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Friday, May 24, 2024

‘How ONE Kindle Book Generated $30,586.25 And 3,197 Buyer Leads In Under 7 Days’ Johnny Andrews’ Webinar 3.00 pm EST

Johnny Andrews is hosting a webinar on Friday, February 1 at 3.00 pm EST. The topic of the webinar is “How ONE Kindle Book Generated $30,586.25 And 3,197 Buyer Leads In Under 7 Days”. Webinar Details Organizer: Johnny Andrews Topic: How ONE Kindle Book Generated $30,586.25 And 3,197 Buyer Leads In Under 7 Days Day/Date: Friday, February 1 Time: 3.00 pm EST – Time Zone Converter Register for webinar details. ‘How ONE Kindle Book Generated $30,586.25 And 3,197 Buyer Leads In Under 7 Days’ Webinar  [...]

Ryan Lee’s ‘How to Make $1K Per Day‘ Webinar on Replay

Ryan Lee’s ‘How to Make $1K Per Day‘ webinar is on replay. Lee says, “Here are just a few of the highlights of this presentation: The easiest way to build a $1,000 per day revenue stream – with zero technical skills Discover how the “gurus” REALLY make millions (it’s not what you think!) The simple 3-part formula that virtually guarantees a financial windfall And much more…”. Ryan Lee’s ‘How to Make $1K Per Day‘ Webinar Replay  [...]

‘SEO 2013: What Works & What Doesn’t’ – ‘Marketing Con Queso’ Podcast

Michelle MacPhearson and Justin Brooke’s latest podcast episode on ’Marketing Con Queso’ is titled “SEO 2013: What Works & What Doesn’t”. MacPhearson and Brooke say, “Panda and Penguin updates left a bloody trail, but there are answers now. There is still hope for SEO. It is not dead as you might have heard or thought. In this episode Michelle and I share whats working now in 2013 and whats out the window”. SEO 2013: What Works & What Doesn’t ‘Marketing Con Queso’ Podcasts  [...]

Social Rank Jet Suite: rank any site quickly #ad

Aravindh Shridhar, Rodrigo Werner and Maulana just released new software called Social Rank Jet, a powerful social backlinking tool that creates powerful contextual social network backlinks from a popular social networking platform. No longer does Google value a large quantity of links as in the past. now it’s focusing on “quality,” and it considers social media to be a home for good quality. If you involve real people in discussions on major social networking platforms, Google will take notice and improve your results. Social Rank Jet can help you rank anything: videos, websites, social... [...]

‘Facebook Sponsored Results: An Under-Explored Opportunity’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

The latest article on  ‘Marketing Land’ is titled “Facebook Sponsored Results: An Under-Explored Opportunity”. Emily Wilson says, “About six months ago, Facebook introduced yet another type of ad for advertisers to try: the Sponsored Result. Marketers can serve Facebook users searching for Pages, Applications, and such with ads in the Search bar. As Facebook says, the goal of Sponsored Results is “… help [Facebook users] better find and discover the brands, products, and experiences relevant to them.” For advertisers, it’s a great way to increase exposure... [...]

‘What’s Causing the Reduction in Facebook Reach?’ – Web Marketing Today

The latest ‘Web Marketing Today’ blog post is titled “What’s Causing the Reduction in Facebook Reach?”. Ryan Welton says, “When Facebook first became a tool for the masses as opposed to a networking site for college students, we gladly accepted whatever positive impact it might have had on our businesses. If we had 3,000 Likes and could reach half of those users with a post, we would. However, as Facebook grew and became more vital to our online marketing strategies, our expectations increased as well. In 2012, that culminated in frustrations for social media marketers as they noticed... [...]

‘4 Ways to Go Local on Google+’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

The latest article on ‘Website Magazine’ is titled “4 Ways to Go Local on Google+”. Allison Howen says, “While Google+ is not the most popular site on the ‘Net, when it comes to social networks, it is certainly one of the most important. This is especially true for local businesses, because maintaining a profile on Google+ not only helps brands connect with customers, but also makes a brand more visible in the search results. In fact, in May, the search engine giant integrated Google Places into Google+, which allows consumers to find, share and review local businesses on the social... [...]

WP Snippets Magic: Get your site noticed by searchers #ad

The major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) recently started allowing “rich snippets” in the search results. Sites with these snippets stand out from the crowd, and get noticed. Google describes them this way, “These rich snippets Rich snippets are designed to summarize the content of a page in a way that makes it even easier for users to understand what the page is about in our search results.” If your site is set up with rich snippets, even if your site is shown in 3rd or 4th position, you still can out-sell the top ranked sites because your snippets give your listing... [...]

‘Office 2013 Launches’ – ‘The Forrester Blog’

The latest article on ‘The Forrester Blog’ is titled “Office 2013 Launches”. Rob Koplowitz says, “On Tuesday of this week Microsoft launched Office 2013, the latest version of their flagship productivity suite. Forrester has released a report entitled Office 2013: A Breakthrough in Productivity and I had the opportunity to work on it with some great Forrester minds, each of whom brought a unique perspective to the analysis: My work, in addition to corralling all the talent mentioned below, focuses on document collaboration and social. John Rymer’s work is in the analysis of... [...]

‘Double Digit Growth for Rakuten LinkShare in Q4 of 2012’ by Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins’ latest blog post is titled “Double Digit Growth for Rakuten LinkShare in Q4 of 2012”. Collins Says, “Rakuten LinkShare has announced double-digit growth for the fourth quarter of 2012 with a strong holiday shopping season. The network had 31 percent year-over-year (YoY) growth in same-store network sales in the last quarter of 2012. The greatest growth was during the most popular online holiday shopping days: Thanksgiving Day: 54 percent YoY growth. Black Friday: 31 percent year-over-year growth. Cyber Monday: 37 percent year-over-year growth”. Double Digit Growth for... [...]

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