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Friday, December 3, 2021

85% of all web traffic comes from video. Animaytor stakes your claim #ad

Video is taking over the internet. This isn’t surprising when you consider that every day YouTube has 5 Billion video views and every day Facebook has 8 Billion. This isn’t actually surprising considering the emotional power contained in a good video. A single good video can tap into the viewer’s emotions, keep them engaged, and urge them to take action. That makes videos the fastest and the easiest way to get leads, sales and buyers quickly If videos weren’t so expensive to create they would be the number one tool in your marketing toolkit. We regularly get email from... [...]

Motion Mascots bring sales videos to life #ad

If you have been using videos that contain slides with plain text or even with text and static graphics, you’re not grabbing as much attention as you can. Adding relevant motion to your videos can increase their drawing power. Graphic artist Lucas Adamski has just released his fourth volume of people in motion, Motion Mascots, volume 4, with 450 animated characters. Included in this new set are general business people, as well as people in skilled occupations, such as plumber, architect, barber, and more. Each character comes in 3 skin tones and in varieties of actions. These will be ideal... [...]