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Monday, January 24, 2022

Butterfly Marketing still works; Mike Filsaime webinar today #ad

When we first became internet marketers about 15 years ago, Mike Filsaime was one of the first teachers we turned to for learning how to succeed online. We started our journey with his training he called “Butterfly Marketing”. It wasn’t cheap, but it was good. As he tells it, he chose that name after reading about chaos theory, with its famous idea that the flutter of a butterfly’s wings in an isolated meadow can have untold downstream effects anywhere in the world, effects that cannot be predicted in advance. His point in naming his training based on that theory is that... [...]

Today’s Groove-a-Thon Schedule #ad

Mike Filsaime‘s multi-day 24/7 webinar, Groove-a-Thon, continues through Monday, offering expert training in marketing online. As we mentioned before, he is offering a life-time license for his GrooveFunnels™ tools to all who attend any of his training. There will be a lot of useful information shared today. As you will see below, the sessions will share techniques for many aspects of electronic marketing, such as podcasting, list building, and more. Filsaime has just released a suite of tools that assist in many facets of online marketing. When you sample his suite of tools by using GrooveFunnels™,... [...]

GrooveFunnels offer and Groove-a-Thon only available 4 more days #ad

We have told you about the free marketing training Mike Filsaime is currently offering in his Groove-a-Thon. Here’s today’s training: 12:00-2:00 AM EST Simon Leung with Jerry Chen (2-Tier Affiliate Programs) 2:00-4:00 AM EST Simon Leung with Adeline Tan (Groove Chat) 4:00-6:00 AM EST Simon Leung with Vitini Lin (Converting Your Business Online) 6:00-8:00 AM EST David Lemon with Bertrand @ Youzign (How to Build an Entire Brand from Scratch) 8:00-9:00 AM EST David Lemon interview with Asher Aw 9:00 AM-12:00 PM EST David Lemon (Building a Full Hybrid Website for a Drop Servicing Business) 12:00-2:00... [...]

5 days left to claim free GrooveFunnel and bonuses #ad

We have told you about Mike Filsaime‘s ongoing week-long Groove-a-Thon. It’s a 24/7 live stream where you can learn from the top legends of online marketing like Mike Filsaime, Perry Belcher, and more. Several days have passed but there are still 5 days to go, with a lineup full of marketing experts. And there is no charge for attendance, as often as you want, for as long as you want. In Groove-a-Thon, you get around the clock training that can elevate your marketing success because you are learning from recognized exerts who started where you did and have gone on to great online... [...]

You may lose sleep over this Groove-a-Thon #ad

Mike Filsaime, one of the most familiar names in online marketing resources, is holding a multi-day all-day webinar he has named the Groove-a-Thon. Whenever you tune in, you will see a few familiar names, people who have appeared on the pages of IM NewsWatch and elsewhere. No matter what time, day or night, they are there, sharing useful online marketing information. You may find yourself overstaying your intended visit — because the around-the-clock training and tips are too good to miss. If you haven’t checked out this free marketing training yet, today’s a good day to start participating. Join... [...]

GrooveKart slashes your eCom store expenses ($50 Coupon) #ad

Mike Filsaime and John Cornetta– both are experienced product developers–just launched GrooveKart. This new shopping cart software can help you build your online store and then run the store while saving big bucks compared with other shopping carts, such as Volusion, Magento or Square (or even Shopify.) It is priced for small businesses. All eCommerce merchants need shopping cart software to let customers select the items they want to buy and then checkout. GrooveKart gives you: ► Many built-in apps that other carts charge extra for, including funnels, upsell and downsell offers, professional... [...]

The end of Traffic Genesis #ad

After two weeks, the Grand Opening of Traffic Genesis is coming to a close.. Traffic is the most important thing a marketer can have. Mike Filsaime, Andy Jenkins and Laura Betterly are experts at getting traffic to a website. They have recently turned their attention recently to Facebook, because it gives you access to very low-cost traffic. In Traffic Genesis, they are going to show you many ways to get traffic from Facebook, and then use it to your advantage. But time is critical. Their opening sale is coming to an end in just one day (or less, depending on when you read this.) That matters to... [...]

The Traffic and Conversion Myth #ad

One of the biggest problems for online marketers is traffic. Without high quality traffic, your business is going nowhere. What makes traffic high-quality? The are interested in a problem you can solve, and they have money to pay for a solution. Without this kind of traffic, no matter how good your sales copy or your Video Sales Letter is, you aren’t going to make profitable sales. Many marketers are stuck with this problem. Buy you can be an exception. Change the quality of the traffic coming to your site, and you will change your level of success. Brand new audience targeting tools that... [...]

Traffic Genesis: Lots of traffic, No payment, No interest for 6 months #ad

You know you need traffic. By now, you have seen plenty of evidence that the Traffic Genesis team knows how to get it for you. What’s the remaining barrier to your purchase? Maybe, it’s the cost. Traffic Genesis isn’t cheap, but with the loads of extra traffic a site can get when you apply its tools and techniques, the extra sales can pay for your copy. The team has worked a deal with PayMeLater so that you can delay paying for 6 months, without any interest fee. This means that you can get it today, use it for 6 months. Only then do you pay anything for it. The bonuses are outstanding.... [...]

Traffic Genesis goes live today. Facebook traffic generation at its best #ad

If you have enjoyed the free samples of the traffic wisdom of Mike Filsaime,Andy Jenkins and Laura Betterly, in the three free training videos they have shared, you will be interested in getting the details of their complete Traffic Genesis program. There were a lot of insights into marketing on Facebook in the three training videos; plenty of tips to help you begin using Facebook advertising. But if you want to be more than a “beginner”– if you want to master the art of advertising– they have a lot more to share with you in the full Traffic Genesis program. Watch the final... [...]