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Saturday, February 22, 2020
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Monthly Archives: October 2017

Refer this social media image size cheat sheet before your next campaign

Images play a pivotal role in making you social media campaigns successful. With rightly chosen images you can deliver your message effectively and get better revenue. HubSpot has shared ab infographic to help marketers design effective social media campaigns with right-sized images. Lindsay Kolowich says, “When you’re selecting cover photos, shared images, and other social […]

‘CX in the Age of Social Media’ Webinar November 28

Digital Marketing Depot is hosting a webinar on ‘CX in the Age of Social Media’ on Tuesday, November 28 at 1.00 pm EST. The webinar will focus on customer experience and strategies to improve it. The DMD team says, “Join our social media and CX experts as they explain how social customer service tools can help […]

Facebook Marketing That Really Works: The Best Tips from The Next Web [Podcast]

The Buffer team has published a podcast with Matt Navarra on ‘Facebook Marketing That Really Works: The Best Tips from The Next Web ‘. Brian Peters says, “The art of Facebook marketing in 2016 is one that is constantly evolving. Tweaks to Facebook’s algorithm look to drive a more pleasant user experience while brands and individuals share […]

Five marketing tips and tricks to get more web traffic

Getting constant website traffic is a necessity for all the businesses in the world. With a highly interactive website and right strategies you can get more traffic to your sites and grow your business. Forbes contributor Joe Escobedo has shared five marketing tips from HubSpot’s 25 million monthly website traffic. Escobedo says, “If you’re a […]

HubSpot lists 33 sales training video channels on YouTube

Learning is an important dimension to grow you marketing and branding efforts. You can learn from the experts of your field and keep yourself abreast of what is happening around. HubSpot has shared a list of 33 sales training video channels on YouTube that you should subscribe to. HubSpot’s Pete Caputa says, “These channels are run […]

‘State Of Global Online Retailing In 2017’ Webinar October 31

Forrester is hosting a webinar on ‘State Of Global Online Retailing In 2017’ on Tuesday, October 31, 2017. The webinar will present an overview of the state of global online retailing in 2017. The Forrester team says, “eCommerce is on retailers’ agendas worldwide, with a goal to incorporate into a greater global retail strategy. Learn how […]

5 Influencer marketing questions answered

Influencer marketing is growing fast and has become one of the most favorite options for the brands and marketers today. eMarketer has published an interview with Rob Trauber and Zackary Cantor on importance of data in influencer marketing. eMarketer team says, “The influencer marketing space shows no signs of slowing down. But to have a successful strategy, […]

90% marketers use email to engage their audience

According to eMarketer, 90% of marketers in North America use email to engage their audience. In 2017, 269 billion emails, including business and consumer emails, were sent worldwide. More findings from eMarketer By 2021, 319.6 billion emails will be sent and received 58% of US marketers planned to increase email marketing budget in 2017 73% of in-house marketers state […]

Fruitphul software and training improves business productivity #ad

At midnight today, the Fruitphul launch comes to an end. So if you need to become more productive in your business, take a look today before it’s too late. Fruitphul is composed of two parts, 1. High-quality training that will show you how to outsource a lot of your work and scale your business for […]

Econsultancy answers five questions for Black Friday ecommerce strategy

Black Friday is just a days away and marketers are in the process of planning better strategies to attract more customers and earn more business this year. Econsultancy in its Ask The Expert column has answered five important questions dealing with Black Friday. Ben Davis says, “We ask the experts about strategy, search, content and […]