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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

WP TurboHost: webhosting just for WordPress; lifetime plan #ad

Brett Ingram has been building a new hosting platform, WP TurboHost, that opens to the public today. With this new hosting platform, you can host unlimited WordPress websites and domains on blazing fast Ultraport™ servers for life. Just like every other business owner, you need ultra-fast-loading websites to convert website visitors to lifetime happy customers. But finding suitable hosting technology that gives ultra-fast performance without costing a fortune isn’t easy. If you are searching for fast, but affordable, hosting, WP TurboHost offers new technology that hosts unlimited WordPress... [...]

MarketingHub: Ultimate online marketing toolkit launch ending #ad

Brett Ingram‘s new MarketingHub, a suite of tools for all your online marketing needs, is still available at launch pricing, as of this writing, but not much longer. Have you ever wanted to simplify your marketing activities? It would be a big help to be able to perform all marketing tasks- Creating Websites, Videos, graphics, images, from one dashboard and get unlimited benefits without paying huge monthly fees to third party platforms, and without paying expensive fees, hiring freelancers or depending on self proclaimed marketing gurus. MarketingHub does exactly that. This is the world’s... [...]

MarketingHub: Ultimate toolkit for website, video, graphics, etc #ad

Brett Ingram has just released MarketingHub, a suite of tools for all your online marketing needs. This new-generation all-in-one AI-based platform does everything: ➤ Creates Stunning Websites, ➤ Builds Mind Blowing Videos, ➤ Creates Eye Catchy Graphics, ➤ Crafts Stunning Marketing Content & Copies, ➤ Gives Instant Replies to Customers, ➤ And Much More From One Central Dashboard. First-to-Market MarketingHub replaces 18 complicated, expensive marketing apps. Now you can create mind-blowing websites & landing pages from just a keyword or URL in under 60 seconds. With the help... [...]

PLR Empire launches your own store selling PLR #ad

PLR Empire creates your own PLR site with a single click, a store loaded with 25000+ PLR Products in Various Niches. Now you have Your Own PLR Website to sell PLR Products, Generate Leads and Earn Revenue with Self Updating PLR Empire. Get the whole story here: PLR Empire. Brett Ingram, the creator, will be holding a webinar at 10 AM (NY Time) to show you how easy and powerful this is. Check out his preview and register for the webinar here: PLR Empire Webinar. If you click the link after the webinar, you will be taken to a recorded presentation. Here’s an overview. Sounds good. Check it... [...]

PLR Empire: Coming; Create your monetized PLR e-commerce store #ad

PLR Empire isn’t available yet. It launches tomorrow. But we want to give you an alert so you can sign up for the introductory webinar to see what this new software will do for you. PLR Empire creates your own PLR site with a click. Your site will be loaded with 25000+ PLR products in various niches. Now you can easily have your own PLR Website to sell PLR Products and Generate Leads with a Self-Updating PLR Empire of your own. Here’s a summary of what you are getting (we’ll tell you more tomorrow): ➤ Your Own PLR Membership website loaded with Self Updating 25000+ PLR Product ➤... [...]

SiteBlaster: ‘Set & Forget’ Websites with unique content; just 3 clicks #ad

According to Brett Ingram, the creator, SiteBlaster is the world’s first Open AI WordPress website creator to create ‘Set & Forget’ websites with unique content from ChatGPT & Open AI with zero investment or prior technical skills This new site builder will lets you: ➤ Publish Automated Content as Post and Pages using Site Blaster AI directly on Your website. ➤ Just Enter Title and your Content for Pages and Post will be ready on your website (No Copy Paste) ➤ Generate & Insert Automatic Images into the post as per keyword & title! ➤ Choose Temperature... [...]

Wave AI: All-in-One Google Bard & PaLM2-Powered App #ad

Wave AI is being launched. Here’s the back story: You need (all marketers do, for that matter): • Plagiarism-free content, • Attention-grabbing images, and • Eye-catching graphics to get higher ranking in the SERPs and to engage the maximum audience for your offers. But, major third-party platforms for this critical content charge a monthly fee that is way beyond the reach of a majority of individual solopreneur marketers. That’s why the Brett Ingram team created Wave AI. What is Wave A.I? He calls it the “World’s First All-In-one – Google Bard & PaLM2 Powered... [...]

Video Engine Pro: HD videos in a snap #ad

Brett Ingram and Mo Latif have just released new video creation software, called Video Engine Pro. This is a powerful live-action video builder (and point-n-click software) that creates multi-dimensional videos that are entertaining, informative, and persuasive. ✅ Fully Editable & Brandable Template Videos ✅ FULLY-Featured & Dynamic Video Maker ✅ Smart Timeline Editor ✅ Custom Blank Canvas Video Creator ✅ Precision Clip & Trim ✅ Audio & Voice Recorder ✅ 1 Click PerfectSync ✅ Background Music Loops ✅ Kinetic Text Animation ✅ Kinetic Transition Animation ✅... [...]

Powerful VSLCreator system helps you sell more #ad

If you see the value of attractive sales videos that convert lookers to buyers, check out VSLCreator. Brett Ingram and his team are releasing this new tool on the 7th of June at 10:00 EDT. “VSL” stands for Video Sales Letter. Ingram says this new tool is the “fastest drag and drop software for unlimited sales videos and marketing scripts.” Not only that; it’s the only platform available that combines a fill-in-the-blank script with studio-quality video creation, and that does it all in minutes, plus you don’t need to have any experience to use it. It is so flexible... [...]

EngagBot builds automated inspiring memes to attract buyers #ad

Now you can get 100% free traffic (and customers) to your websites and increase sales, using new software, just released by Brett Ingram and Mo Latif. This new traffic software, EngagBot, just launched and in less than a week, nearly 1000 marketers have adopted it to help increase their traffic. EngagBot allows you to quickly tap into 3.5 billion highly active users on a large scale, in many categories, at the click of a button. Whatever market or niche you want to target, you can use these memes to attract favorable attention to your offers. EngagBot is a high function tool, yet it is easy easy... [...]

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