EZDeals Advanced Software for Deal Pages

EZDeals Advanced is a Premium Deals Page Creator which has a number of different layouts of deal pages for various niches, mostly in local niches but some online niches as well. As a marketer to local businesses, you can offer them advertising space for their deals to boost the sales of their products or services.

It is easy to use; it creates high converting, scarcity driven deal pages in just a few clicks.

Features of your deal site business include:
➤ Create and Sell individual EZDeals Pages 1 business at Time
➤ Extra templates for the sake of variety
➤ Social media covers matching your templates
➤ Prospecting and Sales Tools
➤ Bonuses that will help you enhance your sales
➤ Advanced Features:
• 15 New Templates
• Yelp Deals Finder
• Scarcity Page
• QR Code Generator
• Multiple Choices to Buy From
• and many more…

During this launch, you get:
⭐ A Low Onetime Price
⭐ A 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
⭐ No Monthly Fees (this offer is only today, they say)

Are you ready to become a lifesaver for local business owners?

Yes, you could be a business’s lifesaver because they need your help. Without it they may go out of business.

What’s in it for you? Everyone wants recurring income coming in month after month with very little work. EZDeals Advanced makes that pssible.

This is Push Button software, doing most of the work for you.

Steve Jenkins, Prady N, and team have worked hard to create software that they are using and now you get to use it as well.

=> Click Here For Full Live Walkthrough: EZDeals Advanced .

Groupon and Yelp Deals are expensive for local business. Now you can be the hero by offering them deal pages that are lower-cost, but still profitable for you.

This is the perfect “foot in the door” service can help you win local clients.

Click Here to find out how you can grab the Yelp Premium Account Sniper: EZDeals Advanced

This will allow you to easily find and target businesses spending money on Yelp.

These are the best customers for you to reach out to because many businesses are frustrated by Yelp’s high prices, hidden fees and unfair, long-term contracts.

Within seconds, EZDeals Advanced delivers to you dozens of businesses spending money and offering deals on Yelp. EZDeals can also find you “Hot and New” Yelp listings, as well as Restaurants that accept reservations.

Easily swipe local businesses from Groupon and Yelp with your own profitable deals business: EZDeals Advanced .

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