Humor helps. So do contests, coupons and giveaways; events that reward the visitor to your site with financial benefits. People become engaged and tell their friends when they find out about bargains, deals and free stuff.

Marketers that use time-limited discount coupons often get tremendous improvement in traffic and sales. Giveaways don’t directly bring in cash, but they can be paired with an upsell, and that can be quite profitable.

But there is also a problem for marketers who want to use these proven viral techniques. Today, people are on the go. They need to find deals from their mobile phone. It’s no longer enough that your deal is available (and readable) from a computer. You must also make sure cell hones can also display it correctly. Otherwise, going viral is unlikely.

In Facebook, many people sign in from their mobile device. And that’s where they start their search for products they want to buy. So savvy merchants are running promotions in Facebook to take advantage of its large population.

Now, you can use these same viral promotion techniques on Facebook, with new software called Social Mobile Press.

This new software makes apps with opt-in pages, customized however you choose, easy to make. And they look good on iPhones, Android phones and tablets, in addition to desktop computers.

There’s a demonstration of Social Mobile Press on the sales page that shows just how it’s done.

Here are the quick stats for this launch: it has been on sale 2 days; over 1500 sold; price is rising every few hours ($15.25 when this was written.)

You can make as many apps as you want, for yourself or for clients. Get it before price rises again, here Social Mobile Press.

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