Advertising on YouTube is one of the best ways to reach out the video surfers. As video is one of the most effective marketing tools, most brands prefer to advertise over it.

Marketing Land contributor Bruce Budkofsky has shared six steps to help marketers maximize their YouTube advertising.

Budkofsky says, “Leading the pack when it comes to where brands are spending is YouTube. Twenty percent of online video advertising is spent on YouTube. It’s easy to plug-and-play YouTube into your online video plan, but how do you truly maximize your advertising on the platform?

Understand YouTube itself

YouTube is the most visited entertainment website in the world. The average visit is more than 22 minutes long. People watch with purpose. They’re leaning forward and highly engaged in what they’re watching.

What’s often overlooked is that YouTube is also a search engine – the second largest – and people use it as a utility to research something, to learn about a particular topic, to find a solution for something, or to watch a “how-to” video.

Marketers should think of YouTube not only as entertainment but also as a search engine or a “reference engine,” and leverage it as such”.

Back to Basics: Maximize your YouTube advertising

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