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Saturday, January 18, 2020
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Posts Tagged With ‘ viral marketing ’

Only a keyword? No, it’s a lot more, using ViralReel #ad

When you create a marketing video, your goal is to attract people who are interested in a particular keyword (a product name, for example). You want your video to rank for that keyword in the search engines so people will click to see your video. For this approach to be effective, you need to choose […]

Use “Hook Pages” to create viral content #ad

The latest software from Chris Munch is Hook Pages, a tool to build the popularity of your website using great content. The key to hook pages is something Munch calls “pillar content”. His sales page has a video that explains what he means in detail. But, in summary, “Pillar Content” refers to high-quality content that […]

Viral Conversion Lead Funnels: The Secret To The 15-Min Workday #ad

Custom solutions to people’s problems leads to loyal fans. That’s the principle behind Viral Conversion Lead Funnels. Rob Jones has built this software to build your list and do it virally by giving people what they really need as a reward for opting into your list. On your site, you use Viral Conversion Lead Funnels […]

WP Viral Payments helps your customers sell for you #ad

Rob Cornish has just released a new WordPress plugin,WP Viral Payments, to make it simple for your customers to do two things: • Add or remove items in their shopping cart • Get a discount if they share your product page on Facebook. They can even share a coupon code so their friends get a […]

Social Link Builder: Give visitors an incentive to share #ad

Anton Lomax, the creator of Social Link Builder, says everybody loves a discount, and he’s right. You can take advantage of this desire for a bargain to build your list, sell more products and do it all virally. Lomax has created a WordPress plugin that lets you offer a reward in return for the visitor’s […]

Online Contests can bring viral buzz and growth to your business #ad

Travis Ketchum has just announced a 7-day sale on Contest Domination. During the sale, Ketchum and his partners have dropped the price from the regular $360/year to less than 10% of that. With this software, you can create contests for any purpose without needing any technical skills. Its easy fill-in-the-blanks interface and professional templates put […]

Customer Retention Formula: How to keep your customers and turn them into ambassadors #ad

Marketers have known two principles for centuries: 1. It costs far less to keep an existing customer than to get a new one. 2. Words of mouth advertising, in which your happy customers tell others about you, is the best advertising. Customer Retention Formula shows you how to use these two principles to full advantage. […]

SEO Pro Bono: Other businesses will send you paying clients at no charge #ad

DareDevil Marketing has been receiving a calendar full of clients through the marketing efforts of other companies, who do the prospecting and pre-selling at no charge. All DareDevil does is take the order. They know that the best clients are people referred to you by satisfied clients. So they find a business already serving the […]

Going Viral on Facebook: A proven free traffic strategy #ad

Yoel Cohen has created a set of “over the shoulder” videos of himself as he works with his Facebook account to bring him viral traffic. His approach, he says, works in any niche to get your fans and their friends to Like, to Comment and to Share your Facebook posts. This is no small matter. […]

Buzzinar just launched- for viral sales funnels #ad

The average internet marketer doesn’t approach the selling process carefully, as building a real business.Ad hoc promotions for an affiliate product or, occasionally, their own product, repeated one after another, don’t make a real business. When approached correctly, making money online isn’t hard. Even a kid can make money selling baseball cards on eBay. Anybody […]