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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Archive for the 'Artificial Intelligence for Marketing' Category

7-Figure Sales Machine: 3 YouTube methods for more free traffic #ad

7-Figure Sales Machine shows you how to use AI to make amazing videos, so you never have to be on camera. You are probably aware that YouTube is on the top 10 most visited sites in the world. Whatever your product is, YouTube can be a good marketing platform for you. The problem has always been that, to make a YT video, it required: ➤ A script ➤ An on-camera spokesperson (probably you, if you don’t have a big budget) ➤ A camera, lights, backdrop, etc. 7-Figure Sales Machine lets you avoid all that. With This YouTube Selling System, you aren’t selling to cold prospects that have... [...]

Chat Bot AI: add to any website for free traffic #ad

Chat Bot AI 3-day launch ends Saturday midnight. Not much time for the launch pricing, but it’s a simple concept so you won’t need much time. With this new tool, you can add an AI Bot to your site that works to bring in commissions. You do it by simply copy and pasting 1 line of AI code onto your site. This pulls in free traffic and converts leads into sales. Click here to see how it works: Chat Bot AI. With the rapid advancement of AI technologies, it’s almost a requirement that any online marketer be able to use AI tools. All your competitors are beginning to. You need to,... [...]

AIFunnels Workshop: Funnel creation service for self, clients #ad

AIFunnels was created based on this fact: Almost every successful online business owner you have heard of owns at least one funnel. This is the secret of many top marketers like Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Anik Singal, Robby Blanchard, Paul Ponna, Todd Gross and so many others. One high-converting sales funnel can capture leads from any traffic source and can convert those leads into customers super fast. That lets you scale your business quickly. That’s why funnels are essential for the success of most online businesses. However, not everyone knows how to build a high-performing... [...]

AI Audio Avatar clones your voice; use in recorded presentations #ad

AI Audio Avatar provides authenticity to your AI audio content. Imagine a marketing arena where every piece of your content is enhanced by your own voice. Wouldn’t that be exciting? Think about it. Your voice, amplified. Your personality, shining through every word. No more blending in with the crowd. No more sounding like everyone else. What if you can create realistic, authentic voiceovers for all your marketing content, social media, ads, videos, podcasts – in just a few clicks? How about voiceovers that sound like you because they are you? That’s exactly what AI Audio Avatar... [...]

Typogram automates your text creation with AI #ad

TypoGram was just released and it appears to be very popular. It’s an AI-based tool that creates content for your blog (or other venues) in seconds from just a seed phrase. ➤ First-To-Market Technology that Manages Any Website Without Any Hard Work by you ➤ Instantly creates 100% Fresh, SEO-optimized content with no third-party dependency ➤ Never again login into multiple AI tools; TypoGram creates content directly into your browser in seconds. ➤ Just give a command to get automated content right in front of you for any offer in any niche ➤ Stop paying huge monthly to expensive... [...]

DFY Traffic closing in 2 days: Google+ChatGPT = free traffic #ad

DFY Traffic launch special offer ends tomorrow. It automates 100% Done For You Google AI free Traffic (With Chat-GPT). If you want to get buyer traffic and lots of it to any website or affiliate program, this new program may be just what you need. It combines the power of Google’s Bard with the power of ChatGPT’s AI to bring this traffic to your site. Send your traffic to any online sales page (or registration page if you want sign-ups.) After $10,000 in development costs, this new SaaS program, 100% powered by Chat-GPT, lets you get free Google traffic in 30 seconds… And start... [...]

AutoPromptKit: Unlock the Full Potential of ChatGPT #ad

With the new app AutoPromptKit, every interaction with ChatGPT cN propel your business forward. This is a tool so intuitive, so effective, that it feels like an extension of your own business strategy. This may be the last piece of the puzzle you’ve been missing to unlock the full potential of AI for your business success. In the age of AI, your ability to communicate effectively with ChatGPT isn’t just a skill – it’s your competitive edge. That’s where AutoPromptKit shines. With prompts fine-tuned to the heartbeat of your business, the results are not just conversations,... [...]

DFY Traffic Coming Tomorrow: Google + ChatGPT for free traffic #ad

DFY Traffic solves the fundamental problem very marketer has: The primary thing you need to build an online business is traffic coming to your offer. Every time you paste into the AI in DFY Traffic, it connects to Google and gets you traffic. And not just any traffic, free traffic that can drive commissions for your business. It uses ChatGPT (and the new GOOGLE AI), right from your browser. The main benefit of DFY Traffic is that you don’t need to understand how the Artificial Intelligence in Google or ChatGPT works or any other hardcore tech stuff that is used to make it happen. Simply... [...]

Vertex: Leverage YouTube’s Overlooked Algorithm #ad

Vertex responds to a change in Google strategy for YouTube. Google recently decided to go all out on an AI model that’s guaranteed to revolutionize the marketing industry in a way we’ve never seen before… It took almost a year for Google to implement this new AI strategy, but it’s finally deployed… And it opens an opportunity for online marketers to use YouTube in a new and productive way. Imagine if you could uncover and take advantage of YouTube’s hidden algorithm to instantly generate 300,000 views of any YouTube video with no effort on your part… And, then, suppose you could... [...]

AI VideoBooks: 3D Animated AI Video Books & Flipbooks Creator #ad

  The creators report that AI VideoBooks is the world’s first app that creates stunning 3d animated AI video books and flipbooks in multiple different languages & easily publishes them on Amazon Kindle, eBay, Etsy, and Flippa in less than 60 seconds. This is powerful SaaS software that lets you: ➤ Create Stunning AI Video Books in Multiple Languages… ➤ Easily Sell Them on Amazon Kindle, Ebay, Esty and Flippa…. ➤ Turn Your AI Ebooks into High-Engaging Video Books and Flipbooks With 1-Click… ➤ Turn Any Word, PDF, Image & Text into High-Quality AI Video Book… ➤... [...]

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