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Wednesday, February 19, 2020
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

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RSS Authority Sniper: Gives your site higher rankings and more traffic #ad

Your site can take advantage of trending information posted by highly-ranked authority sites. These sites are major influencers in your niche. They the have the pulse of the niches and determine what many people in the niche are interested in. If you identify the top sites in your niche and talk about the same things […]

SEO Gladiators build your search engine rank #ad

Dan Lew just announced his new SEO Gladiators search engine optimization service. Lew and his team have a range of SEO services they offer for busy marketers who don’t have the time (and maybe, don’t have the skills) to do their own optimization. Their simplest service is an analysis of your site, to inform you […]

Untapped Keyword Research: find keywords that lead to higher sales #ad

There are keywords that can bring in good sales that other marketers are ignoring, Taylor Rizer says that focusing on these existing, searched for, but ignored keywords is the method for finding a lot of good, targeted traffic. He has proven it in his own marketing. Now he has created a new training guide (with […]

Matt Callen’s New Traffic Recon, live at Noon EDT #ad

Webmasters need up-to-date SEO tools ans strategies. In the last year and a half, Google implemented multiple Panda and Penguin updates, trying to improve the results for people who use the Google search engine. All of us can rejoice that we aren’t facing lots of spam on the first page any longer. On the other […]

Giga Pin Traffic: Don’t depend on Google for your traffic #ad

Ivana Bosnjak got fed up with trying to get traffic from Google SEO. The hoops she had to jump through to rank well got harder and harder. Now, she has found a way to get traffic that is quicker and gives more dramatic results. Bosnjak has turned to Pinterest for her traffic. Its 70 Million […]

Untapped Authority Backlinks can improve your SEO #ad

Google has made it quite clear that the quality of your links matters a whole lot more than the quantity. WArrior Faraaz has just released Untapped Authority Backlinks to help you find and benefit from authority sites that are willing to favor you with links. And he is specifically looking for authority sites that people […]

Comment Commander Pro: Backlinks that make a difference #ad

A lot of backlinking strategies no longer have any SEO value and may even damage your SEO. But backlinks from authority sites are a different story. Authority blog commenting works for improving your ranking because the search engines know all of the comments and back links on these authority sites are individually moderated by the […]

Authority Revolution: Mini-sites are Dead; Authority Sites Rule #ad

Josh Precht‘s latest product, Authority Revolution, cuts to the heart of modern SEO. If you want a site high in Google’s rankings, you need it to be an authority site. What’s an authority site? It has a lot of useful content It gets a lot of traffic It gets backlinks from other sites Google respects […]

Comment Commander Pro: drive targeted traffic and build ranking #ad

David Henry says you don’t need to trick Google into giving you high rank, you just need to understand what they consider to be indicators of quality and supply those indicators for your site. He has just released Comment Commander Pro to show you how to build your standing in the eyes of search engines […]

Keyword Grabber: Long-tail Keywords to Easily Generate Massive Traffic #ad

One of the secrets of high ranking is the choice of keywords you want to rank for. It’s a cinch to rank when there is hardly any competition. That’s why you want to find “long-tail” keywords, and optimize your site for them, rather than for hotly contested keywords. Keyword Grabber is designed to help you […]