Nick Mann released AI Authority Blog today.

It’s the latest “done for you” solution that uses Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) to build assets for online marketers.

As you know, AI has made significant inroads into marketing, automating a lot of activity that formerly was done manually or with rudimentary tools.

If you are an authority on AI (or can quickly become one) there is an opportunity in selling your services to marketers.

At least being familiar enough with AI to provide basic AI consulting can give you the start along that road.

Most businesses have no clue about how to take advantage of AI. If you have a basic understanding and can use AI tools, you will be way ahead of thousands of potential clients that are looking for marketing help that AI can supply.

Business leaders are busy leading their business. They don’t have time to become fluent in this new technology. They need someone who can help them take advantage of what it can do for their business.

Mann’s AI Authority Blog creates a DFY Agency-Style “AI Authority” blog with:
➤ All content loaded for you
➤ Auto-Content Curation
➤ Full Re-Sell Rights
that can position you to be an AI consultant and bring you traffic and, potentially, clients.

It is super easy to set up because it is auto-populated with the Latest AI Articles, Posts, and Videos.

Look at all the Powerful Features making it easy to get started and grow that AI Authority Blog has:

  • Lead Capture Header Built-In
  • Video Enabled Slider/Banner
  • Five Pages w/Content Loaded
  • Access the Latest A.I Content
  • Auto Content Curation Built-in
  • Use Any AR For Lead Capture
  • Newsletter Sign-Up Page
  • Designated “Store” Page
  • Sell Advertising Space
  • Enhanced SEO Functions
  • Social Sharing Built-in
  • Enhanced Security Built-in
  • Installs In Minutes
  • Pro Agency Style Designs
  • Animated Clickable Graphics
  • Monetize in Multiple Ways

and More

And don’t forget, he offers a full PLR Rights option to the whole DFY Blog Bundle.

Plus, over a year of DFY Business Newsletter Articles is included, articles that you could load into Any Auto Responder to have your own newsletter that clients can Opt-In to.

If this is a niche you want to serve, this Ultra-Modern Style AI Authority Blog will save you 100s of hours and a lot of expense while helping you build trust in all your services.

It is expected that the market for AI consulting services will explode over the next few years. This agency website positions you to ride that wave.

So take advantage of this limited discount (It only lasts 3 days) and save. See a live demo here: AI Authority Blog.

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