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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

AvatarBuilder: Hollywood-style 3D Animated Sales Videos #ad

We have told you about AvatarBuilder most of the week. Thousands of your fellow marketers (including IM NewsWatch) have seen the value of this new video creation software and have invested so they can create engaging explainer videos for telling their product story. It is so powerful because of its 3D Animation, artificial intelligence, and multilingual technologies. It is currently available with a Launch Discount but the price is rising. Delay will cost you. If you have read the earlier advertisements, but still have questions about how it can help you, here are some answers that will help. Q)... [...]

Avatar Builder video creation software is live; Price rising #ad

As of this writing, Avatar Builder has been available for about 6 hours. Already: 1. There have been over 1500 marketers who invested in this powerful video creation tool. 2. The price has risen (and it will rise again soon.) If you ever wanted to create videos like the pros without needing video skills or hiring skilled outsourcers, Avatar Builder is the solution you need. You can automate your video creation using its built-in artificial intelligence. Plus, you can modify and customize everything with remarkable text effects, animations, and other special effects to hold people’s attention... [...]

Jan 6: Avatar Builder, world’s first 3D custom avatar tool #ad

Tomorrow, Paul Ponna is releasing new software that is a major step forward in video creation: Avatar Builder. This new video creation tool will let you take advantage of 3D Animation, Artificial Intelligence, and soundtracks in any language to create animated explainer videos that are unlike anything you have ever been able to create before. Beginning tomorrow, you can build videos with natural-looking and natural-sounding 3D animated presenters who can sell your products in virtually any language of the world. Besides changing the language spoken by your presenter avatar, you have total control... [...]

AnimationStudio:Text-To-Speech Animated Videos (In Minutes) #ad

AnimationStudio is the World’s first video creation software that enables you to produce animated Explainer videos. Your videos can have narration in any of 25 world languages and with the text-to-speech function, you can do it in just minutes. You know from experience know how powerful video is (we all are moved to buy when we see a powerful sales video, right?) Explainer videos, with someone explaining the product, what its benefits are and how it works, are one of the most powerful types of videos for making a sale. The problem we small businesses have is they can be expensive and time consuming... [...]

Hybrid animations get you more clicks, leads, sales #ad

There’s nothing like a video to capture buyer attention. Brett Ingram and Mo Latif have just released software, called VideoFXPro, that creates hybrid animated videos at the drop of a hat. This new automated software can generate complete videos in seconds. You can use the videos to instantly spice up your social media, blogs, sites and offer pages. Over 1,000 online marketers have seen the value in VideoFXPro and have jumped on board. The process is simple and you won’t need any technical skills to get started: Step 1 – Add a YouTube video, your own video or one from the library... [...]

Animation Studio: Time running out for discount #ad

It’s only a matter of hours and the price of Animation Studio WILL increase for good! Get the full scoop here, this is your last chance… Why is Animation Studio the best video creation tool to ever hit the solopreneur market? + Create unlimited pro-quality animated videos in any language or any niche. + Utilize cutting-edge technologies like text-to-speech. one-click translation. + Huge pre-loaded library of animation video assets, props and characters to instantly add spark to your videos. + Done-for-you fully customizable video templates from the hottest niches. + Open-canvas video editor... [...]

Have you given up on finding a good animation solution? #ad

Animation is not a task for amateurs. It takes some technical skills as well as some artistic talent to do good animation. We can be glad that Agus Skati, a skilled animator, is making 70 of his animated characters available in his new collection called Fresh Animate. And, so that you can use them in whatever video software you are familiar with, he include each character in 6 formats: SWF, GIF, FLA, SVG, EPS, and PNG. Use them in any graphics or video software you like, from After Effects to Explaindio to PowerPoint to Youzign to a host of others. You can even put them on tee shirts. Use them... [...]

Create Videos: Animation, Whiteboard Sketch & Even HD Videos #ad

There’s new video creation software available, Explaindio Video Creator Software. It combines the best features of Easy Sketch Pro and Video Maker FX into one easy to use program. With it, you can create videos for any purpose, such as: • Video Sales Letters • Marketing videos • Viral advertisement videos • Training videos • Product Promotion Videos • Business Promotion Videos • Explainer Videos • Product Review Videos On launch day (yesterday), it sold over 8000 copies (so many buyers that it crashed the JVZoo servers for first time in history). Bertus Engelbrecht says, “Explaindio... [...]

Power Animate builds animated videos using Powerpoint #ad

Maulana Malik has just released new software to build “explainer videos”, animated videos that use cartoon characters to present your message. Power Animate lets even a beginner vreate animated videos to explain a product or service for sale. It comes with several cartoon characters to do your sales presentations. Just choose the one that works best for your product and in a few minutes that character can be explaining your product on your site. Or, since you can make as many videos as you like, make videos for all your clients. These characters and the animation template work with... [...]

ImageCAM: builds animated marketing and technical images #ad

Animated GIFs have been around for many years. They are used in many advertisements, as well as for decoration and humor. You may think animated images are purely for small images, buttons and arrows and other ornamental purposes. But they have other, more serious, uses, as well. For example, you can add animated images onto your G+ page, both in the cover and in your posts. Another example would be to include animation in a tutorial to explain how a certain feature of your website is used or to demonstrate how to use a feature on Facebook. You could even use animated images for showing a support... [...]