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Friday, December 3, 2021

GoNews: Your own monetized news website #ad

People (in general, not just the internet marketers IM NewsWatch targets) are interested in keeping up with trending news. Keeping up online is the favorite way for many people. That is what accounts for the popularity of The Drudge Report and Huffington Post, both of them with millions of visits daily. The interesting thing about these two sites is that neither of them is known for its original reporting. They primarily curate news stories they find elsewhere. And they have become quite popular and profitable using this business model. Now, there is software that makes it simple for you to curate... [...]

iGloo Reloaded sale extended through Saturday #ad

For the second time in the last year, iGloo website builder is making big sales. It was an immediate success in June when it was launched, selling 6,000 copies in just a few days. Now the updated (or “reloaded”) version is selling like hotcakes, too. However, Josh Ratta, the creator, has decided to close down the launch pricing at 2 PM EST today (He 4extended the offer through Saturday). If he sells it again, the price will probably be higher. This website builder software is simple enough for a beginner with minimal technical skills, but so powerful that, as Ratta puts it, it is “Trusted... [...]