If you want to find people in your target audience, Facebook is the place to look. Nearly everyone on the planet seems to be using Facebook.

If you are selling anything from Apples to zoological textbooks, someone on Facebook wants to buy them.

Social Mobile Press software reaches members of the world’s largest social cummunity with your product information, quickly and inexpensively.

Facebook, like the rest of the online universe, has responded to the growing mobile audience. Marketers who want to reach these mobile Facebook uses need to improve their game to explicitly include them in their target audience.

Unfortunately, many marketers have not yet addressed this growing mobile population. Over half of Facebook visits are on mobile devices. You need a way to get your message in front of these millions of people.

Simple Facebook apps can show your message to people visiting on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

Social Mobile Press is new software that solves the problem of creating responsive apps for Facebook. Using it to build Facebook apps, you can build apps that:
■ Build Email Lists for your business
■ Run cheaper Facebook ads targeting mobile users
■ Create viral contests, coupon apps and sweepstakes that can build viral excitement for your business
■ Run Tee-Spring Campaigns

You get developer’s license so you can do all these things for your clients, besides doing them for your own business.

On the sales page for Social Mobile Press you will find an informative video that shows you exactly how easy it is to use.

The price is rising and it comes off the market (pending a re-release as a more expensive product) at Midnight, so get it quickly here: Social Mobile Press.

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