Sales trainers say there are some skyscrapers in NYC that are so big that a sales rep could spend their whole career in one building.

That may well be true, but online it’s even better. Facebook is so big that you can spend your whole marketing career in Facebook. All the people you need in your business are on Facebook.

Nearly every online person in the world is on Facebook. Whatever you are selling, you have a ready audience there.

All you need to do to sell a good product is to find an effective way to present that product to the interested Facebook members.

That’s what Social Mobile Press is designed for, reaching the targeted Facebook members with your product information in a way that makes them want to buy. What does that mean?

Marketers have been slow to respond to the growing mobile trend (which is alive and well on Facebook). Over half of Facebook visits are on mobile devices. Your ads had better look good on mobile, or you are potentially cutting your profits nearly in half. Oh, a few mobile visitors may struggle through a non-responsive Facebook ad and buy, but only the most dedicated.

Social Mobile Press solves this problem for you. Using it to build Facebook apps, you can:
■ Build Highly Targeted Email Lists
■ Run cheaper Facebook ads targeting mobile users
■ Create viral contests, coupon apps and sweepstakes
■ Run Tee-Spring Campaigns
■ Do all these things for your clients, not just for yourself, because you get a developer’s license.

Social Mobile Press creates Facebook apps that work on mobile devices as well as they do on desktops. This isn’t an easy task, and it’s one that most marketers fail at. This new software changes that forever.

There’s an informative video on the sale page that shows you exactly how it works.

The price is rising, so get it quickly here: Social Mobile Press.

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