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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

ReachOutSuite: Personalized videos for reaching out to prospects #ad

Neil Napier‘s team has just launched ReachOutSuite, which creates personal emails for people you want to market to. And some of the best things about it are: No tech skills required No meeting with clients 100% beginner-friendly. If you’re looking for a new way to start or grow your business, ReachOutSuite platform lets you reach out to clients and potential clients with new services you believe they would be interested in. Napier says that by using this new SaaS software, you can convert every lead into a paying customer… guaranteed. Now you can: ➤ Sell more, get paid... [...]

White Label Assessments for Lead Generation #ad

Your site needs leads; our site needs leads; all marketers need leads. White Label Assessments for Lead Generation provides leads by giving targeted clients a valuable service. If you sell to other online marketers, or to any business, for that matter, they are often wondering what services they need. you can help them decide with an assessment of their needs. The new White Label Assessments for Lead Generation package (which is just launched by Content Sparks) makes building the assessment simple. Suppose you offer a free checklist they can use to assess their business’s current fitness... [...]

Courserious 2.0 Advanced eLearning Business App #ad

About 2 years ago, we reported that Firelaunchers and Eric Holmlund released Courserious 1.0, a software platform for creating an online learning community and selling courses to the community. Today, they are launching Courserious 2.0, a 10x advanced and upgraded version of Courserious 1.0. It is loaded with features and assets that will build your online learning business (it will be an online academy, actually) quickly, professionally, and populated with a started set of courses. ➤ Create your own academy sites in just minutes ➤ Unlock 50+ DFY video courses (500-1000 Videos),... [...]

Cheetah for WordPress: drag-and-drop, easy-to-use website builder #ad

With Cheetah for WordPress, you can build high converting sales funnels, pages and websites in minutes using its easy-to-use Drag & Drop editor. ECommerce sites, blogs, corporate sites, online course (or courses) sites, and other sites — all are simple to build with this new platform by Builderall. The sites Cheetah for WordPress builds are: ➤ Fast ➤ Responsive and optimized for mobile and tablets ➤ Feature-rich using built-in widgets for:  • Lists,  • Pricing tables,  • Headings and footings,  • Buttons  • Audio  •... [...]

Link-Share Secrets: Share links; build your business #ad

Jeremy KennedyJeremy Kennedy, Arkansas hourly worker, was at wits’ end. He just released Link-Share Secrets to tell how he got past his dead end. He had not been able to support his family with what he earned. As if that were not bad enough, his life turned sour in many ways, including losing his wife and family. She couldn’t take it any longer. He tells the whole story here: Link-Share Secrets. He started working online, sharing links with people, links to sites he found on the internet. He earned commissions from the owners of the sites. He got good at it, and now he earns a good... [...]

ShopFunnels: Online stores without the monthly Shopify fees #ad

The eCommerce marketplace is much bigger than the make money online (MMO) marketplace. ShopFunnels help you enter that market with style and without any tech skills. So many people try to make it big in the MMO marketplace, but it’s rare that they succeed, and even if they do, they only become, as the saying goes, “a big fish in a small pond.” There is a whole world of opportunity in the much bigger eCommerce marketplace. Many millions of people buy shoes, watches, hats, televisions, and many thousands of other everyday products. That’s where the real opportunity is. Many... [...]

Scriptdio makes high-impact sales scripts for your sales videos #ad

There are many great video creation applications on the market for prices that individuals and small businesses can afford. (For example, you can find a collections of the ads we have run here: It’s wonderful to be able to create an attractive video for just a few dollars, but the problem is that without a compelling sales script your videos, no matter how visually attractive, will not sell anything. You need to have great sales scripts for your videos to produce sales and convert visitors to buyers. Maybe that’s not a problem... [...]

Last day for UpViral $1 trial #ad

UpViral is a major platform for running giveaways and contests, events that generally bring in many new subscribers. It is so prominent in the industry that competitors mention it in their ads. Until Midnight EDT tonight, you can sign up for a $1 2-week trial of UpViral. In that two weeks, you can run at least 1 (maybe even 2) viral events to see how your audience responds. It was created by Wilco De Kreij, and he reasonably says that it will change the way you do marketing forever. De Kreij created it about 7 years ago, and he has been improving it ever since. The 2022 edition makes it easier... [...]

7 Figure Launch System by Michael Chaney #ad

Michael Chaney has launched a lot of products. His 7 Figure Launch System shows you how you can benefit from his experience. In the last decade or more Chaney has lifted himself from a dead end job he hated to substantial success through creating and selling products online. We have bought several of them online. He is now among the top trainers of new online marketers in starting and running an internet marketing business. Here is how Chaney describes his journey (thinking of the movie, “Braveheart” as an analogy): For years I pictured my boss as King Edward… My life was Scotland,... [...]

WP Toolkit Theme Suite: 81% Off 4 WP themes for any niche #ad

WP Toolkit Theme Suite Bundle is a “Black Friday in Summer” special WordPress deal – Get all 4 of these top-selling WP Themes for a one-time massive discount. Quick summary of the themes you are getting: Covert Shirt Store – Your level of artistic skills doesn’t matter. Now, you have a chance to get involved with the custom t-shirt niche, whether you are a professional artist or a complete beginner. Covert Video Press V3 – This theme allows you to build unlimited highly optimized niche video sites, for yourself or others, without ever having to create a video. Covert... [...]