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Monday, April 15, 2024

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

Tarantula crawls your site to find SEO problems and more #ad

Tarantula SEO Crawler SoftwareTarantula is an all-new app that has just been introduced The Jeet Group, led by Cyril Gupta. If you want better rankings from SEO, this is something to investigate. Tarantula SEO Spider is the solution to your SEO audit requirements. With this app, you can do a complete site audit of your website, your clients’ websites, and even your competition. It’s the first-ever SEO crawler driven by AI. On your website (or any website) it will find broken links, redirects, and duplicates in order to fix them and rank your site better. It also gives you headings, titles,... [...]

NFT Collection Maker: Create NFT Collections in a Flash #ad

NFT Collection Maker Software Andrew Darius has just released NFT Collection Maker 2.0. It lets you take basic artwork and turn it into massive crypto NFT art collections automatically. And you can make these NFT art collections automatically with Darius’s TTC AI tech that is built into this new SaaS software. NFT Collection Maker automatically creates Unique NFT artwork (that is Software-Verified to be unique) that you can offer for sale on the Etherium Blockchain. One of the points of NFT collections is to make a large number of variations of the base art by changing various attributes... [...]

Slick AI: Unlimited Webinars, Video Conference Meetings, more #ad

Slick AI Webinar and Video Conference Software If you use GoToWebinar, WebinarJam, or Zoom, Slick AI is for you. Why? Look at the costs and problems you will avoid: ❌ GoToWebinar costs $199 per month ❌ WebinarJam costs $499 per year ❌ Ever Webinar costs $199 per year ❌ Need to spend hundreds per month for an expensive system ❌ Need to pay upfront recurring expensive fees per month whether you use it or not ❌ Need to spend hours trying to figure out how the software works ❌ Often complicated to use them ❌ Wait in the support queue for hours ❌ Limited meeting room capacity With... [...]

25K In 3 Days: How Kevin Fahey succeeds in affiliate marketing #ad

Kevin Fahey has just released 25K In 3 Days, tellig the story hof how he earned $25,000 in one affiliate promotion in three days of sales. Maybe he knows something we ought to find out about if we want to improve our on affiliate success. Fahey is one of the top affiliates (and training developers) in our industry. In this new training, everything has been documented and recorded and is ready for you to copy and paste in your own online business. his approach will work for any offer, low ticket, mid ticket or high ticket. The size of the success he documents in 25K In 3 Days is remarkable; it... [...]

Four Candles Formula Masterclass: your last financial masterclass #ad

  It’s not uncommon to encounter hurdles and setbacks on the road to financial independence. But the Four Candles Formula Masterclass, by Sean Donahoe, is designed to change that narrative for you. Why the Four Candles Formula Masterclass is Different No More False Promises Donahoe understands the frustration of unmet expectations. That’s why he is committed to delivering real, actionable strategies that work. Designed for Real People, not Experts Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, this masterclass caters to all levels, breaking down complex concepts into understandable,... [...]

Content Repurposing Workshop: maximize value, extend life of your content #ad

Content Sparks just released Content Repurposing Workshop, their new training course that you can learn from and, if you choose, you may teach. During this Launch Week Sale, there is a special 67% discount: Retail Price: $297 Launch Price: $97 for the next 7 days. The course is all about maximizing the value of (and extending the life of) your best content, …and it’s totally hands-on for the people you teach. You will get everything you need to learn, teach, and sell your own branded training, including: ➤ Student Materials (Course Book, Action Guide, Worksheets, and more) ➤ Instructor... [...]

Four Candles Formula Masterclass: another way to make money online #ad

Sean Donahoe, an internet marketer for many years, has offered training and software that assists other marketers to improve their results. Four Candles Formula Masterclass training is a recognition that there are other ways to make money online besides marketing. In his newest training, he delves deeply into one of these other MMO opportunities, showing you how you can take advantage of existing online tools to build a steady income stream. Yesterday, he unveiled an incredible opportunity to learn from his experience and build your own income stream online by following in his footsteps. This... [...]

Four Candles Formula: 3-Step “10 min/day” 6-figure online business #ad

Today, Sean Donahoe is lifting the curtain on the Four Candles Formula Masterclass. This could be the most pivotal financial journey of your life. The Masterclass , starting at 11 AM EST, isn’t just another online course – it’s a gateway to mastering a skill that can unlock $500 to $5K+ days for you. Why This Matters More Than Anything Else You’ll Do Today Proven Potential: We’re talking about a strategy that’s been fine-tuned over years, responsible for consistent, significant daily earnings. Time Efficiency Imagine what your life could look like if you could generate... [...]

AI Talkie turns any text to “virtual human” talking videos #ad

According to Seyi Adeleke, the inventor, Ai Talkie is the world’s first AI engine that generates “virtual human” videos that have the potential to go viral on any platform. And this new AI Video Creation Tool is simple to use. All you do is enter a keyword, a URL, a website, an article, or even a blog… And within seconds, Ai Talkie generates “virtual human” videos complete with scripts, voiceovers, and everything… Here is the best part… Those videos on average generate many views daily, without any paid ads. Ai Talkie will allow you to generate “virtual human” videos in... [...]

Four Candles Formula: a different kind of online enterprise #ad

Sean Donohoe has been earning a living online for over 10 years. Four Candles Formula shows you one of his online business processes. It’s not his only successful online endeavor, but it is one of his simplest. The Four Candles Formula is delivered as a 3-Day Masterclass with Donahoe. Every day he’ll go live and walk you and his other students through a novel (he calls it “revolutionary”) approach to online business success. Today’s notice is an early announcement. Today you can sign up for his free preview class (and watch some recorded thumbnail sketches of what you... [...]

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