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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Facebook app builder, Social Mobile Press, sale ends at Midnight #ad

If you want to find people in your target audience, Facebook is the place to look. Nearly everyone on the planet seems to be using Facebook. If you are selling anything from Apples to zoological textbooks, someone on Facebook wants to buy them. Social Mobile Press software reaches members of the world’s largest social cummunity with your product information, quickly and inexpensively. Facebook, like the rest of the online universe, has responded to the growing mobile audience. Marketers who want to reach these mobile Facebook uses need to improve their game to explicitly include them in their... [...]

What makes marketing campaigns go viral? #ad

Humor helps. So do contests, coupons and giveaways; events that reward the visitor to your site with financial benefits. People become engaged and tell their friends when they find out about bargains, deals and free stuff. Marketers that use time-limited discount coupons often get tremendous improvement in traffic and sales. Giveaways don’t directly bring in cash, but they can be paired with an upsell, and that can be quite profitable. But there is also a problem for marketers who want to use these proven viral techniques. Today, people are on the go. They need to find deals from their... [...]

Social Mobile Press, for 65% More Facebook Visitors, Leads & Sales #ad

Sales trainers say there are some skyscrapers in NYC that are so big that a sales rep could spend their whole career in one building. That may well be true, but online it’s even better. Facebook is so big that you can spend your whole marketing career in Facebook. All the people you need in your business are on Facebook. Nearly every online person in the world is on Facebook. Whatever you are selling, you have a ready audience there. All you need to do to sell a good product is to find an effective way to present that product to the interested Facebook members. That’s what Social Mobile... [...]