: Stop wasting money on PLR #ad

If you are like us, you have bought a lot of PLR, hoping to use it to get a quick start to building and scaling up your online business. How much of that PLR has actually paid off for you? Hidden PLR by Nick James shows you how to actually turn your PLR into profit. The initials PLR usually stand for “Private Label Rights”, a type of license you could obtain to publish someone else’s work as your own. But Nick James says there’s a better way to think about it. He says PLR should also stand for: 1. Package the PLR you have in a unique way, different from how you received... [...]

Need an Easy Repetitive System for an online business? Ask Kevin Fahey #ad

Perhaps you have heard of Kevin Fahey. He has built two businesses that reached seven figures and a third that reached six figures. He shows you how he did it in Easy Repetitive System. Fahey reports that this system allows him to manage everything working just a few hours per week. This same system is responsible for a million in online sales. He is finally revealing everything inside Easy Repetitive System. Here’s what he says: There are so many systems out there and so many new launches, so what makes The Easy Repetitive System different? First off, the system is backed by 14 years of... [...]