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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Creaite: Intelligent content creation software #ad

Creaite has just been released by Joshua Zamora. This is a new artificially intelligent SaaS application that generates fresh, readable, unique content in any major niche you might want to sell into. That’s important. You need good content on your website to rank well in the search engines. At IM NewsWatch we produce quality content every day. Without that, our ranking would drop like a rock. That can happen to you, too, without good, high-quality, plentiful content. This new capability to create content quickly will make your website more useful (which will attract more readers), and search... [...]

Retargeting for individual online marketers and small businesses (by Creaite)

The following article was created by Creaite. The process was that: 1. We chose a niche and sub-niche 2. We wrote the first paragraph. 3. The artificial intelligence in this new SaaS tool, “understood” the concepts we wanted in the article and added the subsequent paragraphs to it. 4. We added the post title. We didn’t like the title Creaite proposed. We haven’t tweaked the wording in the article at all. Creaite had inserted the headings, but it had not included heading tags (since the article might have been printed instead of being published online), so we added the HTML... [...]

Jonathan Leger Releases ‘Instant Article Wizard 3’ Software Demo Video

Jonathan Leger has released the ‘Instant Article Wizard 3’ software demo video to describe how this software works. [Instant Article Wizard 3] […]  [...]

Jonathan Leger Offers 45% Off On ‘Instant Article Wizard 3’ Software

Jonathan Leger is offering 45% off on the ‘Instant Article Wizard 3’ software. Leger is offering this discount for five days. [‘Instant Article Wizard 3’ 45% Off] […]  [...]

Jonathan Leger Launches ‘Instant Article Wizard 3’ Software

Jonathan Leger has launched the ‘Instant Article Wizard 3’ software. According to Leger, this software enables marketers to write articles automatically. This software was open for beta testing and the feedback from the beta testers has been incorporated in it. [‘Instant Article Wizard 3’ Software] […]  [...]

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