Creaite has just been released by Joshua Zamora. This is a new artificially intelligent SaaS application that generates fresh, readable, unique content in any major niche you might want to sell into.

That’s important. You need good content on your website to rank well in the search engines. At IM NewsWatch we produce quality content every day. Without that, our ranking would drop like a rock. That can happen to you, too, without good, high-quality, plentiful content.

This new capability to create content quickly will make your website more useful (which will attract more readers), and search engines will notice. So, you should get more traffic to your site, earn more from the site, and possibly even dominate your site’s niche.

Artificial Intelligence isn’t new, but as researchers keep improving it, the possibilities are continuing to grow. Take a look at what this A.I. system can do for your content writing here: Creaite Demo.

With this new tool, you will get all these capabilities:
• you’ll get unique, content for any of your sites or client sites in under 90 seconds
• You won’t ever have to write content from scratch yourself or hire someone to write it for you.
• You will be using the first practical AI article writing tool for small businesses and individuals.
• You can practically guarantee that your visitors won’t be able to tell if it was human written or A.I. written.
• You will get truly unique content that will pass a Copyscape check every time. They guarantee it.
• With this content, you’ll be able to:
 >>> Get more rankings and traffic for your niches sites
 >>> Get more rankings and traffic for your client sites
 >>> Get content creation capability as a service on Fiverr, etc.
 >>> Get more traffic and sales to your e-commerce stores
 >>> Get more free traffic from social media by leveraging quality content marketing

With Creaite, you can create content for the most popular niches online and build your business in all these niches.

You can also offer content writing services:
❌ Without being a wordsmith
❌ Without even being a native speaker
❌ Without doing any of the actual writing

IM NewsWatch invested in this software and ran a test to see how well it performs. See the article on retargeting it created for us (and our initial assessment of its quality) here: Retargeting for individual online marketers and small businesses (by Creaite).

The price is reasonable, but is rising every day until it closes. Don’t delay. Get your copy here, now: Creaite.

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