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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Archive for the 'Artificial Intelligence for Marketing' Category

AI Talkie turns any text to “virtual human” talking videos #ad

According to Seyi Adeleke, the inventor, Ai Talkie is the world’s first AI engine that generates “virtual human” videos that have the potential to go viral on any platform. And this new AI Video Creation Tool is simple to use. All you do is enter a keyword, a URL, a website, an article, or even a blog… And within seconds, Ai Talkie generates “virtual human” videos complete with scripts, voiceovers, and everything… Here is the best part… Those videos on average generate many views daily, without any paid ads. Ai Talkie will allow you to generate “virtual human” videos in... [...]

Benefits of using AI tools in email marketing

One of the most obvious uses of AI in email marketing is to use stored ideas to create engaging subject lines and personalized content. But as we shall see there are many more uses, as well. Let’s start from th foundations of marketing. Marketing has as its goal to introduce products and services to targeted people. However, effective marketing goes further; it motivates them to actually buy your product or service, not just be aware of them. To this end, effective marketing includes presenting potential customers with messages that may include text, images, or audio messages. The premise... [...]

GPT Book Creator: Turn words into wealth #ad

GPT Book Creator may give you the opportunity of a lifetime: turning your dream of becoming a published author into reality. Imagine holding a professionally written and designed book in your hands, sharing your story with the world, and leaving a lasting legacy and not having to pay a ghostwriter $800-$1000 or mor to produce it. Well, with GPT Book Creator, that dream can be just a day away. Tomorrow at 10:00 EST, this new AI tool will be introduced in a training webinar. Book your seat now and unlock exclusive benefits: ✅ Massive Discount: As a special pre-launch offer, they’re offering... [...]

MarketingHub: Ultimate online marketing toolkit launch ending #ad

Brett Ingram‘s new MarketingHub, a suite of tools for all your online marketing needs, is still available at launch pricing, as of this writing, but not much longer. Have you ever wanted to simplify your marketing activities? It would be a big help to be able to perform all marketing tasks- Creating Websites, Videos, graphics, images, from one dashboard and get unlimited benefits without paying huge monthly fees to third party platforms, and without paying expensive fees, hiring freelancers or depending on self proclaimed marketing gurus. MarketingHub does exactly that. This is the world’s... [...]

MarketingHub: Ultimate toolkit for website, video, graphics, etc #ad

Brett Ingram has just released MarketingHub, a suite of tools for all your online marketing needs. This new-generation all-in-one AI-based platform does everything: ➤ Creates Stunning Websites, ➤ Builds Mind Blowing Videos, ➤ Creates Eye Catchy Graphics, ➤ Crafts Stunning Marketing Content & Copies, ➤ Gives Instant Replies to Customers, ➤ And Much More From One Central Dashboard. First-to-Market MarketingHub replaces 18 complicated, expensive marketing apps. Now you can create mind-blowing websites & landing pages from just a keyword or URL in under 60 seconds. With the help... [...]

PixalArmorAI Auto-Creates 100s of Stunning WP Sites #ad

PixalArmorAI creates gorgeous AI WordPress sites in any niche, complete with massive AI content and advanced cybersecurity protection and does it in a click. This cloud-based tool also finds and closes potential clients that need website design and security, allowing even beginners to start their own unique AI site agency business. This can potentially be a long-term business for you. Every business needs a gorgeous, high-converting site to compete today. You can offer them just what they need and use PixalArmorAIto fulfill your commitment. But your potential clients need more than a nice-looking... [...]

SaiyBot responds to voice or text commands to build & manage WordPress #ad

Saiybot is a new AI Bot that will work tirelessly for you to take over all of the most important tasks required to run your websites. This is a first-of-its-kind WordPress plugin that will set-up, write, optimize, manage, update your sites for you (and more) by you simply “telling” it to with its “Alexa-Style” voice command engine. Its Built-in Smart Wizard will do all the most important site set-up tasks for you so you can launch your sites at record speed. Even better, its built-in ai writer will write you perfect, human-like, ready-to-publish content in a matter of minutes for any niche,... [...]

AI Open Door launches today for marketing agencies and consultants #ad

  As we reported yesterday, AI Open Door will be available at early bird prices at 11:00 EST. Also, remember, at 10:00 EST there is a webinar available to show you how to use it in your agency or consultancy: AI Open Door Launch Webinar. On the webinar, Neil Napier will show you how to land clients faster than anyone else using AI. The mistake many people make is they approach prospects just like everyone else… In the prospects’ minds, you did no homework… no research on their business… You’re just another email- or message-sending agency begging to be hired. AI Open Door is... [...]

Affiliate Profitz AI: Become a Super Affiliate in 60 Seconds? #ad

Affiliate Profitz AI was just launched. There is a 5-day Launch Sale It handles the one thing that separates Super Affiliates from just everyday affiliates. All super affiliates have it and if you look closely, it’s not that hard to pick out what it is. It’s being prepared and having their marketing content together in a way that flows smoothly to give the people they present their message to the most intriguing pitch possible.   Yes, it’s: ➤ Hard to do, ➤ Time-consuming, and ➤ Hard to get right. At least, it used to be. Now, it doesn’t have to be because Affiliate... [...]

7-Figure Sales Machine: 3 YouTube methods for more free traffic #ad

7-Figure Sales Machine shows you how to use AI to make amazing videos, so you never have to be on camera. You are probably aware that YouTube is on the top 10 most visited sites in the world. Whatever your product is, YouTube can be a good marketing platform for you. The problem has always been that, to make a YT video, it required: ➤ A script ➤ An on-camera spokesperson (probably you, if you don’t have a big budget) ➤ A camera, lights, backdrop, etc. 7-Figure Sales Machine lets you avoid all that. With This YouTube Selling System, you aren’t selling to cold prospects that have... [...]

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