Facebook has maximized the potential for “birds of a feather” interaction with the inclusion of Facebook Groups in its services. A Facebook Group can be set up by any Facebook subscriber around any topic of interest. The group creator determines who is allowed to join the group and then manages group interactions.

Because groups are associated with a particular niche, the members are a laser-targeted list of excellent prospects for purchasing niche-related products.

Tell a golf group, for example, about your new ball, club, training video, etc., and you are likely to get a good response to your offer.

In general, Groups offer a place for friends and like- minded people to congregate and talk about their mutual interest.

Seeing the power that groups offer to marketers, Thomas Witek built software that simplifies presenting your offer to groups. With his new FyrePoster software, you no longer have to use paid ads to earn money on Facebook. Post your messages directly to group discussions, instead.

Now, you can start posting instantly to any group you are a member of, even if you’re not the group owner. Of course, you could always login and do that, but with this new software, you no longer have to manually visit all the groups you are a member of and then manually post to the group.

FyrePoster lets you post to any number of groups. That’s good because usually there are serveral groups in your niche. Place your messages in all of them.

When you invest in this new software, Witek is also inviting you to his own support group (outside of Facebook, to make sure the discussions aren’t monitored): IM-Masters.com is a private forum community where we will discuss the best working online marketing strategies. This includes Facebook posting and any other source known to bring massive traffic online such as IFTTT, Private Blog Networks, etc.

Your Facebook marketing can be more effective, less expensive and easier when you automate your group marketing.

See the power of this new solution and get your own copy here: FyrePoster.

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