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Saturday, July 20, 2024

‘Common Sense Market Research’ by Charlie Page

Charlie Page’s latest article is titled “Common Sense Market Research”. Page says, “Ever want a way to determine if your area of interest – your specific passion – can be turned into money? You know that thousands of people are making money online with sites about a wide variety of topics but it’s still not happening for you? Today I’m sharing a new video where I reveal my Common Sense Market Research formula. This is the same formula I use in my business and the exact formula I teach consulting clients too”. Common Sense Market Research Charlie Page’s Blog  [...]

‘Nominate Your Favorite Self-Publishing Blogs – Inaugural Top 10 Self-Publishing Blog Contest’ – ‘The Future of Ink’ Blog

The latest article on ‘The Future of Ink’ blog is titled “Nominate Your Favorite Self-Publishing Blogs – Inaugural Top 10 Self-Publishing Blog Contest”. Denise Wakeman says, “Ellen Britt and I (Denise Wakeman) are excited to announce our inaugural contest to find the Top 10 Best Self-Publishing Blogs. We need your help to find the ‘best of the best’ blogs specifically for online entrepreneurs who are looking for information about self-publishing. To that end we’re launching a contest and invite you to nominate your favorite blog for self-publishers“. Nominate... [...]

‘How to Build Instant Rapport Online’ – Web Marketing Today

The latest ‘Web Marketing Today’ blog post is titled “How to Build Instant Rapport Online”. Armando Roggio says, “Making a strong connection with prospective clients or customers online may generate more leads and more sales. But visiting a website is nothing like meeting someone face to face. Creating rapport online is certainly more challenging. Rapport is a relationship or connection. It is a barely-conscience”. How to Build Instant Rapport Online Web Marketing Today  [...]

Mobile ATM: Automate local client recruitment #ad

Lee Cole and Adam Jacobs have just released Mobile ATM to show you the easiest way to get local businesses to hire you to create mobile websites for them. As they say, “show and tell is the easiest way to sell mobile sites,” and with their new solution, you have an easy way to do that show and tell. Mobile ATM automates the mobile website selling process so you can show your capabilities to many more business owners than you could on a one-by-one manual basis. With this new system, you show business owners the difference between what their current site looks like on a smart phone and... [...]

‘WordPress Wednesday: Halloween Edition’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

The latest article on ‘Website Magazine’ is titled “Wordpress Wednesday: Halloween Edition”. Pete Prestipino says, “It’s another edition of Website Magazine’s WordPress Wednesday – and it’s the Halloween edition! Let’s celebrate by showcasing some “scary” cool plugins – those that should make you freak about your blog’s security, fight zombies like there’s no tomorrow, and all while consuming your weight in cookies and candies”. WordPress Wednesday: Halloween Edition Website Magazine  [...]

‘5 Ways to Avoid Squashing Your Community Like a Dictator′ by Jay Baer

Jay Baer ‘s latest ‘Convince & Convert’ blog post is titled “5 Ways to Avoid Squashing Your Community Like a Dictator″. Baer says, “I was in a new client meeting not too long ago, discussing the strategy around building Fierce Loyalty into a failing community. If I said the name of the organization, you would instantly recognize it. It is huge and it heavily depends on its community network to spread its message and ensure success. Lately, however”. 5 Ways to Avoid Squashing Your Community Like a Dictator Jay Baer’s ‘Convince & Convert’ Blog  [...]

‘Goodbye Advertising, Hello Content Marketing?’ – ‘The Forrester Blog’

The latest article on ‘The Forrester Blog’ is titled “Goodbye Advertising, Hello Content Marketing?”. Darika Ahrens says, “I thought my television remote was broken the other day. I’d gotten to the part of the TV show where there was a pause in the programming. Loud and colourful 30-sec adverts started dancing across my screen pushing everything from shampoo for women with blonde hair (note my picture, I’m a brunette) to car insurance (I don’t own a car). I was hitting the fast-forward button, but nothing happened. I got as far as taking the back off of the remote... [...]

Pirate Quick Cash: How to use YouTube to promote CPA offers #ad

YouTube is a marketer’s delight. A free repository of nearly any video you want to make to market nearly any product. And it’s one of the most viewed websites in the world so your video can be seen by many people, some of whom will become followers and even buyers. Pirate Quick Cash shows how to use this free marketing tool called YouTube to promote CPA offers and earn a good living in the process. You can replicate this process over and over promoting various CPA offers to scale up your income. And it doesn’t require any technical expertise. And you don’t have to star... [...]

‘PPC and Retargeting: Cross-Channel Marketing That Gets Results’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

Caroline Watts’ latest article on ‘MarketingProfs’ is titled “PPC and Retargeting: Cross-Channel Marketing That Gets Results”. Watts says, “Paid search, or pay-per-click (PPC), is a staple of many digital marketers, and though effective, it is more significantly more powerful when coupled with other marketing strategies, particularly those that are less focused on direct-response objectives. That’s because audiences are more likely to respond to marketing messages if they see the same message across multiple channels. Although many marketing strategies can work well together,... [...]

‘We Need Apple And Google To Work Together Again’ – ‘ReadWrite’

The latest post on ‘ReadWrite’ is titled “We Need Apple And Google To Work Together Again”. Jon Mitchell says, “On Tuesday, Apple’s iMessage service went down. Again. For the second time this week. Last week, when the amazing new Atebits iOS game, Letterpress, came out, Game Center collapsed in a heap, making the game nearly unplayable. If Apple insists on being a a service provider, not just a device maker, it had better get its act together. Apple’s new, in-house Maps are mostly okay in the U.S., but they are unusable elsewhere. Siri, the artificially intelligent assistant, has... [...]

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