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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

iGloo Reloaded sale extended through Saturday #ad

For the second time in the last year, iGloo website builder is making big sales. It was an immediate success in June when it was launched, selling 6,000 copies in just a few days. Now the updated (or “reloaded”) version is selling like hotcakes, too. However, Josh Ratta, the creator, has decided to close down the launch pricing at 2 PM EST today (He 4extended the offer through Saturday). If he sells it again, the price will probably be higher. This website builder software is simple enough for a beginner with minimal technical skills, but so powerful that, as Ratta puts it, it is “Trusted... [...]

Build better web pages with the new iGloo #ad

Last June, iGloo website builder was launched. It was an immediate success, selling 6,000 copies in just a few days. Today, Josh Ratta, the creator, is releasing an updated version of this software that does even more for you. Some of the new features include: • iGloo Member, enabling users to now create beautiful membership sites with their iGloo pages as well as other WordPress pages. • Advanced marketing & engagement features such as ‘dynamic variables (use the to create custom pages with the name of your visitor), voice-over Calls To Action, sound effects, looping animations and... [...]

How to successfully launch a product #ad

Today, at 11 AM EDT, Josh Ratta is launching iGloo Product Launcher During the first 5 hours, it will be at a special discount, and then the price starts to rise. iGloo Product Launcher is for anyone who is launching products or services for sale on the web. It helps you create successful sales funnels so you can increase your earnings. Look how powerful it is: And it is easy to set up in your business. Take a look at the demo here: iGloo Product Launcher With this powerful new software, you can: • Pre-launch viral social contests • Affiliate recruitment pages • Landing &... [...]

Video Script: Write persuasive scripts for your videos in minutes #ad

Video Script is an online video script (and audio scripts, too, for that matter) writing application. It lets you quickly write video scripts for any marketing video, and using it is easy. After you create your script you can publish it as a PDF, Word or PowerPoint document. Record it yourself, or hand it to an announcer. If you have video creation software, this is a great way to use it to build professional videos. As you know, there have recently been several applications that make creating videos easy: VideoMakerFX, Easy Sketch Pro, Explaindio. No matter how new you are to video, with one or... [...]