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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Warrior Plus Product Set Up Shortcuts (NAMS December Deals) #ad

Today’s NAMS December Deal is Warrior Plus Product Set Up Shortcuts. It is on sale today only. Tomorrow, there will be a new deal. Warrior Plus Product Set Up Shortcuts is a video series especially for information marketers who have a product they want to sell. If you aren’t familiar with WarriorPlus, it is a platform where product creators can invite other marketers who have mailing lists of their own to promote the product to their list in return for a commission. (The term used for these other marketers who promote is “Affiliates.”) If you want to attract and manage affiliates... [...]

Create Product Bonuses That Don’t Suck; NAMS December Deals #ad

Today’s NAMS December Deal is Create Product Bonuses That Don’t Suck. If you want to sell a product to the most people who are interested in your niche, it nearly always helps if you offer them an amazing free bonus that makes the product even better. The question is “How do you know what bonuses would make your product better and how do you create these bonuses?” That’s where the training in Create Product Bonuses That Don’t Suck comes to your rescue. When your bonuses don’t increase your sales, it’s like throwing a party where no one shows up.... [...]

NAMS December Deals: Today’s sale is Affiliate Swipe Profits Vol 3 #ad

As we reported last week, every day in December, NAMS is offering a NAMS December Deals special buy, a one-day-only sale price on one of their online marketing products. Today’s product is a collection of 850+ Original Email Swipes that David Perdew (the founder of NAMS) wrote during 2020-2022 to promote 160 evergreen products in the internet marketing niche. You can use them as is (replacing his name and link with your own, of course) to promote the same products. Or, you can use them to learn copywriting, finding principles that you can use to promote other products. Why not do both? Here’s... [...]

David & Jenn Perdew’s NAMS December Deals 2023 #ad

Every December, there’s a new NAMS December Deals promotion, featuring a new sale on one of the MyNAMS products each day. The sale changes every day (except weekends). This year they are going all out since this is David’s last year. He is retiring and his daughter Jenn is taking over the business. (Actually, he has been semi-retired for a year; this is the last promotion he is leading.) David has one of the best reputations in the IM niche, and his training products have been a big help to a lot of new marketers. The NAMS December Deals are not just discounts; they’re a vault... [...]

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