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Friday, December 2, 2022

KlickXCopy writes quality content in minutes #ad

KlickXCopy can automate your copywriting, whether it’s for a blog, video, social post, sales page, squeeze page, email, ad, text message, or even a complete e-book. It’s your personal copywriting assistant powered by proven Copywriting Frameworks and Artificial Intelligence. All you need to do is select the type of content you want to create and type in a couple of keywords for your product and its description. The software does the rest. To make sure, your copy will attract sales, KlickXCopy uses the following proven copywriting frameworks: AIDA (Attention/Interest/Desire/Action)... [...]

Scriptdio makes high-impact sales scripts for your sales videos #ad

There are many great video creation applications on the market for prices that individuals and small businesses can afford. (For example, you can find a collections of the ads we have run here: It’s wonderful to be able to create an attractive video for just a few dollars, but the problem is that without a compelling sales script your videos, no matter how visually attractive, will not sell anything. You need to have great sales scripts for your videos to produce sales and convert visitors to buyers. Maybe that’s not a problem... [...]

Are you a writer? If not, use ProfitWriter for your ads, VLSs, etc. #ad

New software, called ProfitWriter, was just announced that can write your marketing content for you:   ➤ Creates Unique Sales Letters, Scripts, and Content with the Push of a Button ➤ Just Insert your niche & product name to get the perfect sales letter for it using AI-powered technology ➤ Works for sales copy, upsell pages, video sales letters, emails, articles, and more ➤ Templates by 7-Figure Copywriters are included ➤ Commercial rights let you write ads for other businesses. Start a copywriting biz in a few seconds. ProfitWriter is SaaS software... [...]

Price Rising: FreshTitle and Title Analyzer #ad

We just learned that Dave Guindon is raising the price of these two pieces of software (FreshTitle and Title Analyzer) in about 5 hours. The title you place on your blog post or email can make a big difference in your sales. Title Analyzer helps you craft winning titles based on words shown to be effective in past ad campaigns. So now you can instantly validate your titles and headlines for any content you choose. You are taking advantage of the work other marketers have already done. This way, you avoid a lot of the time and expense of split testing. On top of this, FreshTitle will automatically... [...]