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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Archive for the 'Viral Marketing' Category

WP She’s Viral Pro: Visitor unlocks content by really sharing #ad

Anton Nadillo and his team are releasing a new viral WordPress plugin today at 11:00 EDT. You might want to get there a little early and sign up as an early bird. They call it WP She’s Viral Pro , and it’s different from most viral plugins. Most give an incentive to visitors to share by offering a free item for anyone who shares. WP She’s Viral Pro goes one step farther. It creates a unique referral link that the “referrer” shares with friends. Only when one or more of those friends responds (you can set the required number of responders) is the content unlocked. So people... [...]

Viral Lead Machine: Spend less on your traffic; make more sales #ad

Wouldn’t it be great is your subscribers were also your promoters, spreading the news about your service to their friends all around the web? The new Viral Lead Machine aims to help you build this army of excited followers so you can see your targeted traffic increase, and more targeted traffic means more sales. And the nice thing is: your subscribers are doing the work, not you. This new software brings in dirt-cheap traffic without SEO or PPC, and without a lot of wasted time tweaking your site. Viral Lead Machine lets you create a viral contest, using graphics, that people want to share... [...]

Tsunami Sites Weekend Sale: SIphon visitors from Facebook #ad

Veteran marketer Shawn Casey (he’s been in this business over 10 years) has been involved in all kinds of online marketing, from software development to webinars to “you name it”. Now, he has something new and potentially game-changing. Casey has just announced Tsunami Sites, and through the weekend, it’s on a grand opening sale. Early Monday, the price goes up. Facebook drives millions of visitors daily to media websites (sites with videos, funny pictures, etc.) For example, it sends about 4 Million visitors to daily. It sends nearly a half-million to [...]

Chris Munch launches Hook Pages at 11 AM EDT #ad

Chris Munch is known as a prolific creator of marketing tools. His latest is Hook Pages. The key to hook pages is something Munch calls “pillar content”. He has created 3 videos available (with free opt-in) from his “soon-to-be sales page” that explains what he means. If you are short on time, skip video 1. There’s a lot of good information in video 2 on finding and using pillar content. “Pillar Content” refers to high-quality content that sets the theme of your site, so people will know what to expect when they come back. His video explains things like: •... [...]

WP Viral Payments helps your customers sell for you #ad

Rob Cornish has just released a new WordPress plugin,WP Viral Payments, to make it simple for your customers to do two things: • Add or remove items in their shopping cart • Get a discount if they share your product page on Facebook. They can even share a coupon code so their friends get a discount, too, if you choose. WP Viral Payments works with Paypal, Google Checkout, and more. You can even use it with affiliate management systems like ClickBank. It gathers optins through an easy pre-sale process if you choose. And those “shares” can send people to your squeeze page if... [...]

Online Contests can bring viral buzz and growth to your business #ad

Travis Ketchum has just announced a 7-day sale on Contest Domination. During the sale, Ketchum and his partners have dropped the price from the regular $360/year to less than 10% of that. With this software, you can create contests for any purpose without needing any technical skills. Its easy fill-in-the-blanks interface and professional templates put the power of contests in the reach of any marketer. This software has built-in logic to choose the winner, so you don’t have to worry about fairness. It also has built-in social sharing functions so your visitors can virally share the news... [...]

Customer Retention Formula: How to keep your customers and turn them into ambassadors #ad

Marketers have known two principles for centuries: 1. It costs far less to keep an existing customer than to get a new one. 2. Words of mouth advertising, in which your happy customers tell others about you, is the best advertising. Customer Retention Formula shows you how to use these two principles to full advantage. Almost 50 videos are dedicated to how to cultivate a positive, supportive and profitable relationship with your customers. So they will be happy, so they will buy from you, and so they will recommend you to their friends. In Customer Retention Formula, Chris Reck says he is aiming... [...]

Trophy Pigeon: Do your SEO viraly #ad


Trophy Pigeon: Do your SEO virally #ad


SEO Pro Bono: Other businesses will send you paying clients at no charge #ad

DareDevil Marketing has been receiving a calendar full of clients through the marketing efforts of other companies, who do the prospecting and pre-selling at no charge. All DareDevil does is take the order. They know that the best clients are people referred to you by satisfied clients. So they find a business already serving the clients they want to attract. They build a relationship with that business by helping it at no charge, Then they suggest that business mention this same service to their clients (and add a “little special something” to that suggestion.) The end result is that... [...]

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