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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Your Guide to Bing Search

We have been using the Bing search engine for more than a decade now. It is popular as an alternative (capturing 36% US desktop search market) to Google search. Bright Edge has published a detailed guide called ‘Bing Image Search, Bing Webmaster Tools & More’. Gabby Regalbuto says, “Google sees 6.9 billion searches per day compared to Bing’s nearly 900 million searches per day. While the search engine giant surpasses Bing’s daily search volume by an enormous number, Bing has loyal uses even though Microsoft spends very little budget on marketing its search engine. An advantage... [...]

Commission Blaster: Sales leverage for social media marketing #ad

Commission Blaster was designed to give marketers an easier way to scale their traffic and, ultimately, their sales, using new, unstaurated social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram, and Tumbler are well-known social media platforms. Many marketers use them in their promotions. But there are other social media sites that aren’t filled with marketing messages. You won’t get as lost in their crowds as you might with the top platforms. When you use Commission Blaster, you can get free traffic from 30 new sources, not just one or two. And as its name implies, Commission... [...]

MOZ’s Local SEO Tips for the 2020 Holidays

The 2020’s peak shopping season will be approaching soon. You can grow your sales this year by developing a stronger SEO and sales strategy. MOZ contributor Miriam Ellis has shared local SEO tips for the 2020 holidays. Ellis says, “Whatever your business can offer to support local shoppers’ aspirations for a safe, comfortable, happy holiday season at home is commendable at the end of a very challenging 2020. I hope these eight local search marketing tips will help you make good connections that serve your customers — and your business — well into the new year. 1) Survey customers... [...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Designing Display Ads [Guide]

Koozai has published ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Designing Display Ads’ to help you design effective ads for your Google Display Network campaigns. Daria Kolowca says, “Before making any design decisions it is important to consider what the goal of your ad campaign is.  Is it to increase brand awareness, to provoke interaction from the user or a completely different goal altogether? The intent of your campaign will have a strong influence on the design of your ad and it is important you have this mind when making design decisions. These campaigns are usually used for reach purposes,... [...]

‘How We Built 600+ Links in 30 Days & You Can, Too’ Webinar October 14 [Webinar]

Link building is an essential process to strengthen your SEO performance. Search Engine Journal is hosting a webinar ‘How We Built 600+ Links in 30 Days & You Can, Too’ on Wednesday, October 14, 2020, at 2.00 pm ET. The SEJ team says, “Join our next sponsored webinar as Kevin Rowe, CEO at PureLinq, shares how he set up a link building program that generated over 600 links in one month. You’ll learn more about how to produce a 90% response rate on outreach with: The relationships required for success. Technical resources are needed to prepare for your big month. Workflows to maximize... [...]

How to Do Podcast Advertising Right

Podcast Advertising could be one of the best ways to reach out to your new prospects. With the right ad tactics, you can also improve targeting and measurement. AdWeek Ian Zelaya has shared four tips to help you improve your podcast advertising performance. Zelaya says, “In a new report, Forrester examined how podcast advertising is still an emerging field, with room to improve in measurement and targeting capabilities. Here are four takeaways from the September study that b-to-c marketers should take note of to understand and leverage the growing channel. Podcast ads are less disruptive... [...]

Jeff Bullas Highlights Seven Best TikTok Follower Generators of 2020

On any social media platform, what you need is more and more followers. With the right sets,  of tactics, you can continue to increase your followers. In his latest blog post, Jeff Bullas has highlighted the seven best TikTok follower generators of 2020. He says, “When it comes to investing money in a follower generator, only trusted sites make it to this list. These sites either fully manage your account or automate TikTok actions safely, generating you long term followers and building trust in your account. #1. TokGrowth TokGrowth is at the top of the list to get you, real TikTok followers,... [...]

A Quick Hack That’ll Help You Rank For More Keywords [Video]

Achieving high rankings in search engines is one of the goals of every business. Your selection of keywords plays an important role in this process. In his new video ‘A Quick Hack That’ll Help You Rank For More Keywords’, Neil Patel has some help for you. He says, “Today I’m going to share with you a quick hack that’ll help you rank for more long-tail keywords. So if you already have it, make sure you sign up for Google search console. It’s a free app from Google, that tells you any errors you have on your website, what keywords you’re ranking for,... [...]

Motvio: new premium hosting for marketing videos #ad

When you use one of the major video hosting services, (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) you don’t have complete control over your content. You also don’t control your subscriber list. The hosting platform can take both away from you whenever they think best. That’s why Devid Farah created Motvio, the video host specifically for marketers that know the power of video and don’t want to lose their marketing tools. Motvio gives you full control over your whole video marketing process so that you can: ➢Upload, Store, Manage, and Publish all your videos with just 1-Click. You are in control. ➢Perfect... [...]

Facebook Tightens Copyright Infringement Rules: What Marketers Need to Know [Podcast]

Facebook continues to update its copyright infringement rules for images and other content. In Social Media Examiner’s latest Social Media Marketing Talk Show ‘Facebook Tightens Copyright Infringement Rules: What Marketers Need to Know’, Jamie Lieberman shares insights on Facebook’s recent amendments. The SME team says, “Explore the new Facebook Rights Manager for Images and what copyright infringement means for marketers with special guest Jamie Lieberman, this week on the Social Media Marketing Talk Show”. Click Here to Access ‘Facebook Tightens Copyright... [...]

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