New software has just launched, called Curation Cloud.

This new software, by Paul O’Keefe, allows you to build multiple blogs with curated content and do it all on complete auto-pilot. This software searches for useful content for you and updates yor menu of available content every 5 minutes.

With Curation Cloud. you can:
• Build your blogs on auto-pilot using the included scheduling and calendar.
• Find thousands of different articles, images and videos to use on your blogs, the list being updated every 5 minutes.
• Build social backlinks also on auto-pilot. As you publish your content, the software automatically builds your backlinks for you.

And it does these three things automatically.

In order to succeed online, you’ll always need content, fresh and high quality content. But if you are short on time, Curation Cloud comes to your rescue.

It can find and curate content for your blogs and for your social media sites. With Curation Cloud, you can access a wealth of content with a single click. Even better, you can syndicate that content across the internet with just a few clicks as well.

And its syndication capability is just as powerful as its curation capability. It allows you to specify which sites and social media accounts to post to and schedule posts out as far as you like. Plus, it can automatically add citations for sources, backlink to your WordPress blogs and more.

There have been curation apps in the past and syndication apps in the past, but this new solution does both, better than anything you have ever seen.

Check out this new marketing tool here: Curation Cloud.

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