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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

SQZin: Turn any Page into a Viral Squeeze Page #ad

SQZin Leads machine is a simple viral traffic tool anyone can use without needing to create content. The social media giants have such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have lots of new content every day. Some of it is excellent, and you can feed that content, enhanced with your call to action, etc. to your list or your followers using the 2019 version of SQZin Leads machine. Now, you can send “squeezed” content to an audience that will find it compelling enough to pass it on to their friends. Find a piece of content that you admire and that gets a lot of traffic on its own. Then... [...]

Zippo Pay, A new way to take online payments #ad

Bryan Winters. is the man behind the new payment software, Zippo Pay. What he and his team have created is so clever, you haven’t see it before; neither have your customers. Zippo Pay is an ingenious new patent-pending online income opportunity for beginners and pros alike. In their initial testing, their new software and the related web funnel (that comes with it) brought in over $300 and nearly 150 email leads in a matter of hours. And it took only a few minutes to set up. You can see how they did it in a case study video they created for you. Click here to watch it: Zippo Pay. The heart... [...]

PerkZilla Launch Sale ends at midnight. Last chance. #ad

This is your last chance to get the Grand Opening deal on PerkZilla. The launch-week special offer is expiring at midnight. But if you act now, you can get the PerkZilla app for a low, one-time fee And there will never be anything else to pay. Think of it: • No annual fees, • No monthly fees, • No hidden costs. The developers report that PerkZilla brings you all the subscribers, sales and social love you can handle. As a reminder, PerkZilla is the brand new viral rewards platform from PromoteLabs. It gives you a totally automated way to get more social love, more subscribers, more... [...]

Turn Any Page into a Viral Squeeze Page #ad

Cindy Donovan is going to show you how to win at video marketing with no videos of your own. Now you can “piggyback” on videos that have already gone viral. Are you a video marketer? If not, you are missing one of the most productive tools a marketer can use. However, typically, you can take advantage of the power of video is you come up with fresh ideas for a video and have the equipment and knowledge needed to create, edit and post videos. Even so, remember that video marketing is one of the most profitable methods of online marketing. But there’s another way. What if you had... [...]

UpViral marketing tool goes live this morning, grows your list #ad

Now you can have a software solution for online marketing to attract and engage your audience: • Easily Run Viral Giveaways • Easily Run Viral Contests & Sweepstakes • Easily Run Viral Product Launches Wilco de Kreij‘s new UpViral makes all these (and more) a snap. Yesterday, we told you about the training videos from de Kreij. He has now delivered the third and last video here: Viral Marketing videos. As we mentioned, de Kreij prepared those videos to show you the power of viral marketing and to whet your appetite for his new software that can automate the process for... [...]

Was it glitches or gremlins that bollixed “She’s Viral” #ad

During yesterday’s launch of WP She’s Viral Pro , the sales system broke down. Nobody was able to buy for a while. The launch was suspended, and some of you may not have come back later in the day to get your copy. It’s open again and IM NewsWatch has 8 top bonuses to make it even better. Why make the effort to get viral traffic? Well, there was a day when getting traffic to a website was easy. Using SEO with a few backlinks, was all it took. But with all of Google’s updates it’s not that easy anymore. Today, if you do get traffic that way, it’s fleeting at... [...]

WP She’s Viral Pro: Visitor unlocks content by really sharing #ad

Anton Nadillo and his team are releasing a new viral WordPress plugin today at 11:00 EDT. You might want to get there a little early and sign up as an early bird. They call it WP She’s Viral Pro , and it’s different from most viral plugins. Most give an incentive to visitors to share by offering a free item for anyone who shares. WP She’s Viral Pro goes one step farther. It creates a unique referral link that the “referrer” shares with friends. Only when one or more of those friends responds (you can set the required number of responders) is the content unlocked. So... [...]

Build viral content for your site manually or automatically #ad

“Pillar Traffic” comes a long-forgotten term in the internet marketing world, “pillar content.” The idea was popular with bloggers several years ago and referred to traffic campaigns where bloggers would create specific types of very engaging content that their audience would share with their friends. Eventually, this dropped from most people’s radar. However, in part because it is no longer overused, it’s even more useful in bringing in new traffic now than ever. Chris Munch and his team are reviving this once popular traffic method. They have developed software... [...]