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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Boost your Marketing with 2018 Stock Images Pack #ad

Graphics can enhance the engagement of your visitors with your site, your social media or even your email. That’s long been true, and there’s no likelihood that it will ever change. But unless you are a graphic designer, yourself, adding graphics to your marketing can sometimes be expensive. But well-known designer Lucas Adamski is offing a collection of graphics that will boost your engagement wherever you use them. He calls them “Double Exposure Stock Images”. You can see them here: Double Exposure Stock Images. The images artfully overlay one image on another one, creating... [...]

New Graphics Spice up Online and Offline Marketing #ad

Lucas Adamski and his fellow graphic artist, Ugoo Carson have produced a new bundle of niche graphics for both online and offline niches. And to this niche-oriented package the have added a bundle of new Christmas graphics. They are offering these graphics in their package (they call it Graphixmas) to online marketers and marketing consultants who want to make professional marketing materials. Graphixmas includes graphics for web pages, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Pluse offline grahics for business cards, letterheads,and advertising novelties. There are a large number of Christmas... [...]

Fresh Vector Graphics for Social Media, Website & Video #ad

Graphics (professionally designed graphics, that is) can perk up any marketing. That’s true online (websites, blogs, etc. and off line (brochures, flyers, signage, etc.). Now a professional graphics designer, Lucas Adamski, is offering you over 1000 graphics in a wide variety of designs for a small investment, in Vector Ninja. As the name implies, these graphics are all in SVG vector format (plus, you also get PNG format), so that they can be enlarged or shrunk to meet your size needs. That’s important when you are designing a site or other marketing piece. You want just the right size... [...]

Motion Mascots bring sales videos to life #ad

If you have been using videos that contain slides with plain text or even with text and static graphics, you’re not grabbing as much attention as you can. Adding relevant motion to your videos can increase their drawing power. Graphic artist Lucas Adamski has just released his fourth volume of people in motion, Motion Mascots, volume 4, with 450 animated characters. Included in this new set are general business people, as well as people in skilled occupations, such as plumber, architect, barber, and more. Each character comes in 3 skin tones and in varieties of actions. These will be ideal... [...]

Kindle books need great covers for great sales #ad

This is our last opportunity to tell you about Lucas Adamski‘s new collection of covers that you can customize with your book title, author name and, if you like, with a new graphic. (No Photoshop needed; Powerpoint or Open Office is enough.) Adamski is a professional graphic designed. He has many design projects to his credit. His latest (he calls it Ecover Maniac V2) is a collection of 80 book covers suitable for Kindle (and, with a little work, for Nook or physical books.) He laid out the cover, selected a compatible font, added a suitable graphic, all with a designer’s eye. Unless... [...]

How to Boost Your Book Sales on Kindle #ad

Lucas Adamski has just released a new package of cover designs for Kindle books, Ecover Maniac V2. A compelling cover design helps some authors make thousands of book sales. Poor cover designs almost doom an author to failure. Because people really do judge a book by its cover. That has been proven, over and over again. Your prospective buyers spend only a few seconds to decide whether your book is worthwhile. If you want to sell books on Kindle or other e-book platforms, they collection of covers that you can customize may be just what your need: Ecover Maniac V2. It includes 80 premium quality... [...]

Ecover Maniac V2: 80 cover designs for your Kindle books #ad

Well-known graphic designer, Lucas Adamski, has released his latest professional designs, Ecover Maniac V2, an enhancement of his original Ecover Maniac. These 80 attractive covers (40 for fiction and 40 for non-fiction) can make your e-book more appealing and that can increase your sales (and your following, people looking for your next book.) Use the covers on your books and through the help of the included software, create 3D views of your books to be used in advertisements. By using Ecover Maniac V2, will save money on hiring graphic designers by making your own graphics in minutes. And you... [...]

90 “Done-For-You” Headline Graphics For Maximum Conversions #ad

A professional graphical look is a way to attract their attention and get them to read your sales letter. Your headline is the first thing people see. It’s what draws them in, captivates them and keeps them around long enough to buy your products, Lucas Adamski has just released Graphics Treasure Chest to give your site a boost. Inside Graphics Treasure Chest you’ll get 90 conversion-boosting graphic headlines that are proven to increase engagement, the first step to increasing sales. If you’re struggling to make sales online, this may become your powerful sales weapon. Engage... [...]

Graphics Mystic Toolkit V3: Give your site a professional look #ad

Lucas Adamski & Andrzej Tomaszewski have just announced Product: Graphics Mystic Toolkit V3, a major collection of many types of graphics marketers need in their web sites and other materials. This brand new set is the newest volume of graphics from this talented team, not a repeat of volume 1 or 2. (If you missed these earlier volumes, they are available to buyers of volume 3 for a special price.) Over 540 new graphics for many purposes are included in this new set. This new set contaqins 18 sets of graphics, from Webinar Registration Landing Pages to Facebook Timeline Covers to Infographic... [...]