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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

Leadono: One-touch email lists from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Amazon #ad

The new tool Leadono just released. It is the only marketing tool with the world’s first LDO technology. Because of the proprietary LDO technology, the creators say, you can speed up building your mailing list with touch or click email capture and with viral incentivized referral traffic. This tool is solving the big problem with building a list these days: people really hate the effort required to fill out forms on their smartphones. Since more and more people use their smartphones online, this problem is constantly growing. Even though it is easier for people to type the name and the email... [...]

SellingLive: Facebook Live selling made easy #ad

SellingLive is an eCommerce personalization platform that lets people easily buy and sell on Facebook Live based on a person’s comment. It also helps you manage all aspects of any eCommerce operation and improve your sales by converting social media comments into sales. Beyond that, SellingLive enhances the invoicing process by automatically placing items in the shopping cart and sending invoices to your customers after their comment leads to a purchase. You can use it to implement social selling on both Facebook and Messenger. If you are stuck with poor results from your Facebook Live sessions,... [...]

Meal Magic Mega Sale: PLR for food management #ad

If you are in the food, recipe, or general homemaking niche, check out Meal Magic Mega Sale. This is a collection of PLR food planning journals that you can brand with your own website name and either give away (typically when someone signs up for your mailing list) or sell. In Meal Magic Mega Sale, you are getting: ➤ Magnificent Menus Planner ➤ Meal & Grocery Planner ➤ Coupon Capers Organizational Templates ➤ Power Planner Pack – Sweets ➤ Easy Ephemera – Apples You may choose either Black and White or, for a little more, Color versions of these... [...]

The Click Engine: 100% real buyer traffic to any link you want #ad

Jeff Ayman wasn’t having much success online. He researched his problems, found solutions, and wrote The Click Engine to tell you what he found that works for him (and he says it will work for you, too.) His main problem was traffic; not just any traffic, but people interested in buying the products he was promoting – people who would click on the buy buttons. The Click Engine explains how he now gets automated buyer traffic for all his businesses. The program has let hundreds of affiliates promote a variety of products and services that they create or that they are affiliates for.... [...]

RestroSuite: Help hungry local restaurant owners to go online #ad

At 10 AM EST, Dr. Amit Pareek and his associate Rahim Farhouni are going to introduce RestroSuite for use by local marketing agencies and consultants to assist them in meeting the online needs of restaurants, clubs, cafes, etc. It has many unique features inside it which may help your marketing in several ways, as mentioned below. Sign up for live training (RestroSuite Training ) They call it an all-in-one all-one marketing solution for the year 2023 and beyond. Using it, they say, you can: ➤ Advance your status as a top marketing agency. ➤ Have the Power to display any local... [...]

[Free Book] “123 Profit 3 Step System” #ad

Aidan Booth (author of 123 Profit)has just released a free time-sensitive video. In it, he tells about the amazing road trip he is about to take in a very special car. He’s going to be hitting Monaco, France, and Switzerland (all in a matter of days) with his final destination being a Mastermind Event in Lake Como, Italy. At this Mastermind event, he says he’s going to be presenting a simple and powerful 3-Step system to generate remarkable online income. The good news is that you don’t have to travel to Italy to discover his process. He’s revealing how this works in a... [...]

ProductDyno Lifetime subscription, sale ending #ad

The world is shifting to a new kind of business model. ProductDyno was designed to adapt your business to this new model. The direct-to-consumer eCommerce market, as well as many other service industries, have all moved to subscription billing, for better or worse. On the minus side, the consumer has to continue paying, rather than paying just once. On the plus side, that ongoing income to the seller allows the seller to continue supporting the product or service, including making improvements and matching changes in the underlying technology (as a trivial example, consider that some upgrades to... [...]

The Affiliate Product Creator’s Handbook; how it’s done #ad

When you build a product, the ideal is to build one many people (“affiliates”) will want to promote. The Affiliate Product Creator’s Handbook shows how one product developer did it. Specifically, it is self-referential; it shows how Mark Zschiegner, the author, built The Affiliate Product Creator’s Handbook. He used automation to create this product quickly. In fact, that’s almost all he did. And he says you can do it, too. You may have recently heard about a system called ChatGPT. It is built on the premise that the internet already has all the information you... [...]

CodeHub: become a part of the $multi-billion software industry #ad

CodeHub lets you build your own Digital Product Selling Platform and start your own software selling business today. The software (or, more generally, digital products) industry is expanding rapidly and did a business of $ 331 Billion in 2022 alone, according to industry experts. Today, you can become an owner of a fully-functioning software selling platform (similar to that is pre-stocked with hundreds of software products. And you aren’t limited to the products already in your store. You can add products you create or have rights to. You can set your own rates for all the... [...]

New Year 2023 PLR Bundle: 16 Products to call your own #ad

Jason Oickle‘s New Year 2023 PLR Bundle is a time-limited New Year offer that includes all the PLR internet marketing packages he released during 2022. You’re getting 16 PLR Lead Magnet packages targeting many different sub-niches in the Internet Marketing category. Each package includes: A beefy guide that you can give away, A mobile responsive squeeze page, and some pretty nice cover graphics too. Everything comes with the source files so you can edit all of the content any way you see fit. However, there is a catch… The investment required to get this New Year PLR Bundle... [...]