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Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

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Complete guide To Twitter Hashtags [free guide]

Proper use of hashtags in social media can be fundamental to generating exposure and audience engagement. Hashtags on Twitter allow you to reach more people online who are interested in the products or services you offer. Blogging Wizard’s Kim Lochery has published ‘The Complete Guide To Twitter Hashtags’ to help you rightly employ... [Read more]

Strategies to improve your landing page conversions

A landing page can be your website’s homepage or a standalone page created for a specific campaign, sale, or product. We create effective landing pages to increase conversion rates in order to reach marketing goals. Funnel Overload’s Adam Connel has shared 30 best practices to help you improve your landing page’s conversions. Connel... [Read more]

Avoid these LinkedIn advertising mistakes

Advertising on LinkedIn helps you to reach out specific groups for promoting your products and services. The biggest advantage this platform offers is – the ability to connect with people who are responsible for making key decisions. Social Media Examiner contributor Justin Kerby has shared four LinkedIn advertising mistakes that you should... [Read more]

‘Agile project management for marketers’ webinar 2.00 pm ET [webinar]

The agile marketing strategy uses self-organizing, cross-functional teams doing work in frequent iterations. It helps organizations in focusing team efforts on those aspects that deliver value to the end-customer. MarketingProfs team is hosting a webinar on ‘Agile project management for marketers’ on Thursday, September 19, 2019 at 2.00 pm... [Read more]

‘Uncovering new opportunities for digital marketers’ webinar 1.00 pm EDT [webinar]

Mobile is becoming the mainstream device for enabling people to stay Internet-connected. Today’s feature-rich devices bring new marketing opportunities for marketers. Digital Marketing Depot team is hosting a webinar on ‘ Call Tracking Demystified: Uncovering New Opportunities for Digital Marketers ‘ on Thursday, September 19,... [Read more]

Birthdays come once per year. This one has a Birthday Firesale #ad

Paul Counts and his partner, Shreya Banerjee are offering their $1997 training course on successful online marketing (plus a collection of bonuses) for an amazingly low investment, to celebrate Banerjee’s birthday. Yes, they have successfully sold this course at $1997. But today and tomorrow only, they are offering it for less than 2% of that. This... [Read more]

Facebook ads and YouTube ads: how to use them together [video]

We know that its a great idea to publish our ads on Facebook and YouTube as both networks offer a wide reach for promotion of our products. But how much better it could be if we could advertise on both the platforms with single campaign? Social Media Examiner’s Travis Chambers has published a new video to explain this. SME team says, “Are... [Read more]

Ways to improve your Google ads in less time

According to a WordStream study, Google AdWords gives you 3.7% conversion rate on its search network, across all industries. To create effective and rewarding Google Ads, you need to pay constant attention. Michelle Morgan, a WordStream contributor has shared 10 ways that can help you to save your time creating and publishing your Google ads. Morgan... [Read more]

Dealing with the evolution of featured snippets [podcast]

Google has launched Featured Snippets to provide its users with a concise, direct answer to their questions. The snippets present these answers on the search results page, without the users having to click through to a specific result. Rank Ranger’s Mordy Oberstein has published a new ‘The In Search’ podcast on how to use featured... [Read more]

How to effectively conduct YouTube keyword research [video]

YouTube video keyword research helps you to find words and phrases that people use to search for video content online. By using the keywords that match with your products and services you can improve your video views. SEM Rush team has published a video on how to conduct keyword research on YouTube featuring Itamar Blauer. Blauer says, “Hello,... [Read more]

A complete guide to holiday marketing [e-book]

Search Engine Journal team has published a new e-book titled ‘A Complete Guide to Holiday Marketing’. This e-book teaches you how to use SEO, PPC, email, social media and content to deliver an engaging and personalized to your customers. SEJ team says, “Search Engine Journal’s ebook, A Complete Guide to Holiday Marketing,... [Read more]

How to create a content style guide [tutorial]

Liz Murphy, Director of Web & Interactive Content at IMPACT has published a new tutorial on ‘How to create a content style guide’. You can take this tutorial to learn: What a content style guide is and why your brand needs one.How to run a content style guide workshop with your team.How to write an effective content style guide... [Read more]