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Friday, December 8, 2023

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

Creating Short-Form Videos: learn it, teach it with Content Sparks #ad

Get Started with Short-Form Videos for Social Media, launched today by Content Sparks, covers a topic and the related practical skills that are essential for cutting through the noise on social media today, when the competition for people’s attention is so hard to win because there are millions of social media experiences for them to choose from. Short-Form Videos are videos that are typically between 15 seconds and a minute (YouTube Shorts must be under 60 seconds, for example). TikTok pioneered the form, followed by YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and others. But most business owners and... [...]

Simpler Traffic closes at midnight #ad

If you want stable long-term profits, Simpler Traffic may be just what you need. The final enrollment to Simper Traffic ends tonight (a few spots are left) and the challenge begins tomorrow… NOTE: Join The Final Introductory Workshop here to learn more: Simpler Traffic Workshop. Chris Munch, the presenter, is passionate about sharing his method with people after 15+ years of keeping it a secret. Why? Here’s what he said: “When the world seems like it is in chaos, you need something reliable to maintain your grip… Google traffic has been there through wars, recessions, and has always kept... [...]

Vista offers Instagram Generative AI for marketers #ad

Vista is being released today, with a very short launch sale. It helps you take advantage of Instagram’s new generative AI feature that is proving to be a help for marketers. This new AI feature is a significant advance in content creation… It works by having the computer understand what you like to see and what topics interest you… …Then it creates tailored content based on this info. DO you see how valuable it would be to get your content into that content stream curated by Instagram? Vista, created by Venkata Ramana and his team, found a way to find the way to get your content just where... [...]

Dezigner Studio Whitelabel: Low 1-Time Price, 5000+ Cool Graphics #ad

Dezigner Studio Whitelabel is just launched. It’s a premium graphics package for many niches. When you use high-quality graphics on your site, your social media, and in printed matter, it gives you higher credibility, and that credibility will go a long way to building your business. In fact, the quality of your graphics may decide whether your business will thrive or die. However, in the past, creating graphic design meant either using complicated software or hiring an expensive designer to do the custom work for you. To avoid that expense of the normal route to quality graphics, a lot... [...]

PLR Empire: Coming; Create your monetized PLR e-commerce store #ad

PLR Empire isn’t available yet. It launches tomorrow. But we want to give you an alert so you can sign up for the introductory webinar to see what this new software will do for you. PLR Empire creates your own PLR site with a click. Your site will be loaded with 25000+ PLR products in various niches. Now you can easily have your own PLR Website to sell PLR Products and Generate Leads with a Self-Updating PLR Empire of your own. Here’s a summary of what you are getting (we’ll tell you more tomorrow): ➤ Your Own PLR Membership website loaded with Self Updating 25000+ PLR Product ➤... [...]

ALERT – MAVAS Special Launch Offer Expires Tonight #ad

The MAVAS Special Launch offer is closing in a few hours (think 11:59 PM). If you have been considering it but procrastinating (we were, too, but we got our bundle license yesterday), it’s time to move on it, click here to grab your license: MAVAS. Big marketers are using it, and sine have given testimonials that the absolutely love what it can do. See their testimonials on the sales page. Once the launch ends, you will be paying $97 to get this license. And then $47 per month to maintain it. This is your last opportunity to get MAVAS at a one-time price. It automates your marketing activities... [...]

The Simpler Traffic method; more traffic than Mr Beast #ad

According to a well-known website traffic estimation tool: ➤ Alex Hormozi’s Website Gets 10,500 visitors per month and he has 1.9 million Instagram followers driving traffic to it. ➤ Kim Kardashian’s Website Gets 20,600 visitors per month and she has 364 million Instagram followers for traffic. ➤ Mr. Beast’s Website Gets 63,500 visitors per month and he has 42.8 million Instagram followers for traffic. What about Chris Munch? Who’s he? Well, that’s the point: ❌ He doesn’t have a big name that wins him traffic. ❌ He has no Instagram account to drive traffic to his... [...]

Chronos: Set and Forget Online Marketing System #ad

Fergal Downes and associates are releasing Chronos. ✓ Set it up once and never touch it again. ✓ 100% beginner friendly: no tech skills or experience needed. ✓ Backed by Downes, a top 10% marketer ✓ Simply copy & paste what’s already proven to work. ✓ 100% automated and easy ✓ 5 Minutes to Set Up this DFY System You can operate this automated system: ➤ Without pesky monthly fees ➤ Without creating your own content or product ➤ Without needing your own website… To earn a living online, you need two things: 1. An offer to sell 2. Traffic going to see the offer. Chronos... [...]

Simpler Traffic: claim your share of the traffic fund #ad

Simpler Traffic helps you deal with a problem all small business people face when marketing online. The major controllers of online traffic, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft charge small business people a sizable chunk of case to use the traffic they can provide. … These massive platforms are charging us anywhere from $1 to $30+ Per Click. … but with Simpler Traffic we could have been getting this traffic for free this whole time. It’s not a case of spending our time in order to save our money. It only takes a few minutes per day to do. After 15+ years of using the Simpler Traffic... [...]

The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint by Anthony Mancuso #ad

The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint was just released by Anthony Mancuso, an acknowledged super-affiliate, It’s training in how to set up marketing websites in micro-niches that will continue to bring in revenue for years to come without ongoing maintenance being needed. This is a good time to get started in this since the holiday season is right around the corner, when people are buying more. You need be prepared to take advantage of this surge in buying. Mancuso is a former electrician turned super affiliate who passively averages over $22,744 per month from simple 5-page affiliate... [...]