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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Zeta Live 2022, September 29

Zeta Live marketing event will be held live on Thursday, September 29, 2022. Join this event to explore how today’s creativity and micro-moments throughout the consumer journey are shaping disruptive macro movements across tomorrow’s digital economy and marketing ecosystem. This year’s discussions cover the following: The next chapter in digital acceleration: Join senior executives from the largest marketing and advertising holding corporations to discuss the progress, challenges and vision for the future of marketing. Preparing for the democratization of data and identity: Consumers are... [...]

Harness Your First-Party Data for Customer Acquisition & Conversion, September 13 [Webinar]

The deprecation of third-party cookies is fundamentally changing how brands acquire new customers while bringing new levels of urgency to retaining and growing existing customer relationships. Search Engine Land is hosting a webinar ‘Harness Your First-Party Data for Customer Acquisition & Conversion’ on Tuesday, September 13, 2022. The SEL team says, “Join us as ActionIQ and Hearst’s VP of Acquisition & Conversion discuss how Hearst is unlocking value by leveraging its first-party data to drive conversion across both subscriber and eCommerce products. You’ll learn: How... [...]

Getting More Customers Using AI

AI marketing uses artificial intelligence technologies to make automated decisions based on data collection, data analysis, and additional observations of audience or economic trends that may impact marketing efforts. AI is often used in marketing efforts where speed is essential. MarketingProfs contributor Latane Conant has published an article featuring four ways AI can win you more customers. She says, “Here are four ways AI applied to Big Data in the revenue process can help businesses win more customers—no advanced technology degree required. 1. Surface new prospects to reinvigorate... [...]

Last day for UpViral $1 trial #ad

UpViral is a major platform for running giveaways and contests, events that generally bring in many new subscribers. It is so prominent in the industry that competitors mention it in their ads. Until Midnight EDT tonight, you can sign up for a $1 2-week trial of UpViral. In that two weeks, you can run at least 1 (maybe even 2) viral events to see how your audience responds. It was created by Wilco De Kreij, and he reasonably says that it will change the way you do marketing forever. De Kreij created it about 7 years ago, and he has been improving it ever since. The 2022 edition makes it easier... [...]

How to Optimize Digital Experiences for Better Sales Conversion, September 15 [Webinar]

Digital experiences like webinars and virtual events are now the primary drivers of pipeline and revenue for many companies. MarketingProfs is hosting a webinar ‘How to Optimize Digital Experiences for Better Sales Conversion’ on Thursday, September 15, 2022, at 2.00 pm ET. You will learn: How to optimize experiences with content and CTAs Keys to integrating sales into audience experiences How to use first-party data to accelerate the buying journey Tips for creating sales triggers to drive pipeline. How to Optimize Digital Experiences for Better Sales Conversion MarketingProfs  [...]

10-Step Content Editing Process

Content marketing is a creative job. With a good grip over language and elaboration of the right ideas, you can achieve your desired goals. Copyblogger’s Stefanie Flaxman has published an article explaining the 10-step content editing process. She says, “Content editing revises an article into a winning presentation. 10 steps to a powerful content edit A “good idea” usually isn’t enough. A good idea might fall flat when executed, or you could find out that the idea wasn’t all that great to begin with. Similarly — and this is good news for anyone who feels pressure to have... [...]

Why It’s Getting Harder to Rank for Some Commercial Keywords [Answered]

Achieving higher SEO rankings is a challenging task. Selection of the right keyword makes this process easy. MOZ contributor Dominick Sorrentino has explained why it’s getting harder to rank for some commercial keywords. He says, “Our inbound lead generation is highly dependent upon SEO — it’s how we get more than 70% of our leads. So, naturally, we got a tad nervous when we saw some of our top commercial landing pages dipping out of top-five positions for their targeted search terms. When we took to the SERPs to investigate who was unseating us, we discovered something equal parts... [...]

Guide to Implementing International SEO Strategy

An international SEO strategy is a combination of the policies, processes, and practices that your brand uses to optimize search content for other countries. Ahrefs contributor Jamie Grant has published a step-by-step guide ‘How to Implement an International SEO Strategy’. He says, “In this guide, I’ll break down the process and walk you through it step by step. Step 1. Know your markets Many of you will know which markets you intend to target. This is often determined by non-SEO factors such as the ability to operate in specific markets. Despite this, it’s worth understanding... [...]

16 On-page SEO Mistakes to Avoid

On-page SEO refers to the practice of optimizing web pages to improve a website’s search engine rankings and earn organic traffic. contributor Brian Harnish has shared 16 on-page SEO mistakes that can negatively impact your site’s performance. He says, “A large part of on-page optimization includes making sure that your page stays relevant in the eyes of Google and your users. To do so means ensuring that you have all the points of optimization that your tool of choice recommends, along with making sure that you are discussing all the relevant topics at hand. Duplicate... [...]

The Trick to Turning Content Chaos into Content ROI, September 1 [Webinar]

Measuring the impact of content across digital channels is a challenge for many organizations, and the difficulty grows exponentially for large, complex content ecosystems. Content Marketing Institute is hosting a webinar ‘The Trick to Turning Content Chaos into Content ROI’ on Thursday, September 1, 2022, at 1.00 pm ET. In this webinar you will learn: How to start and scale a content reuse program A simple trick for simplifying measurement How to get the buy-in to lock in your productivity gains. The Trick to Turning Content Chaos into Content ROI Content Marketing Institute  [...]

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