Instagram statistics are impressive. 1 out of 2 people under the age of 35 are on Instagram today. That means that over 1 Billion people are on Instagram.

As a result, Instagram is now one of the top social networks. It’s a market that should not be ignored.

Thomas Witek has created new software that will help you take advantage of the power of Instagram. It is called Gram Poster, and it will transform your Instagram marketing with the simplicity that it offers. Now, Instagram becomes practical for the small business or solo entrepreneurs.

Now you don’t need to be a celebrity to earn with Instagram.

The process is simple:
1) Stay active and post content regularly
2) Like, Comment and Engage with others

The problem has been that Instagram blocks you from posting content where it’s convenient to you. You have been limited to the Instagram app on your mobile phone.

Gram Poster is the world’s first Mobile Responsive Instagram Posting software.

This new software lets you snap, schedule and post from anywhere. You can use it from your PC, Tablet, or Smartphone.

Witek has prepared a demo showing you how it works: Gram Poster Demo.

With this new software, you can take advantage of the power of scheduled posts. One early adopter added 20k followers in 3 months.(This may not be typical.)

Besides getting the software, you are becoming a member of the inner circle. In the member’s group, you get, not just a basic tutorial, but all the training and tips you need to grow your own follower list.

During the launch, which began today, Witek is offering lifetime access to the app for a low one-time investment. But he is only offering lifetime access during the launch.

So you need to hurry because after the countdown timer hits zero this launch special closes. Get your copy here: Gram Poster.

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