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Monday, July 22, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

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ProfitEagle: build your mailing list for better than Free #ad

ProfitEagle, just released by the Tom Yevsikov team is designed to do two things, simultaneously, and do them both well: a. Build your mailing list b. Earn income for you at the same time. Here are the advantage of this new system: ► There are no monthly fees for using the system ► There is a single dashboard for everything you do while using the... [Read more]

Impact publishes ‘Ultimate Guide to Video for Sales’

The Impact team has published ‘Ultimate Guide to Video for Sales’. Download this guide to enhance your sales performance with the help of video content. The Impact team says, “You Want to Get Started with Video for Sales But where do you even start? What tools and technology do you really need — and what don’t... [Read more]

MarketingProfs announces ‘Storytelling Summit for Marketers’

The MarketingProfs has announced the ‘Storytelling Summit for Marketers’ starting from September 12. According to MarketingProfs team, this 12 session summit will help you harness the power of story in achieving your marketing goals. The keynote speakers include Bobby Lehew, Ron Ploof and Nancy Duarte. The MarketingProfs team says,... [Read more]

Effective video testimonials that inspire action [podcast]

The MarketingProfs team has published a new podcast episode on ‘Effective video testimonials that inspire action’ featuring Andrew Davis. In this podcast, Davis covers the following: When planning your video content, don’t just copy a competitor’s approach Storytelling might sound like a fun pastime, but make no mistake,... [Read more]

Six tips to create SEO-friendly content

Your content should have the qualities that are being looked for by the search engines. When the content syncs with the search engine algorithm you get desired results. The Search Engine Journal contributor Ashley Ward has shared six tips to create SEO-friendly content. Ward says, “Put aside your Excel sheets, keyword research, and optimization... [Read more]

Understand the JavaScript SEO basics [guide]

Google has published a new guide ‘Understand the JavaScript SEO basics’ to help webmasters and marketers effectively use JavaScript to improve their search engine optimization. The Google team says, “JavaScript is an important part of the web platform because it provides many features that turn the web into a powerful application... [Read more]

‘The art and science of shopping campaigns’ webcast, July 25

The Microsoft Advertising team has hosting a webcast ‘The art and science of shopping campaigns’ on Thursday, July 25 at 11.00 am PDT. Watch this webcast to learn useful tips and grow your brand and business by expanding your reach and bringing the searcher closer to a purchase decision. The webcast agenda: Branded vs. non-branded... [Read more]

Tactics to improve your online sales

Your copywriting skills can help you to win more customers and improve your sales. Along with the brand information your content should also have the persuasive elements that help you to stand out. The Copyblogger’s Brian Clark has published an article highlighting five types of online prospects and ways to sell them. Clark says, “If... [Read more]

Here’s how to do well on Instagram

The social networks are making it difficult for the brands to have their dominating presence without paying. In its recent move, Instagram has started hiding likes for your content. The SmartCompany contributor Matthew Elmas has published a comprehensive article on Instagram’s change and how you can cope with it. Elmas says, “The... [Read more]

Thirty two ways to improve your content marketing

The Content Marketing Institute contributor Ann Gynn has shared thirty two ways to improve your content marketing. She has detailed useful ways to enhance your content creation and promotion. Gynn says, “Your content packs a powerful punch – a high-flying, out-of-the-park hit. Your team and brand executives jump up and fist pump, while your... [Read more]

Strategies to boost your newsletter open rate

Publishing online newsletters is one of the best ways to widen your brand influence and strengthen your sales. A regular newsletters also helps you to stay in touch with your target market and establish your brand as an authority. The Content Marketing Institute contributor Michael Brenner has shared seven ways to boost your newsletter’s open... [Read more]

How to jumpstart a b2b influencer marketing program [webinar replay]

Influencer marketing has been an integral part of today’s branding and sales strategy. Understanding it rightly and doing it responsibly can help you to achieve great results. The Content Marketing Institute team has made available the replay of its recently held webinar ‘How to jumpstart a b2b influencer marketing program’. Listen... [Read more]