New software, A.I News Glitch:
➤ Builds a news aggregation site for you automatically
➤ creates the news stories on your site for you automatically
➤ Requires no ongoing expense so no budget is needed
➤ Monetizes your site automatically
➤ Eliminates the need for Products or Affiliate Marketing.

Let AI do its work by taking advantage of the hidden Google feature (the product creator calls it a “glitch”) that lets you earn affiliate income on sites containing curated information, rather than original content.

Because these curated sites are accepted as legitimate by Google, you don’t need to do any writing. Just set up your site’s curation (using the easy click-based process) and the automation does the rest.

Since you have no ongoing expenses, all your affiliate revenue is yours to keep.

This launch won’t last long. If this is appealing to you, your safest bet is to hop on this right now.

Simply go here to confirm everything: A.I News Glitch.

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