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Friday, April 10, 2020
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Ads ’ Category

Ken Reno does it again. Releases “Wso Takeover” Plugin to display WSO ads on your blog, complements “WSO Commissions” #ad

WSO Takeover plugin places a footer at the bottom (or a header at the top) of all your blog posts, advertising your affiliate link for a WSO of your choice. When people click, they are taken to the Warrior forum. If they buy, you get a commission. Ken writes the ads and syndicates them to […]

“WSO Commissions” plugin is back for a second round #ad

A little over two weeks ago, Ken Reno announced a product he calls WSO Commisions, and he completely stopped selling it a week later, after selling over 500 copies. Now he is back, with an improved opportunity, but again he is ending the sale shortly. As before, the plugin automatically inserts WSO ads that Ken […]

Price comparison WP plugin improves affiliate commissions #ad

You can build a price comparison website that lets consumers comparison shop for niche items (anything from aqualungs to golf clubs to sneakers to zippers; you choose the niche) and buy their choice by clicking on a link at your site. The advantage for you is that you earn an affiliate commission whenever they buy […]

Joni Beadle creates Complete JV Business Proposal Package For Online and Offline Marketers #ad

It takes experience to write a good letter inviting JV partners, your own experience or that of someone who has done it before, more than once. Joni Beadle is sharing her experience in JV Invite Advantage. She has been writing JV proposals since 2008 and has one the partnership of many big-name marketers. She is […]

Dominate Google Page One for any keyword with “Page One Syndication” #ad

Derek Pierce has done it over and over again in multiple niches. Now he shares his process in Page One Syndication. He uses free traffic, no PPC. He gets organic rankings using his syndication approach. His secret is the set of three WordPress plugins he installs in all his sites. Syndication is getting your content […]

It’s Simple; it’s Passive and it’s profitable #ad

It’s called Simple Passive SEO and John Anderson uses it to passively earn over $1100 from his site monthly. He did it with a WordPress site and a puny domain name,a “.info”, no less. Through experimentation, he found out how to find top keywords, build easy sites that convert visitors into buyers and get Google […]

Scott Stamper re-issues Pretty Simple PPC – Get AdWords Traffic For 90% Less Than Most #ad

Scott Stamper says you can get AdWords traffic for 90% less than normal (Even 99% Less at times). He uses few keywords, which simplifies his lie. He gets low cost-per-click, which improves his pay-back on this investment, And he writes better ads, which improves his click-through. He shows you how to do all this in […]

Chris Munch releases major website traffic system, “The Hook Pigeon” #ad

Chris Munch’s websites get major traffic, up to hundreds of thousands daily. He got over a million site visitors last year, and all of it without the typical backlinking strategies used by so many. Hook Pigeon is a 7-day training course. In it, Chris shows us exactly how he gets this traffic, and leads us […]

Grow Your Facebook Fans List & Email List at the Same Time #ad

You can use the new Viral Cash Magnet to persuade your readers to do three things: Become a fan on Facebook Post a message about you on their wall Opt in to your mailing list The viral implications are remarkable. Your blog readers become your ambassadors to their friends as well as strengthening their own […]

Find The Best Outsourcers in Minutes with the New “GigScraper” #ad

Michael Nicholas has created GigScraper software to search Fiverr, looking for the best workers for your job. You can find the top-rated freelancers on Fiverr based on a keyword you chose, based on country or other parameters. You no longer need to spend hours looking for the right person for your job. GigScraper returns answers […]