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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Archive for the 'Marketing Automation Software' Category

Minute Kit: Your instant online business #ad

Minute Kit is a bundle of 7 membership websites complete with lead magnets, automated sales systems, funnels for each (upsells, downsells) that are ready and earning you 100% commissions in under 1 minute. Cindy Donovan is hosting a free Minute Kit introduction webinar where you’ll discover how you can collect hundreds of email addresses every day and automatically turn them into a constant flow of $9.97, $27 and $47 sales. And when you grab your seat you’ll qualify for the chance to get early access free. => Grab your seat here: Minute Kit. And save the date: 23rd of Nov 9 AM EST for this... [...]

MarketingBlocks: First AI All in One Online Business Builder #ad

Join Ifiok Nkem as he introduces you to MarketingBlocks Launch Webinar, the world’s first AI-powered app that creates business assets with the input of just one keyword. When? November 11th at 10 AM ET/NY. Register here. Limited seats open: MarketingBlocks Launch Webinar. Not only do you get a front-row seat at the MarketingBlocks REVEAL, but you also get a chance to win massive early-bird discounts and crazy bonuses as well. This powerful all-around tool helps you generate irresistible marketing assets that contribute massively to your online business in no time. Here’s a quick look into the... [...]

Prime software makes multi-channel marketing practical #ad

Small businesses have a hard time managing their marketing. Website, social media, video, SMS, and more are all good marketing tools, but they are hard to manage all at once. Prime does it all. You know that the more places you can spread your name, the more people will get to know you and do business with you. This new software helps you coordinate your marketing in 7 marketing venues, with: 1. Messenger Chat BOT Marketing Tools 2. Email Marketing Tools 3. SMS marketing Tools 4. Social Media Marketing Tools 5. Push Notification Marketing Tools 6. Video Marketing Tools 7. Live Streaming Marketing... [...]

Kiire manages and grows your Instagram account using AI #ad

Abhi Dwivedi has just released a brand new Instagram automation app called Kiire. Growing Instagram accounts is a very time-consuming process. You need to: • Create content and Stories to get organic reach, • Answer tons of messages and comments every single day, • and a lot more. Kiire is designed to fully-automate and grow your Instagram accounts by doing all this and more. And, if you have a marketing agency, it can automate your clients’ accounts, too. It does all this by handling all of the hard work that is needed to make sure your Instagram account thrives. Your Direct... [...]

Smart Content Profits builds, populates, and hosts sites #ad

If you have been online for any time at all, you’ve probably received so many marketing emails that you ignore a lot of them. Even more to the point, you’ve probably bought some apps and training that have let you down. You may have reached the point that you think everything is a scam. You may want to check out : Smart Content Profits. Richard Fairbairn and his partner, Paul OKeeffe just released this new SaaS app that will change the way you will create content and will make your content more producive for you. Fairbairn began to see success online when he started building content sites.... [...] replaces 14 professional marketing systems #ad

Never want to pay for marketing software again? With Groove.CM Platinum Lifetime, it’s possible. It’s the most complete marketing software suite you have ever seen. You can get an introductory version at no cost (yes, completely free,) or you can get the upgraded, complete suite at a special one-time investment today only. Don’t delay. Get the free version or get the upgraded version before the one-time investment opportunity is gone. If you want to start with the free version, go here: Groove Free Limited Version. When you know you want the whole suite, before the one-time price... [...]

SociRobotic makes your social media into effective marketing tools #ad

SociRobotic, which has just been released, is your All-In-One social media automation and traffic generation tool. It has two important missions: • Make management of your social media accounts easier • Find and attract new traffic to your social media accounts (which can drive more traffic to your main website or sales page). It allows you drive highly targeted buyers traffic from 11 different social media platforms to any page, website or store in a few clicks without any technical skills or setup. Here are the 11 social media sites you can syndicate your information to. Of course,... [...]

WhatDROID is 💯% ready to bring you WhatsApp automation #ad

Automating any part of marketing is a win. Automating messaging (which is at the heart of modern online marketing) is a super win. WhatDROID is breakthrough software that can save hours each week, freeing marketers for more creative activities. WhatsApp is the largest messaging application online, with more than 1.3 billion active users globally. Email, on the other hand, has a declining open rate, and even when the email is opened, the click-though rate on links in the email is also declining. WhatsApp messages are opened at the rate of 88%-98%. This is also backed by serious engagement with... [...]

iMarketer: “All in One” fully automated marketing platform #ad

Dan Green is releasing iMarketer at 11 AM EST today.This software is actually a system, not a simple application lets you run a complete online business with no hosting hassles or monthly charges for other marketing tools Green says that this new tool with a cool name gives you “Everything you Need to Succeed: Unlimited Bandwidth, Fully Hosted Website. Unlimited Autoresponder, Unlimited Lists, Unlimited Leads, Unlimited Emails. Plus EASY Adsense Monetisation And No Monthly Fees.” Furthermore, he says that iMarketer gives you these benefits: ► An easy “Newbie Friendly”... [...]

NicheCheetah builds sites with quality content and ads in minutes #ad

NicheCheetah, in short, allows you to create “Content-Ready” Websites For Any Niche. Yes, it builds the website, and then it populates it with content. And it does it almost instantaneously. And you’ll also be getting Resale Rights to this new software so not only can you build niche sites for yourself; you can start selling it to other marketers right away and keep 100% of each sale you make. NicheCheetah creates text articles bsed on YouTube videos. That’s permitted under the YouTube Creative Commons license (although individual creators can opt out so make sure any videos... [...]