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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

The Affiliate Product Creator’s Handbook; how it’s done #ad

When you build a product, the ideal is to build one many people (“affiliates”) will want to promote. The Affiliate Product Creator’s Handbook shows how one product developer did it. Specifically, it is self-referential; it shows how Mark Zschiegner, the author, built The Affiliate Product Creator’s Handbook. He used automation to create this product quickly. In fact, that’s almost all he did. And he says you can do it, too. You may have recently heard about a system called ChatGPT. It is built on the premise that the internet already has all the information you... [...]

CodeHub: become a part of the $multi-billion software industry #ad

CodeHub lets you build your own Digital Product Selling Platform and start your own software selling business today. The software (or, more generally, digital products) industry is expanding rapidly and did a business of $ 331 Billion in 2022 alone, according to industry experts. Today, you can become an owner of a fully-functioning software selling platform (similar to that is pre-stocked with hundreds of software products. And you aren’t limited to the products already in your store. You can add products you create or have rights to. You can set your own rates for all the... [...]

New Year 2023 PLR Bundle: 16 Products to call your own #ad

Jason Oickle‘s New Year 2023 PLR Bundle is a time-limited New Year offer that includes all the PLR internet marketing packages he released during 2022. You’re getting 16 PLR Lead Magnet packages targeting many different sub-niches in the Internet Marketing category. Each package includes: A beefy guide that you can give away, A mobile responsive squeeze page, and some pretty nice cover graphics too. Everything comes with the source files so you can edit all of the content any way you see fit. However, there is a catch… The investment required to get this New Year PLR Bundle... [...]

RapidReviewz: AI-written video product reviews #ad

RapidReviewz fits into a natural slot in marketing infrastructure. People considering buying a product often seek out reviews of the product to assess how well it will fit their needs. Marketers can create reviews that are then picked up by search engines and are ultimately found and read by interested buyers. In the review, the marketer links to the sales page for the product. When a reader clicks and buys, the marketer earns a commission. However, some marketers – maybe you’re one of them – may not have the creativity to create a review from scratch and need help in creating... [...]

Year End PLR Special Sale by FireLaunchers #ad

Firelaunchers just completed their Christmas sale Tuesday. Today they are starting their Year End PLR Special Sale, another short-term sale. This one is very short-term, only 4 days, ending on Sunday. In this sale, they are offering 12 top-notch PLR training products at a Massive Discount – Over 70%. (And as a bonus, 5 more at no additional charge. They call these 5 “unrestricted”, so they are probably placing restrictions on how you may use the 12. If so, they should place those restrictions on the sales page.) In their opinion, this collection is the best package of 5 Unrestricted... [...]

Content Sparks Curriculum Planner, free today #ad

Content Sparks is making its Content Sparks Curriculum Planner available today and tomorrow. Most people find that a curriculum (i.e., a series of related courses) is the best way to make online courses more profitable for their business. When your students finish one course, invite them to study the next course in the series. Why not download this planner at no charge and see how you could deliver a series of courses and boost your business? In your planner, you will find these topics: Get Quick Curriculum Ideas – based on different audiences Set Your Course Goals Outline Your Curriculum... [...]

The Affiliate Directive: Trevor Carr’s affiliate marketing secret #ad

The Affiliate Directive tells how Trevor Carr earned over 12k in affiliate commissions in a week. He is running a sale on this training for just a few days. If you’re fast you can grab it for just $12.95. It’s the kind of stuff most marketers would keep to themselves, but Carr has decided it’s to his advantage to share it. For a short while, you get the full inside scoop on how he’s able to do this as he lets you watch over-his-shoulder videos ( beginner-friendly videos, by the way) that reveal his entire secret system. The training is broken down into 4 modules and consists... [...]

Christmas Special Deal Marketing Tool Sale ending #ad

The holiday season will be over soon. And Christmas Special Deal will be over at midnight. The creators,Eric Holmlund and the Firelaunchers have assembled a list of 5 of their top products and are offering each on them for 50% off until midnight. You can grab one, two, three, four, or all five, depending on what your marketing needs in the coming year. Helpful hint: in the USA, a business can write off software purchases as an expense under the IRS code Section 179. If you are in another country, you may have a similar law there. This is the perfect time to make that purchase before the end of... [...]

ProfitPad affiliate marketing system, year-end sale #ad

To successfully sell online you need three things that ProfitPad offers: • A product or service that attracts interest, • People who are buyers of the kind of product you are selling • A method of presenting your product to these people. ➜ Virtually unknown and brand new method with full step-by-step training ➜ The last method you’ll ever need ➜ Access the exact method where James got the fastest results he’s ever seen ➜ Rinse and repeat on demand ➜ Set and forget auto-pilot affiliate commission system ➜ 100-day money back... [...]

Eric Holmlund and Firelaunchers’ Christmas Special Deal #ad

Did you miss any of these earlier this year? The Firelaunchers and Eric Holmlund are offering a Christmas Special Deal at 50% off on these 5 top SaaS software tools for 5 days only. InstantVidz is a Vertical Video Creator App With 100+ Editable & Unlimited Searchable Vertical Marketing Templates, Built-In Video Editor, VOX Creator To Create Hundreds Of Attention Grabbing Vertical And Horizontal Videos! Use this easy new app to instantly create engaging and creative vertical videos from over a hundred editable (& unlimited searchable) templates in hot niches that will grab views and followers... [...]