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Monday, July 15, 2024

Create Rapid Growth with Vumu Bundle Offer #ad

Vumu is live and is the ideal tool for marketing agencies looking to book more local businesses for their marketing services. According to the 2023 Agency Benchmarks report, client acquisition is a major challenge for 57% of marketing agencies. In a marketplace saturated with competitors, drawing in new clients is getting harder each day… However, with Vumu, you can get 20-30 bookings with hot prospects without running ads by using hyper-personalization technology. This new app called Vumu has been responsible for generating 6-figure deals in a matter of days and right now you can get it with... [...]

Vumu: Client meeting set-ups for marketing agencies, consultants #ad

  Vumu lets you create hyper-personalized outreach campaigns to book 20-30 meetings in 14 days. Right now, you can get it for 1/4th of its original price if you take advantage of the early bird discount. This isn’t another run-of-the-mill application. It’s a complete prospecting package designed to get you up to 90% response from your cold outreach. Watch what Ben, from Behvior Sales, says about Vumu: He used Vumu to secure 2 meetings with Fortune CEOs that turned into 5 figure deals. If you own an agency or run a service-based business, this is one of the best ways you can land meetings... [...]

AI Open Door launches today for marketing agencies and consultants #ad

  As we reported yesterday, AI Open Door will be available at early bird prices at 11:00 EST. Also, remember, at 10:00 EST there is a webinar available to show you how to use it in your agency or consultancy: AI Open Door Launch Webinar. On the webinar, Neil Napier will show you how to land clients faster than anyone else using AI. The mistake many people make is they approach prospects just like everyone else… In the prospects’ minds, you did no homework… no research on their business… You’re just another email- or message-sending agency begging to be hired. AI Open Door is... [...]

PitchPerfect AI builds marketing services “pitches” to local businesses #ad

  PitchPerfect AI isn’t your run-of-the-mill online marketing aid. Think of it more as your silent co-pilot, an unseen strategist, sharing the secrets of every lead so you can customize your offerings to their needs. It lets you see the unseen: The Lead Score Technology isn’t just about spotting leads. It’s about discerning which ones are filled with potential, ready to improve their online marketing. Say goodbye to cold leads. PitchPerfect AI can warm them up. Think of the Lead Analysis feature as checking the pulse of your prospect’s digital heartbeat. Everything, from... [...]

Forrk builds online restaurant menus & takeout service; launch ends today #ad

Forrk, an app we have been telling you about that is the first to let you run a restaurant marketing agency on autopilot is set to close down tonight. At 11:59 pm EST today the price will more than double, plus all bonuses and all coupons will expire. Go here to secure access before it’s the founders special gone: Forrk. Consultants are already sending positive testimonials about getting their first clients with Forrk. See how you can create a restaurant’s pandemic survival system (touchless and online remote ordering) easily with this new software: By the way, this isn’t limited... [...]

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