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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

PrimeApps Automate Businesses, Maximize Returns #ad

PrimeApps is a software solution to automate your online business, and keep it automated for the long term. If you are like many marketers, you are overworked and would find automation a big help toward having a normal life. This new integrated collection of applications will help you grow your business without a corresponding increase in work. It will save you time, money and frustration. Its capabilities cover a wide range of your marketing needs. You won’t need to go elsewhere for: • Voiceover artists. • Creating immersive 360 degrees virtual tours and other video services • Setting... [...]

Facedrip: AI-Assisted Interactive Video Creation #ad

If you see a need for engaging videos in your marketing, then checkout new video creator software called FaceDrip. There will be a 10 AM webinar (at no charge) where it will be explained and demonstrated to online marketers for the first time: FaceDrip Demo. Now you can create Interactive Videos that generate high-quality leads and sales. This demonstration webinar gives you, among other things, free training in how to generate quality leads from old videos you already have. Video is a real trend online. It is driving more sales than ever. Can you remember the last time you went a day without... [...]

PrimeApps: Bundle of up to 9 premium marketing applications #ad

PrimeApps has 5 applications for the price of one, with the possibility of enhancing your suite of tools with 4 additional apps. PrimeApps has just been released. Now, during launch week, you can get this suite of up to 9 SaaS apps for a modest one-time investment. You decide how much you need for your business. The 5 basic apps Prime Virtual This is a power-packed, one-of-a-kind video solution to create, edit, and share captivating 360-degree virtual tour videos with panoramic view, live streaming, video chat, dedicated image gallery, and more to build your traffic and conversions. Prime Ecom... [...]

HostZPresso: Host Unlimited Websites and Domains, one-time cost #ad

Mosh Bari has just released HostZPresso, hosting for marketers who have to wathc their budget. This is a cloud-based hosting platform. It offers you unlimited website hosting for life for a low one-time price. But HostZPresso isn’t just about big savings. It offers a high-quality hosting experience with a suite of tools that instantly boosts your website performance with: ➤ Ultra High-Speed Servers ➤ 100% Uptime Guaranteed ➤ Lightning Fast Load Speeds and Unlimited Bandwidth ➤ End-to-End SSL Encryption and Advanced Hacker Protection These are premium features. IM NewsWatch has paid... [...]

IsoSuite: pro isometric drawings (& more) for you & your clients #ad

Isometric drawings are in vogue now. IsoSuite is SaaS software that makes even beginners and non-artists capable of designing and even selling these drawings with just a little training. If you check out Fiverr, Upwork, and other marketplaces, you will see lots of people offering services creating Isometric designs and character designs. And the demand for these kinds of designs seems to be on the upswing. The problem is, there has been no simple click-drag-drop tool out there, suitable for the average marketer, that creates these kinds of designs. But now, IsoSuite gives you unlimited access to... [...]

Kyza builds landing pages, opt-in forms, pop-ups #ad

Kyza is an all-in-one growth suite for your online business. It automates your marketing campaigns with a pre-built library of landing pages, opt-in forms, and AI-enabled notification pop-ups. Now, you can capture emails, collect leads, and mail them your offers with this one suite of SaaS software. As soon as you logon to Kyza, you are able to use its streamlined capabilities with the help of easy-to-understand HD video training. Plus, if you have any trouble, the Customer Support team is available to guide you at every step, 24*7. With Kyza, you save complexity and you also save expenses: ❎No... [...]

PodCentric delivers your podcast to eager listeners #ad

PodCentric is your podcasting marketing system that takes advantage of a current media trend: Podcast listening continues to rise in the United States, driven by an explosion in new podcast programming, the pandemic, and consumer adoption of “smart speakers” like Amazon Echo and Google Home devices. Many marketers find it is confusing and complicated to set everything up to produce and publish a podcast. PodCentric removes the struggle and the hard work with innovative technology. With this new system, you can quickly publish your podcast on PodCentric on podcast networks run by Apple, Google,... [...]

Unlimited Cloud Storage with PrimeDrive #ad

Too bad we didn’t have PrimeDrive when we lost a hard drive full of data during what we thought was a safe backup. We ran out of hard drive space, bought a 2TB flash drive to save our data on, to free up space on the hard drive. But the flash drive was a fake [too bad; we didn’t see this video until later:]; it only held a few MB, not 2 TB. When it filled the space, it wrapped around to the beginning and wrote our data on top of the previous data. In the end, we lost over 90% of important data. With PrimeDrive, it’s different. It is... [...]

AIWA22: Build beautiful websites and apps in record time #ad

AIWA22 Site Builder was just released, the 2022 upgraded version of the original AIWA. It’s software that builds your websites for your own use or to sell – commercial license is included – without any technical skills needed. Face it; you need a good website. In our modern, COVID-driven age, every solopreneur and every business needs a website and mobile app. Having a website with a related iOS app and Android app is essential for online business success. That’s true for you. It’s also true for millions of businesses you can offer online services to. For Website... [...]

Groove: There’s still time to ask questions, last chance #ad

Our readers are invited to a last minute Q and A session on Groove Lifetime. It’s natural that you may have questions before you make such a major purchase that can change the course of your business. That’s why today, the last day Groove Lifetime will ever be offered, we want to make sure you get all your questions answered. So, Mike Filsaime and his staff will spend as much time as you need to answer all of your questions about Groove and the Lifetime Platinum membership. Remember, today is the very last day it will be offered. We don’t want you to miss out on it. So, please... [...]