KlickXCopy copywriting AI softwareKlickXCopy can automate your copywriting, whether it’s for a blog, video, social post, sales page, squeeze page, email, ad, text message, or even a complete e-book.

It’s your personal copywriting assistant powered by proven Copywriting Frameworks and Artificial Intelligence.

All you need to do is select the type of content you want to create and type in a couple of keywords for your product and its description. The software does the rest.

To make sure, your copy will attract sales, KlickXCopy uses the following proven copywriting frameworks:

  • AIDA (Attention/Interest/Desire/Action) Framework for high converting sales copy
  • PAS (Problem/Agitate/Solution) Framework for effective copy in a proven chronology.

The built-in AI creates quality engaging content for your viral videos and posts on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms that you want to share content on and grow your followers and leads.

You’ll be able to write content in minutes and improve both the quality and the quantity of your output while taking less time than ever.

And wherever you are in the world, it can be your best marketing friend because it translates your copy into 106 different languages.

Not only that, but you get a commercial license that allows you to offer a copywriting service to clients.

There is a kickoff webinar at 10:00 NY Time, with a discount on the whole funnel for attendees.

If you want to attend the webinar, go here quickly. After the webinar, this link will take you to the sales page: KlickXCopy.

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