According to a recent Google report, 70% advertisers said that YouTube bumper ads helped them increase their brand awareness.

It means that creating creative bumper ads can help marketers to gain better momentum on YouTube.

Econsultancy’s Nikki Gilliland has shared useful tips on creating effective bumper ads.

Gilliland says, “Instead of saying everything in 30 seconds, bumper ads can allow brands to piece together a story over a period of time – the only difference being a series of separate ads as opposed to a single one.

In fact, this approach could be why bumper ads are more effective for ad recall, as it allows brands to plant a seed before building momentum. Of course, it also aligns with the short attention span of modern viewers, who are likely to prefer shorter ads in order to get to the desired content as quickly as possible”.

Tips to Create Effective YouTube Bumper Ads

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