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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing News' Category

Elevate: Builds your custom product, promotes it, brings traffic #ad

Elevate was just released by Venkata Ramana. Ramana reports that you don’t need any traffic to use it. It uses social media to generate its own traffic. Yes, That’s right, he says. No traffic, but he still gets paid because this new tool generates its own traffic. In fact, Ramana says he’s able to pull in 50-100 dollars every 30 mins, without the need to feed it traffic. You may not do as well as he does, but it offers you a real opportunity with about 30 minutes to prep work to offer a real in-demand product for a fair price. He gives you all the details in the demo. This may... [...]

DesignBeast: Powerful 6-in-1 Design & Animation Tool #ad

Paul Ponna launches DesignBeast today. And he is celebrating with prizes and giveaways at 10 AM EDT. Check these details about your chance to get a free copy of the new all-inclusive ‘ 6-in-1 DesignBeast’ app and get bonuses that Ponna says are worth thousands. Simply go to this page DesignBeast Launch to register for the launch demo and these prizes and giveaways: + 20 Free Copies of the new 6-in-1 Designbeast App + There will be 10 drawings for $100 Prizes + EXTRA Bonuses Worth “thousands” + FB Group Access (additional prizes) + Step-by-Step Training + Live Case Studies... [...]

Do These Things to be Successful on Instagram [Video]

When it comes to social media marketing, you cannot ignore Instagram. With its continuously rising audience, it provides a great opportunity to grow your online reach. Sue B. Zimmerman has published a new video to help beginners make the most of their Instagram marketing efforts. She says, “Are you new to Instagram? It is NOT too late to make an impact on the app. Watch this video to learn how to stand out on Instagram right from the start.” This video covers: Identify Your Instagram Account Category Determine Your Instagram Account Username Brand Your Instagram Account with a Recognizable... [...]

Download Social Media Marketing Industry Report

By discovering the ongoing social media trends, you can plan your marketing campaigns that generate more and more leads. Social Media Examiner has published a new report called ‘Social Media Marketing Industry Report’ to help you improve your social media marketing performance. The SME team says, “Wondering how fellow marketers are using social media? Want to know what marketers plan to do with their organic social activities, video marketing, and social ads over the next year? In our 13th annual social media study, you’ll find the answers. It reveals insights... [...]

Stupid Marketer Tricks, #8

Impressing potential customers with the urgency of making a decision and buying is a frequently used marketing tactic. Every grocery and general merchandise store in developed countries around the world has time-limited offers. In the USA, they are called “sales”; elsewhere they may have other names. There’s nothing stupid about that. They are effective in getting people to buy, and they give the customer a true bargain. When we see peaches at 40% off the normal price, we are attracted and buy them. However, we at IM NewsWatch have seen a perversion of this technique over and... [...]

Disruption due to Illness; IM NewsWatch continues

The IM NewsWatch editor is hospitalized for a few days with a mosquito-borne disease. This will reduce our ability to publish news for the rest of this week. We wish him well and hope to have him back with us next week. In the meantime, our publisher will be filling in on a limited basis, publishing articles as often as possible.  [...]

AgencyReel 2.0: Upgraded software builds Agency Business for you #ad

Some people say that running a digital marketing agency is the best online business opportunity today. Why? Because the pandemic is driving many businesses online that had never considered it before. They are looking for an expert to get their online presence up and running. AgencyReel 2.0 is a new application designed to start up and run your online marketing agency for you. This is the second generation of this powerful software, newly enhanced with additional capabilities. Not only does it build the content for your agency site, but it also builds fresh videos for you, and, even beyond that,... [...]

Using Filters In Google Data Studio [Guide]

In Google Data Studio, filters help you to present and visualise the data most relevant to you and your report users. You can apply a filter to a chart, control, page, or the entire report using the DATA properties tab. GlowMetrics contributor Conor Ross has published ‘A Guide To Using Filters In Google Data Studio’ to help you improve data studio performance. He says,  “Creating a filter is a very easy process, with two main methods of doing so: The first involves opening the Data properties menu of any widget by clicking on it, and at the bottom of this menu you’ll see... [...]

Quick Sprout’s HubSpot CRM Review

CRM stands for customer relationship management. As its name suggests, CRM software is a system for managing relationships with your customers. Quick Sprout’s Lars Lofgren has published ‘HubSpot CRM Review’ detailing the features of the HubSpot CRM. He says, “We have consistently ranked HubSpot as the top product among the best CRM software. That doesn’t mean HubSpot is perfect, though. We’ll break down the good and bad features found with HubSpot (but mostly good). HubSpot Pros and Cons Pros Surprisingly powerful free version with no trial period Easy to upgrade... [...]

Growing Your Business with Social Media [Podcast]

Social media platforms enable businesses to grow their reach. With effective social media marketing campaigns, you can grow your sales online. Jeff Bullas has published a new podcast episode ‘LinkedIn Selling: How to Grow Your Business with Social Media’ featuring Alex Pirouz. Watch the podcast here. Jeff Bullas’ Blog  [...]