If you have been using videos that contain slides with plain text or even with text and static graphics, you’re not grabbing as much attention as you can. Adding relevant motion to your videos can increase their drawing power.

Graphic artist Lucas Adamski has just released his fourth volume of people in motion, Motion Mascots, volume 4, with 450 animated characters.

Included in this new set are general business people, as well as people in skilled occupations, such as plumber, architect, barber, and more.

Each character comes in 3 skin tones and in varieties of actions. These will be ideal for making explainer videos for both online and local businesses.

These Motion Mascots are compatible with all major video creation programs, including:

Adobe After Effects
Easy Animator Pro
Video Maker FX

Here’s a chance to create high quality videos without hiring an expensive graphics designer. There’s a launch underway with special pricing you don’t want to miss.

Our readers will receive unannounced bonuses. Take a sneak peek at them here: IM NewsWatch Bonuses for Motion mascots

See these characters in action and learn more about how they can improve your business here: Motion Mascots, volume 4

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